Loran Smith: Golf and Fly Fishing

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Loran Smith: Golf and Fly Fishing

This week, I have an invitation to fly fish the Chattahoochee with my long-time friend, Jimmy Harris the proprietor of Unicoi Outfitters at Helen.  I can’t wait.

The 65 miles from my front door to Helen has always been a pleasant drive.  When I head north to Helen, I find that the music sounds better, the coffee is better and the experience is over the top.





Golf and fly fishing have something in common.  Those are the two pursuits where you are likely to find gentlemen at play.  You may find a few roughnecks hanging around a municipal golf course, the gambling type.

But, when you head to the river with a fly rod in your hand, you are not likely to meet up with anybody who does not greet you with a smile and with an underscoring of manners, clean conversation and courteous conduct.

Fly fishermen will lend a helping hand.  Fly fishermen will offer encouragement to others especially women and kids.  Fly fishermen don’t use profane language.  Fly fishermen smile more than any of those who swoon to the outdoors.   In case you didn’t know it, you get the same treatment from fly fisherwomen.  Selah









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