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5 Quick Keys

D'Andre Swift (7) and Elijah Holyfield (13)
D’Andre Swift (7) and Elijah Holyfield (13)

Han Vance on Georgia football:

  1. RUN SWIFTLY- Swolyfield (Swift + Holyfield) are on point and Jim Chaney does a nice job with receiver jet sweeps to myriad weapons. In fact, Georgia leads the SEC in rushing. Bama does best against straight-line runners like Holyfield (and Chubb last year) but can struggle against cut back backs with superior vision like Swift (and Sony last year). Jeremy Pruitt and his knowledge-based defensive schemes are gone, and the Tide slipped on D, some.
  2. FROMM MAD- Like Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect. Georgia fans still talking about Fields as the solution. Tua polishing trophies. Fromm had the best QBR in the SEC (2nd in nation) last third of the season, and he loves a challenge.
  3. KIRBY MATURED- Kirby was not ready last year. As much as you want to believe the young ball coach is infallible, Kirby made so many in-game mistakes his first two years as a head coach. If Georgia is to win, he will have to outcoach the greatest ever, once. Urban does it.
  4. NASTY BOYS- Forget sportsmanship, Mel. Bama throws more than ever, is pass-happy. That’s never been their core identity as a program. Stop their running plays with crazy-hard gangland hits, and take the ball back with force. Hit Tua in the mouth on almost every play, to the echo of the whistle. Bust him up. I’ve seen this strategy work well against other Heisman passers. Bowden did it to Spurrier’s Wuerffel. Thuggish Miami did it to everybody and got rings. It was common in 1970’s NFL. It hurts both teams, some, flags fly, then one breaks, the passing team not the villainous desperate defenders. Be bad! Forget Hell. Don’t let that little crybaby Yankee (Saban) come to ATL and take your empire.
  5.  Q FACTOR- Interior D monster Quinnen Williams makes plays in the middle for the Tide. Double team him and avoid turnovers. Every time Bama really gets a team whooped, they do it with sheer defensive line dominance. Senior center Lamont Gaillard calls assignments and must play the best football game of his career, here, in GEORGIA!


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