Muschamp Fires First Salvo at Smart

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Muschamp Fires First Salvo at Smart

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart addresses the media at a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016, at the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall in Athens, Ga. (Photo by Emily Selby)
Georgia head coach Kirby Smart addresses the media at a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016, at the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall in Athens, Ga. (Photo by Emily Selby)

Waking up this morning to the soothing sounds of Dave Loggins classic Masters theme reverberating through my mind and the brilliant colors of the Augusta azaleas in full bloom, today was destined to be a day of Zen-like peace and tranquility.  After all, it is Masters Week!

However, Will Muschamp decided today was not a day for tranquility and fired the first salvo in a budding rivalry with his former teammate Kirby Smart.  In Greg Ostendorf’s article posted today on, Muschamp is quoted as saying about facing Kirby Smart, “Honestly, I don’t really like the competition with friends and people that you’ve been with…But there’s no doubt on that day, I’m looking forward to whippin’ his ass, and he’d probably say the same thing about me.”

A Gamecock friend of mine sent me the article and the body of his e-mail was, “Looks like he still hasn’t learned how to control his mouth, I just hope he has learned how to be a head coach.”

While Coach Smart certainly feels the same way, he is probably SMART enough not to say it on the record.  This comment will likely find its way on a few bulletin boards prior to the Dawgs October 8th trek to Williams-Brice Stadium.

Greg Osendorf – ESPN Article

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14 responses on “Muschamp Fires First Salvo at Smart

  1. Kenneth Davis

    The two coaches are good friends people ! This is just a friend smack talking, don’t think he meant for his statement to be taken badly!

  2. Tim Olbrych

    Yapping jaws just like a Gator about to get pulled up on a Jon boat by the Swamp Men

  3. smartdawg

    IYH_BI Point taken. I’d just thought of the statement as Muschamp being Muschamp though.

  4. IYH_BI

    smartdawg These are just the things coaches are taught not to say on the record with a journalist.  At a “Gamecock Club” meeting in Sumter, SC to fire up your fan base is one thing…on the record with ESPN is a different level.  Just look at Saban as an example, he would never say that about playing against Kirby and Kirby would never say that about playing against Saban.

  5. smartdawg

    Not a fan of Muschamp by a long shot but I fail to see any issues with his statement. I sure hope that Smart will want to beat his ass too.

  6. Millen Jenkins

    Every time Mustard spits he spits in his own face, he is so ill because UGA didn’t want him which leads to self destruction

  7. IYH_BI

    Bulldawg Bob2 It is a major rebuilding project in Columbia right now.  This may be their least talented team since 2005 when Spurrier inherited the mess left behind by Lou Holtz.  The last thing you would think Muschamp would be doing is talking smack.

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    After Steve Spurrier retired, I wondered if the game versus South Carolina would continue to maintain it’s momentum of a rivalry that had built up since the Old Head Ball Coach took over the South Cacky-lacky program.

    Well, the Game Chickens hiring Will Muschamp put that question to rest as this rivalry should continue, especially with verbal cannon fodder coming from Muschamp. 

    But your Gamecock friend does have a good point. We all saw what Spurrier could do at USC-east, but can Muschamp have the same success? The Palmetto State is not the same recruiting hotbed as Florida and Columbus is not as attractive a recruiting sale as Gainesville, FL.

  9. Lisa Sadler Norris

    He also might be looking forward to eating that crow he is going to be eating! His alma mater didn’t go out of it’s way to get him back here did it!