Coach Smart opens up about Carson Beck’s first ‘road SEC test’

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Coach Smart opens up about Carson Beck’s first ‘road SEC test’

If the past four weeks of wins at home haven’t been enough for you, just know it’s getting serious now. In a couple days the Georgia Bulldogs will be putting on their big boy pants, hitting the road, and taking on Hugh Freeze and his Auburn Tigers in what will be the Dawgs’ first away conference opponent of the season. 

There’s nothing to hide here. This is a big game. The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry has been lopsided in Georgia’s favor in the last couple matchups, but this one may end up a little more competitive as this isn’t the same Georgia team we’ve seen years past. It’s the truth. The team has fans a little confused. Folks aren’t sure if Carson Beck is the guy, and quite frankly even Kirby doesn’t know how Beck is going to do in his first start in an away game, first saying:

“Uh,” taking a pause then following up with, “You know what. I think that’s something we’re going to find out.”





This isn’t Sanford anymore. Carson Beck and the Georgia Bulldogs are heading into one of the rowdiest environments in one of the most passionate conferences in college football. Smart said it plain and simple:

“They’re all loud as hell in our conference… It’s extremely loud (at Auburn).”

And the fact of the matter is you can try and simulate that loud all you want. But that’s all it is: a simulation. Those speakers in practice can only go so loud. Jamon Dumas-Johnson and Brock Bowers even said in interviews yesterday that Georgia’s practice speakers blew out trying to simulate crowd noise and that they had to get new ones.





But something that you can’t prepare for in practice are the jitters players get in these away games. “You can’t simulate that (anxiety),” Smart said yesterday.

Long story short there’s only so much you can do heading into an away game. Apparently there’s even less you can do heading into an SEC away game. So, I’ll let you do the math with how much is left to do heading into an SEC away game against the other side of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. Not much to it, but to do it as they say.

It’s going on five weeks with this 2023 Georgia Football team, and there’s still a lot of questions fans are asking about this bunch. This SEC road test should teach us a thing or two about this team. Georgia’s got a stout Auburn defensive front to overcome and a running back room that’s “hard to tackle” according to Smart.  

There’s a lot going into this game, but there’s only one thing that’s going to come out, and we’re hoping it’s a convincing win.





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