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Daily Dawg Thread – June 19, 2021

CFP Executive Director, Bill Hancock Killed Any Hope for a Playoff Before 2023

Hancock was also careful to say that 2023 is NOT a given.

Q. The 2022 season, you’ve been saying this
obviously couldn’t be implemented for this year, is
2022 off the table also?
BILL HANCOCK: Yes, it is. Both this year and next year is
off the table.
Q. So, the earliest is 2023?
BILL HANCOCK: Yes. Not to say that it will happen then,
but that’s the earliest that it could. And I don’t want the
headline to be “Hancock says it could happen in 2023,” but
that’s just the earliest. It cannot happen this year or next

Source: College Football Playoff Press Release





Started During Pandemic, Split Squad Practices May Have a Future

West Virginia head coach Neal Brown held 2 practices during last Summer’s NCAA mandated 2 weeks of conditioning. Brown split his squad into two groups – holding two separate practices. The intent is to give every player more reps during the summer conditioning period. Many coaches would like to see the practice reinstated next year:





Last season, out of necessity in order to limit a teamwide outbreak and to make the most out of the limited time they had to prepare, he essentially split West Virginia’s roster down the middle. Instead of holding one practice and one set of meetings for players each day, the Mountaineers held two.

What it did was confront the fact that if there are 85 scholarship players on a team, not all 85 are at the same level of maturity or understanding. So teaching them, all the same, is going to inevitably leave some players bored and leave others behind.

It’s simple, Neal Brown said: “You don’t want to slow them down where you lose the fourth-year player just so the first-year player has a chance.”

By dividing the roster along the lines of experience and readiness to play, he provided more targeted coaching and, perhaps most importantly, more reps for everyone.

Source: What college football coaches learned from the pandemic last year

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