Davin Bellamy: “You can Just Feel it in the Air.”

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Davin Bellamy: “You can Just Feel it in the Air.”

Davin Bellamy (17) - 1st quarter, UGA vs. Tennessee - Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017
Davin Bellamy (17)
– 1st quarter, UGA vs. Tennessee –
Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017

Senior linebacker Davin Bellamy spoke to the media on Tuesday about “work week” and various other topics. However, the passion that came from him when asked about what makes this team special stood out the most. Bellamy beamed with pride as he talked about the culture of the program and how special this team is.
Georgia is 7-0 for the first time in 12 years and many think this team is special. Bellamy seemed to agree. He said that the atmosphere that surrounds the team isn’t the same as it was last year. After a full year under Smart’s process, he feels like there is a new threshold of work that surrounds the team.

It’s hard to explain. You can feel it in the air a little bit. This team’s different,” Bellamy says. “We work really hard. I think Coach Smart has instilled a new threshold for work here. In the past, you thought you were working hard, but you could work harder.  I think right now he’s getting it all out of us. And that’s just what it is right now. This team works hard. The offense, defense, special teams, especially those guys on special teams, they’re phenomenal. Coach Smart even has the scout team going hard. It’s just a different threshold of work around here and it looks like it’s going pretty good for us.”

As for what this new threshold of work is for the team, Bellamy says that it boils down to practice. Another thing is that the team doesn’t look at the scoreboard. As crazy as it sounds, Bellamy insisted that they do not look up at the scoreboard. Instead, they focus on themselves and what happens next.

We don’t look at the scoreboard at all. When I said that before people didn’t really believe me, but we don’t look at the scoreboard at all,” Bellamy proclaims. “We feel like our games come from our Tuesday and Wednesday practices. Everybody else in the country has their pads off for week seven, but we still full padding it up. The team is good on good, we sharpening our twos and it shows on Saturday.”

Head coach Kirby Smart mentioned that the senior leadership is one of the reasons that cause culture change. That mindset seemed to carry down as Bellamy agreed with the statement and mentioned that the seniors are more vocal than ever.

We’re way more vocal than we were last year. I feel like as leaders, last year we kind of knew how to do it, but we really didn’t know how to do it,” Bellamy says. “The year of training with Coach Smart and all the outside people he brings in with that helps us a lot. We’re way more vocal now to the young guys, and we understand how they watch us. It’s not more of what you say, it’s more about what you go out there and do. We set the tone in practice because if we practice hard, they practice hard and I think that is the main difference.”

Practice makes perfect seems to be the perfect motto for this team as they continue to work through “work week.” Bellamy’s proudness that showed through when he spoke about the culture change and how special this team is showed just how bad they want to win. Like Bellamy said, “You can feel it in the air a little bit. This team is different.”
For Bellamy’s full interview check out the SoundCloud link below!

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