DDT: Bye Week Comes At Perfect Time For Georgia

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DDT: Bye Week Comes At Perfect Time For Georgia

Ben Cleveland paves the way for a Zamir White carry vs. Kentucky in 2019

There has been much debate about whether or not the SEC’s accommodation of Florida’s COVD outbreak and subsequent rescheduling was good or bad for Georgia. I’m of the opinion that having the bye week after the Auburn, Tennessee, and Alabama games was and is much needed. Despite their combined records, there is no question that those 3 teams are the most physical in their style of play that UGA with one exception, Kentucky. Kentucky is a very physical team and one that is built roster wise in a similar construct to that of Georgia. The Wildcats pride themselves on a hard hitting defense, a ultra-physical offensive line, and running backs (and even a QB) that run in a downhill, slashing fashion.

Monty Rice, Jermaine Johnson, James Cook, and several other key players have been banged up at varying times throughout Georgia’s first 4 contests. The Dawgs have been able to use this week, according to Kirby Smart, to focus on correcting areas that lack execution, build depth, and maybe most importantly, rest players whose bodies needed time to recuperate. Going to Kentucky is never an easy trip for Georgia it seems and under Mark Stoops you’re guaranteed to face a group of players that compete for 60 minutes and are well coached.

Georgia’s offensive line more than held it’s own against Alabama averaging 5.7 yards per carry, not including the 2 sacks taken by Stetson Bennett IV. The O-Line and tight ends will need to produce that same success rate with even more attempts, especially on early downs, to win this football in the fashion which Georgia should. The Wildcats are physical with their front 7 on defense and Kentucky heads into their game this week versus Missouri only allowing an average of 106.3 rushing yards per game. That mark is good for 4th in the SEC behind Georgia (65.5), Texas A&M (75.5), and, shockingly, Mississippi State (103.3).





The fact that Kentucky has to play a game this week on the road at Missouri is a definite plus for the Bulldogs. I have no fear of Georgia overlooking Kentucky next week. Kirby Smart and his staff have plenty of mental errors and subtle technical glitches to hone in on and to use as teaching tools to re-center and refocus the Dawgs for the 2nd half of the season. This week Georgia’s Head Coach alluded to the team working “on themselves” in press availabilities this week. Georgia will focus in on Kentucky beginning Sunday and will be looking to implement a physical “Georgia brand” game plan to help them defeat the Wildcats and head into Florida with momentum.





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260 responses on “DDT: Bye Week Comes At Perfect Time For Georgia

  1. Srialien

    so recruiting question. Would folks be happy if we go ahead and take Amari Daniels (if he wants to choose us over AtM) or do we wait for the chance to get the kid out of Michigan

      1. Srialien

        True but he might be a nice change of pace
        to what we have now with Milton/Zeus or another speed back to add to James Cook. I think we need more speed in the backfield and we haven’t had great luck the last couple of years waiting on backs to commit at the last minute.

      1. RumRunnerDoogie

        im just worried of the huge learning curve once he gets to college and hes surrounded by athletic people everywhere

        1. Srialien

          Agreed. Hopefully Daniels or Beck will be QB1 next year and give Vandagriff time to acclimate. Side note, my son played for Coach Vandagriff a few years back.

          1. RumRunnerDoogie

            thats awesome. Yea if brock is the starter next year either the QB room is really bad or hes picked it up really quick

    1. Srialien

      Glad he’s there but is there a connection to the school (family member playing for example) that allows him to do so since coaches aren’t currently allowed to make in person school visits?

        1. Srialien

          Excellent. Can we get CKS to adopt a California and a La kid so he can go see Forman and Smith as well. ### kind of.

        2. RumRunnerDoogie

          never thought of them not being able to go to games. I bet kirby made his kid be a water boy lol

        1. Srialien

          Pretty sure during this dead period coaches can’t attend any games or schools. That’s why you haven’t seen our coaches on the road at all to visit coaches etc

          1. Srialien

            Definition of dead period taken from the NCAA website.

            What is a dead period?During a dead period a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents, and may not watch student-athletes compete or visit their high schools. Coaches may write and telephone student-athletes or their parents during a dead period.

  2. EltonMcconnell

    Seems to me that as good as Zeus can be he needs to step it up it up to keep Milton & Macintosh behind him.

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      nice. i think later this month they are doing a rare airshow around orlando with the a-10, f-16, f-22 and f-35. I guess they are hardly ever all at the same show

    2. Jerry Stowers

      Marietta Dawg,

      I Used to go to Dobbins Air Show every year back in the day.

      The Marines had that jet that could also fly and hover like a H.Copter.

      Talked to a Brit that flew them

      Roswell Dog Here.

          1. RumRunnerDoogie

            yea they were pretty loud. Loudest plane i’ve ever heard was the f-22. That plane has so much power you can feel it on yourself

  3. 1mandawgpack

    Getting up fallen leaves may not have the same effect on recruits committing as mowing (did that last night although grass is definitely growing slower now) but I’m going to test it as my yard is full of leaves. Y’all have a good rest of the day/evening.

          1. 1mandawgpack

            It may just be one of the features that Greg hasn’t been able to activate/customize yet. If you read down some on the thread, this platform didn’t allow him to modify in anything other than a live environment, so he’s obviously having to prioritize tasks for the most important functions/features.

            1. RumRunnerDoogie

              I could be wrong but i think he said the previous platform didnt allow him to make any changes. This one he can do what he wants.

            2. 1mandawgpack

              That’s correct but he can only make them in a live environment (i.e., he couldn’t have prevented a lot of these hiccups by making changes in a test environment and then launching the platform with those changes into a live environment).

            3. RumRunnerDoogie

              Yea i think once he irons this system out it will just be like the last one. Seems the avatar thing is really the only big issue. After a few hours on this is pretty similar like you said

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      All i had to do was just make a account. IDK why i didnt have to choose a profile picture and it gave me this one. Must be a previous system or something

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          oh ok a few years back i remember we briefly used a comment platform that required gravatar so it must of auto linked for some people because of the email addresses

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      at this point im not really sure if zues is the out front #1. mcintosh and milton have really played great.. Granted if i had to rate them right now i would still have zues 1 and cook/mcintosh 2

        1. 1mandawgpack

          I hope you kept those parachute pants from junior high as they’ll be back in style soon – what’s old is new again.

          1. RumRunnerDoogie

            parachute pants were wayyyy before my time in junior high. When i was in jr high is was huge jeans and wallet chains circa 2003 lol

  4. OldDawg

    Why are the comments section now all Orange/Yellow? Is this still a UGA website? We need Georgia Bulldogs colors.

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      i think yellow means new comment. this was the only one that was yellow until i clicked it

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          yea i figured that out. It is kinda nice to not to half to search for the new comments lol

      1. 1mandawgpack

        I feel like this site is comparable to being an officer in a homeowners’ association – everyone stops you to complain about every little thing but surprisingly, doesn’t want to be part of the solution to fix the problems

          1. 1mandawgpack

            You can go hang out in the Disqus site and that’ll make you (and all the rest of us on this site) feel a lot better ###

            1. 1mandawgpack

              Not sure who that is so I’ll have to say no. I’m just being extremely cheeky this afternoon as I don’t really have anything else distracting me at the moment.

        1. Greg Poole

          It’s all good – this will settle down soon. Either we flip back to Disqus or stick with some version of this.

          The thing with Disqus is that it is completely their thing – no modifications allowed and there is no control over down-time. They are serving worldwide and if they are attacked everyone goes down and stays down until they fix it.

          This platform is working off our server, so we have complete control. Additionally, we subscribed to a really expensive and secure server a couple of years ago have had one outage (lasted about 8 minutes).

          1. 1mandawgpack

            I got your back, Greg. Dang, we have a bunch of instant gratificationer’s on here (I’m taking full George Bush privileges and creating my own words) and won’t give you a little time to work through some issues in the settings and functionality of the site.

            1. Jerry Stowers

              Sentell in nutshell as follows:

              need DB’S that can take 50 50 balls to like 60 40 balls to good guys.

              need at least 6 or so CB/Safety.

              need really fast wide outs, one on roster now A.Smith.

              2nd RB Small Back from s.fla or D.Edwards which would be my pick.

            2. RumRunnerDoogie

              getting 6 DBs on the same campus that are all experienced enough to do that will likely be impossible anywhere. Granted kirby sure is stocking up on those types. The issue vs bama was they were just perfect passes that only the WR could get.

              The WR speed thing isnt that big of a deal to me if they cant run routes or catch lol.

              Not sure why a small 2nd rb is that big of a deal.

      1. 1mandawgpack

        We’ve been trying to get rid of you for years but you don’t really catch on to hints quickly so we had to take matters into our own hands ###

        It was a mutiny, I tells ya ###

        1. 1mandawgpack

          Dang – now we’re never going to be able to get rid of him as he’s like an old dog that just hangs around and won’t ever go home ###

            1. 1mandawgpack

              You’ve got to stop with all the motion gif’s as they’re giving me motion sickness (particularly that jurasic park one)

  5. WalkthedawgWhisky

    Is this system supposed to allow you to login from the old discus data? IF so I must be doing something wrong.

  6. WalkthedawgWhisky

    Was having a bagel at the Columbia SC Fairfield this AM.. when a guy in a UGA shirt came up.. He told me that the Swim Team is in Cola for a meet ..but only parents are allowed to attend. Guess all that chlorine does not scare off Covid.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      You’ll catch funk in Cola that Ajax won’t take off, so USCe is really doing a good deed for the general public (when you get home, you need to take a strong Clorox bath). ###

      I get an email from UGA each week that discusses upcoming events and all sports that are currently being played with the exception of football are ‘no general public access’ so this may be an SEC policy instead of one that is elected by each institution.

        1. 1mandawgpack

          That’s a long one. During the approximate 3 months that my gym was closed, I did a daily walk that was a little less than 3.5 miles but includes lot of long, gradually rising hills. I lost about 20 pounds doing nothing but walking (i.e., didn’t change my diet, portion sizes, etc.)

  7. Greg Poole

    How attractive is the job? It’s an elite gig, no doubt, but there’s no sign Saban and/or Smart are going away. Would Hugh Freeze move the needle on the Plains? Could he step up recruiting over Malzahn’s pace? Would Auburn people be comfortable with the personal issues that got him fired at Ole Miss in July 2017? Would SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, who already has a plate full of issues, allow a Freeze return and all that would include? (My guess on that last question, in case you’re wondering, is yes.)

    Does Billy Napier fire anyone up at Auburn? Will Healy? Will Muschamp? Could Auburn make a run at James Franklin?

    See, that’s the thing. Once you fire Malzahn and hand him his considerable coin, you have to hire someone else and you have to hope your job is as attractive as you believe it to be.

    AU fans in a quandary


      1. 1mandawgpack

        I think there would be significant backlash if they fired Gus and paid him that ridiculous buyout and then the best they could do is to promote and/or hire a coordinator with no previous head coaching experience. AU fans are the west’s equivalent of UT’s delusional fans and they truly think that their school and team is a top 10, if not top 5, destination for both academics and sports. I think the AU administration (President and AD) would need to hire a fairly big name guy who has been a successful head coach (Les Miles or someone equivalent) to appease the fan base.

    1. DawgLeg

      If you look at it from a recruiting perspective he is surrounded by UGA, UT, Gumps, LSU. This is going to be a tough row to hoe for anyone.