DDT: Gameday At The Masters, No Georgia Game

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DDT: Gameday At The Masters, No Georgia Game

Uga X on set with Charles – ESPN GameDay – 9-21-19 – Rob Saye Copyright

College Gameday is at The Masters, and the Georgia Bulldogs do not have a game thanks to a postponement of their game with Missouri due to COVID 19. Also, not only is Georgia postponed this week because of COVID problems of their would be opponent, but next week’s foe Mississippi State is dealing with an outbreak on their squad and had to postpone this week. It totally realistic that the Dawgs could miss that game due to the pandemic and never make that one up. Yesterday, the SEC approved for December 19th, the same date as the SEC Championship game, to be used to make up the rescheduled contests that would’ve taken place today.

In the meanwhile, enjoy a Saturday in which all eyes are on the state of Georgia! The Peach State is going to be the center of attention of the outside world for the next couple of months with the balance of power in the United State Senate hanging on Georgia’s 2 senate races, so ‘The Tradition Unlike Any Other’ is a good way for the state to practice being the home of can’t miss TV. Normally the event takes place in the spring, but once again COVID has changed everything around. This coincidence however seems to have come at an opportune time with the Georgia faithful having to wait another week, at least, to see who takes the field at quarterback for Kirby Smart’s squad and just how effective they can be. Enjoy The Masters, and FEEL FREE TO SHARE COMMENTS BELOW ON HOW YOU ARE SPENDING YOUR UGA FREE SATURDAY AND YOUR MASTERS THOUGHTS.





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