From The Intern: The culture in the Georgia locker room is why these 2023 Dawgs could make history

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From The Intern: The culture in the Georgia locker room is why these 2023 Dawgs could make history

Culture is a phrase thrown around college football, in particular Georgia’s football program, that often defines the mentality and standard for a team. When Kirby Smart stepped to the podium in December of 2016 to accept the Georgia football head coach position, he made a vow to the Red and Black faithful that a culture change was coming. At the time, the Bulldogs remained stuck in mediocrity. Now, UGA has an opportunity to do something that has never been done in the modern college football era – complete a three-peat. So, as we look ahead to the remainder of the 2023 season, let’s break down what it will take from Coach Kirby Smart and his Georgia football team to rewrite college football history.

    Over the course of two games, Georgia’s offense has had rather slow starts, scoring just a total of seven points in the first quarter against two inferior opponents. While the hesitation to get the offense moving early has been a bit of a concern, Georgia has shown how lethal their offensive attack can be when gaining momentum.





    Carson Beck, over the course of two games, has played very solid football. He is making smart decisions, going through progressions, and in the opportunities presented, has shown off his cannon of an arm. While his stats may not fly off the page quite yet, they don’t necessarily need to. The task of a Georgia quarterback is to play complimentary football and sustain drives. The Bulldogs, of course, look to take chances, but from an offensive standpoint, when you are playing along one of the best defensive units in the country, you don’t have to take the same risks that a team has to when they are not afforded the same defensive luxury. Coach Smart prides his Georgia team on playing complimentary football, and that is what the Bulldogs have done, up to this point.

    Coming into the season, it was known that Georgia’s running back depth has been limited due to multiple unfortunate injuries. Daijun Edwards is yet to suit up for the Bulldogs, and Branson Robinson, who was poised for a breakout season in the eyes of many, has been declared out for the entire season. Kendall Milton and Rod Robinson II have carried the load so far for the Dawgs, but Georgia has clearly lacked an explosive back that thrives outside of the tackles. Wideout Dillion Bell, an unlikely hero, may have asserted himself into the running back argument after an impressive touchdown run yesterday. If Georgia plans to threaten teams with a dominant rushing attack, Bell could prove pivotal in the new role.

    Georgia’s defense, once again, is dominant while possessing a unique mixture of young talent and veteran leadership. There are few, if any, weak links on this defensive unit, but disrupting the quarterback is an area the Bulldogs will need to find consistency in to challenge for another title.





    Over the course of the past two seasons, Georgia has had a multitude of first-round defensive line talents that can take games into their own hands. The likes of Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, and Devonte Wyatt, just to name a few, were capable of getting after the quarterback from the interior defensive line. Coach Smart has referenced in press conferences that this team lacks that kind of player, as of now. Regardless, the defensive line group is a veteran group that can effectively stop the run as well as anyone in the country. If Georgia’s defensive line can find a way to consistently get after the quarterback, the Bulldog defense will possess very few weaknesses.

    An aspect of college football that seems to go unspoken is the use of special teams. Georgia has found itself a diamond in the rough with kick and punt returner Mekhi Mews. Mews, who is just a sophomore, returned a punt for a touchdown against Ball State, something that has not been done since the likes of Mecole Hardman in 2018. Mews’ ability to weave his way through traffic and find gaps in coverage is an innate ability that is not replicable. The special teams standout has the chance to be an unsung hero for the two-time national champs in 2023.

When breaking down this Georgia team, it is beyond evident that Georgia has the talent necessary to complete the historic three-peat. The weaknesses are minimal and solvable, but the most important challenge the Bulldogs must overcome is complacency. Coach Smart has preached it throughout the offseason, and while it doesn’t appear that the Bulldogs have suffered from the deadly disease, it may be the only thing that can truly derail the Georgia season. Georgia’s championship culture and elite talent reign supreme, and as the Bulldogs are set to dive into SEC play, the Bulldogs look to put college football on notice that the road to Houston runs through Athens, Georgia.





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