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Getting to Know Tom Crean

When we want to gain some insight into the personality of a person, their writing can be the best source. The following are excerpts from a Sports Illustrated article co-authored by Georgia’s new men’s basketball coach, Tom Crean. The article was publish before Crean was a candidate for the UGA job.
“In college sports you recruit talent much the same way you do in the corporate world. You try to find the people not only with the best skill sets, but also with ones that fit your needs and your culture. You then try to explain why the opportunity you’re presenting is better than the competing offers.”
“The best place to be in sports? Winning and improving. There’s no better feeling. But when you’re not winning and you’re preaching improvement, it’s really, really hard to hold guys together. “
“If I return to coaching next season, I’ll be more aware that hard work doesn’t have to be drudgery. From LeBron James and Tom Brady working out, to Jim Harbaugh meeting with his coordinators, I was reminded that long hours can co-exist with joy. I’m going to be much better at remembering that the best meetings and the best culture make clear that everyone’s opinion matters. I’ll be more economical in my words. (A lesson you may not think I’ve learned, if you’ve read down this far.)”


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