Kendall Baker Changes Mindset and Earns Starting Spot

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Kendall Baker Changes Mindset and Earns Starting Spot

Georgia OG Kendall Baker (65) - Appalachian State vs. UGA - Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017
Georgia OG Kendall Baker (65) – Appalachian State vs. UGA – Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017

Kendall Baker spoke with the media on Wednesday and talked about himself as a player. After not getting much playing time early on in his career, the junior guard finally earned his starting spot this season. Baker spoke about how he felt like it’s finally his time and how he wants to embrace every moment of it and make the most out of this situation.
Baker told the media that back during the summer he evaluated himself and said that it was time to change his mindset. After many people assumed that he got lost in a shuffle of offensive linemen down on the depth chart, Baker felt like he wasn’t lost, but that he just had to adjust his mindset.

I don’t think I was lost in the shuffle,” Baker stated. “It comes with working like I said. My mindset changed and this season I said I wanted to be on this field. So I feel like I changed my mindset and worked toward that.”

He told the media multiple times that it was this summer that changed his mind. Baker decided and locked himself in more to prove to the staff he deserved a starting spot.

“It was towards the summer workout. I locked in myself a lot more and pushed myself a lot harder to do what I needed to do,” Baker said.

Baker said that since he changed his mindset that he proved to other teammates that he could be a leader. Now, the other guys come to him with a question and he is able to help the young guys out when it comes to some of Coach Sam Pittman’s looks.

I actually started proving it during workout season and preseason. It comes a lot more than just now,” Baker said. “I see more guys looking up to me and asking for help if they don’t get something. Like I use to be in that role where I would be asking whats going on or for help. Now, me switching out and helping out with them.”

And as for what type of player he is now since becoming a starter and proving to his teammates and coaches, he is a name to know, Baker said the most humble thing. It wasn’t about him, but about what he could do for his fellow teammates.

“Someone that’ll never give up on them, and will keep fighting until the end,” Baker stated.

He wanted to be that person that never gave up on them and would be there until the end. That statement alone shows the amount of character, Baker has. The junior set his mind to this and he achieved it, and it’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.
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