Nauta is a Dual Threat on the Field

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Nauta is a Dual Threat on the Field

Cade Mays (77) and Isaac Nauta (18) block
Cade Mays (77) and Isaac Nauta (18) block

Running backs and receivers garner a lot of attention for scoring points, but the somewhat unnoticed position is the tight end. Without tight ends like Isaac Nauta, defenders would mob over ball-carrying players trying to reach the end zone. Nauta takes pride in assisting his teammates in scoring points and influencing the outcome of the game.

“Those blocks are fun when you think you’ve made an impact on a play whether it goes for a score or just an explosive play. It is something that as the year goes on, I’ve put a bigger emphasis on and try to finish those blocks downfield,” Nauta said in an interview on Monday. “For example, seeing Tyler Simmons score while I was blocking all the way down the field is a good feeling. On that particular play, I got to the safety, and if you can get to the safety, then it creates a lot of opportunities for guys to make more yards and make more big plays.”

The block for Tyler Simmons in the game against UMass is one of Nauta’s most notable this season. Without his assistance, Simmons would not have been able to complete the second longest rush of his career, 49-yards. This play delivered a 21-point lead for Georgia.





The junior has also proved himself as a viable target for the Georgia quarterbacks’ accurate cannons. In his three years at Georgia, Nauta has accumulated 785 receiving yards. Out of the 310 yards, he has contributed to the Georgia offense this season; his longest catch came in the game against UMass as well. Nauta caught a 54-yard pass from true freshman Justin Fields placing Georgia at the 3-yard line. This reception was a perfect setup for Fields to rush for the last few yards to score the seventh touchdown of the game.

Looking ahead to the upcoming in-state rivalry game against Georgia Tech, Nauta says the objective for the offense is to get into the red zone and score on every drive possible. He is confident that the team is skilled and focused enough to pull off a victory.

“I’m excited to win this one and make sure those hedges don’t get touched,” Nauta said. “We’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen this year by handling business when they’re on the field.”





Georgia is set to play Georgia Tech in Sanford Stadium at noon on Saturday, November 24, 2018.





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