Senior OL Xavier Truss says ‘complacency is out the window’

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Senior OL Xavier Truss says ‘complacency is out the window’

Coming into the 2022 season hearing the “Georgia Football” and “complacency” in the same sentence was commonplace. Outside of the Georgia faithful there were plenty of doubters who thought that the Bulldogs were going to be in over their heads this season, but Kirby Smart and his guys shut that idea down in the season opener against Oregon winning 49-3. 

But since then it’s been a little shaky for the No. 1 team in the nation. 

If you want to get critical, this team’s undefeated season has had its ups and downs. Oregon and South Carolina being the positives and Kent State and Missouri being less than desirable, especially with the victory against Missouri having a final score difference of less than one touchdown. 





No one is perfect, including the top ranked college football team in the nation. Regardless of that senior offensive lineman Xavier thinks “complacency is out the window” and that his teammates are “hungry.”

Two things that exemplify the absence of complacency in this team were the win against Missouri and the running game’s performance against Auburn.

Senior receiver Kearis Jackson said that “most teams would have folded” in a situation like the one the Dawgs found themselves in when playing against Missouri. Down for the majority of the game in a racuas away environment, they hunkered down and kept chopping to come out with a victory. 





After Auburn Kirby Smart commended the offensive line on how they made sure to push the pile on runs and keep the ball moving after the play appeared to be over. The extra effort from the offensive line surged the ground game and made up for a lack of production through the air. Their drive helped the Dawgs reach nearly three hundred yards on the ground as they rolled the Auburn Tigers 42-10. 

Although it may not look like it on every play at every game, Truss was correct in saying that “complacency is out the window.” They know they have a long ways to go before they become the team they want to be, but the product we see as of now is still miles ahead of most other football programs. 





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