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From the Sidelines: G-Day 2016

I will vote for Kirby
I will vote for Kirby
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

G-Day 2016 was a historic day to be on the sidelines of Sanford Stadium. Kirby Smart returned triumphantly to the stadium he roamed as a player. On his return, he brought a distinct sense that a new day has dawned for UGA football.
I was worried that there might be unoccupied seats staring at the TV cameras while I watched the Red and Black teams warm up for the game. It turned out that much of the crowd was enjoying tailgates and the enticements of downtown Athens. Georgia fans continued to pour in the historic venue until all seats were taken. Reports indicated that some red-and-black clad patrons were turned away as authorities feared the old stadium’s seams were bulging.
From the pre-game performance by Ludacris until the final whistle, Georgia put on a show for the faithful in attendance and a national TV audience. Even thought the ‘glorified scrimmage’ cliche is an accurate description of these spring events, the game had the feeling of a serious competition. Players were going hard, working to impress their new staff under the gaze of 93,000.
Check out Murray Poole’s game story here, included is our game photo gallery. Don’t forget Ludachris, right here. G-Day game stats are here.
Take what you will from the play on the field, but the stars of G-Day 2016 were Kirby Smart and the 93,000 Dawgs who came to Athens in response to Kirby’s challenge. Why not Georgia, indeed!

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