DDT: 2022 Mock Class 1.0 for Georgia Football On the RBU Podcast

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DDT: 2022 Mock Class 1.0 for Georgia Football On the RBU Podcast

Photo via @Brae_004 on Twitter

It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Another episode of the RBU Podcast, the Recruiting-Bulldawg Update. This is a special episode for 2 reasons. First and foremost, I am very pleased to announce a new Co-Host of the RBU Podcast, a fellow recruiting analyst, and a writer for the Athens Banner-Herald, Jeremy Johnson. Secondly, Jeremy and I took on a huge undertaking in our first episode together by giving you our predictions for the 2022 recruiting class for Georgia Football. This episode is the 2022 Mock Class 1.0.

That’s right, from the obvious of Gunner Stockton and the quarterback position to the mystery and intrigue of the wide receiver position to the ever-important defensive line, this episode of the RBU Podcast covers it all. We expect that the recruiting wizardry of Kirby Smart will somehow work out a way for the Dawgs to sign a full class in 2022. If not, it will be just shy of the 25 marks. The Dawgs have 11 extremely talented commitments in the class currently. Will all of them stick? Who is most likely to join them? Find out on the Mock Class 1.0 via the Bulldawg Illustrated YouTube Channel below. Also, I look forward to all of your takes on 2022 as well.









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