UGA Football Recruiting 04-Apr-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 04-Apr-2016

Tyreke JohnsonTyreke Johnson
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UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread


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Tyreke Johnson’s Highlights


The process ..


2018 Christian Tutt Highlights


vs. Academy of Richmond





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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

396 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 04-Apr-2016

  1. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 CLTDawg I just remember him tweeting out “UGA is no longer in my top list” or something very abrupt like that, the day that CMR’s “resignation” was announced.

  2. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 I think he’s mobile enough to get outside the pocket a bit, and do well on roll outs…but I’d be surprised if he’s calling his own number too often, lol.

  3. Bulldawg Bob2

    Rickpope2330 Thanks for asking Rick. She is doing better. Had a week’s stay in the hospital last week which wasn’t any fun, but the docs got her through it and she is better.

  4. Bulldawg Bob2

    Rickpope2330 Good, good. Just busy with spring practice and taking care of Mrs. BB2. Looking forward to the G-Day game coming up in a couple of weeks.

  5. Rickpope2330

    It is. In case you can’t tell this is Rickpope2330. I tried to change my username back to the old one but wouldn’t let me. How has everything been going

  6. Bulldawg Bob2

    TBH, I’m not the biggest golf guy, but I do enjoy the Masters. Hoping the UGA alums do well. Will pulling for Harris English, Chris Kirk, Kevin Kisner and Bubba Watson.

  7. Bulldawg Bob2

    CLTDawg There were a number of recruits that backed off of Georgia or took a wait and see” approach after the coaching change, but a number of those prospects have “reacquired” UGA, including Askew; although, I think he is leaning more towards the in-state Alabama schools more than Georgia at the moment.

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 Thanks man. Nah. I’m a very casual basketball fan; so, if the Dawgs aren’t playing, I don’t usually watch.

  9. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 Ramsey can scamper a little bit, too. Just enough to get out of a bind. Lambert’s the only one who looks like he’s running in concrete.

  10. Bulldawg36

    Eason is probably the most mobile of the qb’s…even though I’ve never seen any footage on nick Robinson. I believe that’s his name- number 17

  11. Bulldawg36

    Love those podcast! You not gonna watch the pathetic basketball game? Lol. I might try and watch!

  12. dsw61

    Love this quote from Kirby. Sounds like the QBs are going to be allowed to leave the pocket and make plays. Bill Walsh told his QBs that after the second read, you better be moving your feet.

    “He’s got to be a little bit more mobile in the pocket, got to be able to create a little bit more and get out of there and make some throws.” — CKS

  13. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 Nothing ATM. Editing and mixing a podcast, but I am going to watch an episode of the X-files on Netflix later on.

  14. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole And I just went back an re-read the NCAA’s. You are correct about June. The NCAA changed it from August to June 1st so as to give student-athletes that get “cut” time to apply to and get into another school.

  15. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg Bob2 So, in fact, they can take all who qualify and worry about the numbers after NSD. Of course, it is never going to be a big problem because, even with the increased awareness about grades and the benefits of EE, very few will have the discipline to do it. I know I would not have had it.

  16. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole I read the rules and I even talked to a guy that works for a compliance office at another school, and it is a “grey” area and confusing. 

    The early enrollees are supposedly limited by the scholarship count of the roster, but the overall signing class with those players that sign LOI’s on NSD or between NSD and April 1st can exceed the maximum 85 scholarships for spring semester. 

    Programs actually have till August to get the roster to 85 or below.

  17. dsw61

    FYI…This “Monkey Shoulder” Scotch whiskey is pretty darn good. Has a nice vanilla note to it and is pretty smooth.

  18. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg Bob2 Not arguing, Bob, just a question – are you sure about the limit being based on 85 scholarships for the spring semester? The reason I ask is that they can over sign in February and have until June to get the number down to 85. I thought that applied for the entire spring semester.

  19. Bulldawg Bob2

    CLTDawg Lucas Rogers The number of scholarship early enrollees a program can have is determined by how many players are on scholarship on the roster at the end of the semester in December.

    For example, if there are 80 scholarship players on the roster due to seniors graduating, players transferring, ect, then a school could take up to 5 early enrollees. The number of early enrollees cannot put the school’s roster above the maximum 85 scholarship limit.

    As far as back counting, that is a complicated formula because it can be cumulative going back several signing classes. 

    But Georgia has the potential to sign around 30 scholarship players for the class of 2017.

  20. Bulldawg Bob2

    Sorry to hear she had to go through that but glad she got a good report.

  21. Bulldawg36

    20% chance of rain on April 16th!!!! Hoping the rain stays away!! I’ll tough it out anyways!!!!

  22. PTCDawg

    College football has been played for 146 years. In that entire time there have been four coaches in the history of the game who have won at least 145 games in their first 15 seasons, and one of them did it for my team, and he did it while representing my team with the utmost of honor and integrity. Like everyone else I will cheer as hard as I can for Kirby to have great success but will never do so while casting stones at the one who set the stage at this program to give him the opportunity to take that next step.

  23. converted 1981

    Yes it was Great news. Yes she did have major surgery but could have been much worse and she will completely recover.

  24. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole UGA didnt sign all available spots either so thats some that can back count

  25. Greg Poole

    That’s great news, bud. We’ll, I guess it is not great but could have been very bad.

  26. converted 1981

    Good morning bb2. Guess who is back????? Saw where your Wife is doing better, so glad to hear. Went through a rough span last Nov/Dec with my Wife. They diagnosed her with advanced Ovarian Cancer. Her surgery was in Dec, they took a 7lb. Tumor out of her. Doctor came out of surgery “early” and gave s a great Surprise, during the surgery they found out it was Not Cancer. The Doc was in tears, said she had never been able to give one of her patents such Good News. Wife is still recovering from an intense surgery but she will completely recover with nothing else to worry with.

  27. Greg Poole

    It’s way to hard for me to figure out. Depends on how many of the 2016 class are initial counters.

  28. converted 1981

    Maybe they should have combined two questions from above about the QB’s. And CMR. The Real question should have been would CMR still be here IF he would have recruitted/signed Watson out of GHS………….. I have often wondered if Bobo did not Know what was/was not in the QB cupboard when he jumped ship.Can’t help but wonder what De Shaun would have done for UGA. Might of been Worse##### CKS. May have ended up somewhere elze.

  29. Greg Poole

    Every recruit can be an EE. There are no limits. There are limits on the number that can count back.

  30. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 is T. Carter an EE for 2017? 

    How many EEs can UGA take at this point (I know it could change depending on what we start the season with)?

    What UGA targets besides Lecounte and Fromm are EEs?

  31. Bulldawg Bob2

    Russell, looks like you are using an older Livefyre acct that you deleted or maybe you accidentally deleted. You can reregister at Livefyre or contact Livefyre and see if the can undelete and reactive that acct.

  32. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 If McGarity can’t get that done with Nike before the start of the season he should be sacked!#

  33. deleted_102561659_RussellHall_91

    Aye. Hope he can really make an impact this year up front for the Dawgs. Georgia needs a big dude to be a rock at nose on the d-line

  34. RobDawg

    I like him if nothing else besides after that first long TD and the trailing teammate tried to do the celebration chest bump jumping thing he seemed to say “nah that’s ok” and just patted the team mate on helmet. Class…. you either have it or don’t

  35. PatriotVeteran

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2     Let’s face it, the DAWGS will be fired up to compete and beat the SC chicken wings.     Muschamp knows he won’t beat UGA but his players will try twice as hard, to prove their coach is a winner.     BEAT  the CHICKEN WINS of South Carolina.

  36. PatriotVeteran

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg     BB2 – If he (Carter)  COMMITS TO THE G – ASAP, than I may believe him.   If he’s just talking, than maybe he realizes the challenge he made to the UGA Fans, who would love to have a new RB that will really attempt to compete with the likes of Gurley.       This is the kind of player we need, those who believe in themselves and ready to compete to become a starter.     Less talk, COMMIT TO THE G and prove you can start at RB your first year, that would be a great starting point.    GO DAWG    – –  you’re what we want at UGA …. competitors.

  37. PatriotVeteran

    Dawgnation4 Bulldawg36       THAT’S the spirit  DN4, think positive and maybe, all these great players will show CKS, they’ve got his back and will join him in UGA (Drob, Stevens, Zeru, Gibbs and Ignont)  – it would be a joyous 93K GDay, for the FANS and TEAM.     GO DAWGS         LIVE IT GETTING EVEN BETTER – as great players COMMIT TO THE G

  38. PatriotVeteran

    godawgs678 Bulldawg Bob2     I BELIEVE his first name is pronounced:  WINNER, DETERMINED, COMPETITOR and DAWG READY.       GO DAWG       COMMIT TO THE G

  39. PatriotVeteran

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36     If UGA WANT THEM – they have to take advantage of the offer and COMMIT TO THE G – – so it’s possible for UGA to always have the Best RB’s in sets of 2.      The problem is Committing to the G.      There are going to be many great RB’s in 2017-18 and only a few slots will be open.        I hope the Best 2-3 COMMIT TO THE G  soonest, so the Best will be playing together on a UGA Team that has a lots going for them in the future.

    WAITING is what stops the best from coming to UGA.    CKS has to secure the total number of players in each SLOT, so those who COMMIT TO THE G – FIRST, will have a fan base that loves them and a TEAM that plays like everyone is Great, every day, and completes from day to day.     CKS wlll make UGA a powerhouse and those who jump on board will not be sorry they COMMITTED TO THE G.      GO DAWGS      LIFE IS GOOD AT UGA

  40. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 Aye. I would be a very happy Dawg fan if that were to transpire.

  41. Bulldawg36

    I will be there at G day!!! I’m getting there about 8:00 am ! I’ve got to live it up! It will be my last one without a kid!!!!!!

  42. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 I would think UGA takes two in 17 and 1, maybe 2 in 18.
    Would be nice:
    17: Carter & Sermon (sub Akers)
    18: Zeus

  43. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 Correct.

    Toneil Carter is class of 2017 and Zamir “Zeus” White is class of 2018

  44. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 “North and South son! If you wanna dace with these boys ask them to prom!”

  45. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 But if you look at both Zeus and Toneil, they each have characteristics that make them very good running backs. 

    1. Vision
    2. No fear or hesitation
    3. Good balance
    4. Instinctive runners

    To go along with speed and power.

    Here’s Zeus’ highlights just to compare and you can see the similarities:

  46. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 About 50 miles SE of Covington, GA. Fayetteville is closer to Peachtree City. Only about 10 miles and a 15 minute drive from Peachtree City on 54.

  47. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 I think both are great high school football running backs that have the potential to be special at the next level. Zeus is more likely to run through and over you while Carter is likely to just blow right by you or make you grab air.

    Zeus reminds me of Nick Chubb and Herschel Walker while Toneil Carter reminds of Todd Gurley.

    Keep in mind though, one is going into his senior year and the other will just be starting his junior year this fall.

  48. dawgmum

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 Happy you’re back, Bob2, and that your wife is feeling better!

  49. Bulldawg36

    I’m pretty sure we will pass the blue grass state soon enough. Just hate seeing them in front of us. lol

  50. Bulldawg Bob2

    And more Toneil Carter. One thing you will notice besides his obvious blistering speed is that he has what other good and great running backs have, which is lack of hesitation and vision. He doesn’t “dilly-dally” around but hits the gap and hole hard, without any hesitation or fear.  No dancing around. He also has that jump cut like Chubb and has some power to finish off a run as well. Has the potential to be a special RB at the next level.

  51. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 Kentucky is tenth in the team rankings for 2017 because they have 11 commitments at this stage, but keep in mind that 10 of those 11 are ranked 3-star prospects.

    Northwestern is right behind Kentucky at 11th, but like the Wildcats of the Bluegrass state, it is primarily on number of commitments versus actually having a top 10 or top 15 recruiting class.

  52. Dawgnation4

    Bulldawg36 D-rob isnt going to play college ball, I just read that he is going to try his hand at chess team instead and will be attending Tech!##

  53. Dawgnation4

    Bulldawg36 Step away from the ledge! I heard that D-rob, J. Stevens, Zeus, D. Gibbs, W. Ignont, and a few other players are committing at the G-day game…##

  54. Bulldawg36

    We need a commitment lfrom a highly talented prospect!!!!!!!!! I can’t take Kentucky being ahead of us!! I don’t care how far we are from signing day!!!! Kentucky!!!! Really???

  55. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 You weren’t too far from my neck of the woods. Doing  good brother. Mrs. BB2 is feeling better which is a blessing

  56. AlphaDawg

    Says he’s going to commit to a school on Oct 3, his birthday. I’m not sure how you’re going to be better than Todd Gurley at UGA if you’re not at UGA, so…..there’s that.

  57. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 I don’t read it as a shot at UGA or Kirby, in fact just the opposite. Muschamp stated clearly he doesn’t like to coach against friends. Being forced into this situation, he wants to win, which is entirely understandable. People are getting up in arms, because the way he phrased it. However, he also stated that Kirby probably would like to do the same to his team.

  58. DawgByte

    Bulltoad MMCSDAWG Agree 100%. Now understanding our depth issues, it’s hard to imagine Richt winning a SEC championship any time soon.

  59. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG DawgByte lagadawg Part of it as you point out is the Grantham hangover. Pruitt was only on staff for 2 years, so he was forced to use Grantham’s recruits to a large extent. I don’t think we really got to see what Pruitt is capable of as a coach, primarily due to recruiting and the loss of a talent – transfers, arrests etc.

  60. Bulltoad

    MMCSDAWG  We have to win East for Richt to keep his job.  I will give McGarity credit.  I was upset when Richt got fired because I was scared of losing all our momentum.  It turns out we were never going to get over the hump with Richt.  Watching everything Kirby has done since taking over has made me realize what we were missing all along.

  61. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG lagadawg not only getting beat just getting embarrassed

  62. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG lagadawg I think you’ve touched on a huge issue. People outside our program questioned our mental toughness, which was reflected in a lot of losses to Top 10 opponents and losing big games. 

    One of the hopes in bringing Smart into the program is bring in a championship mentality and improving our winning percentage against Top 10 programs and big games. I don’t expect this change to transpire over night. CKS needs time to recruit the type of players who fit his profile and character needs.

  63. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 You need one more exclamation mark for me to know if you are excited or not … ###

  64. Dawgnation4

    If you haven’t seen his film, I love his determination at the 4:15 mark! Im not sure how to post the video, but it is below

  65. Bulldawg Bob2

    Dawgnation4 Would be a good and dynamic duo at RB for the Dawgs for 2018 and the next several years. I would be extremely happy with that combo

  66. Bulltoad

    DawgByte Bulltoad Bulldawg Bob2 Lawrence is #1 player in the country for his class.  He will probably shatter the Georgia high school records for passing.  I have a feeling he will also make DC’s cringe 🙂

  67. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG I don’t think it changes whether or not Coach Richt was fired or retained. I think the decision was made to ask Mark Richt to step down after the brutal loss to Alabama and then the nail in the coffin was the 27-3 loss to Florida.

  68. Dawgnation4

    I just watched 2018 RB Dameon Pierce highlight film, and all i can say is wow! That kid has some incredible balance, always falls forward, not afraid to lower the boom, and fast enough to break away. 

    Reminded me a lot of Chubb running the ball! Pierce and Zeus for 2018!!!!


    DawgByte lagadawg MMCSDAWG Funny thing Byte…  A lot of us are guilty of falling in love with Pruitt and many of us were fighting tool and nail for him to be retained.  But, by the same token you speak of, why were we all thrilled with Pruitt…  pretty sure it was his defenses that looked totally inept in those two most recent UF games and especially in that 2014 game where they ran on us for like 1000 yds ( I kid, but not much less).  Why were most of us thrilled with Pruitt…  Did our defense really improve??  Last seasons defensive statics were an anomaly, we didn’t face but maybe 3 decent passing teams, and I’m quite sure most of us remember how close we came to getting beat by GSU….     Just wondering again why we were so accepting of a mediocre at best defense in his two seasons…  Probably has something to do with Grantham and his totally annoying self… haha.

  70. DawgByte

    Bulltoad DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2 Here’s my reason for Jones.

    We’ll have Fromm in the stable. By adding Jones we get someone with a different set of skill sets, which will make DC’s struggle to scheme against us.


    RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG lagadawg
    There is only 1 way to find out!  Let’s get it on…  I’m ready for some Football!

  72. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG lagadawg welll guess we will find out if UGA is just doomed to face plant in big games or actually win a couple now

  73. DawgByte

    lagadawg MMCSDAWG From what I understand the Fla game of 2014, where we got embarrassed by an inferior opponent, was the beginning of the downfall. When we lost to Tech the same year, it just iced the deal. Another loss to Fla in 2015 combined with no SEC championship in 10 years was enough to put the final nail in the coffin.


    lagadawg MMCSDAWG Like most of you have stated….  I too believe CMR’s tenure at UGA was on life support following the debacle at home against Alabama,  and then Ended totally with the dumpster fire that was the UGA team that showed up here in JAX and lost again to a UF team that had no QB.


    Greg Poole By yourself???  lol.  I had all 3 of mine at the house yesterday, thankfully it was really nice outside and they tore it up!

  76. lagadawg

    MMCSDAWG I think the Fla. game was the reason Richt was fired mostly. Made a stupid mistake in the biggest game of the year and made Ga. look terrible.

  77. AlphaDawg

    Bulltoad AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG I would think he’ll try to show off his arm a little more for the NFL scouts.

  78. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG It is a good question. For some reason, I still say we get Kirby. I think too many people didn’t want him going to USC.

  79. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG One play in a game against Tenn was not the reason for the coaching change, nor was the outcome of that contest. This change was set in motion in 2014.

  80. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG  There were plenty of opportunities in that game other than Reggie’s – like making a few tackles…….but, although it may have made some difference, that stinker in Jax qas a complete coaching fumble and doomed him.


    Saw this question asked on another site so I’m plagiarizing the question, but interested in the boards answers…

    If Reggie Davis doesn’t drop the pass against Tenn and UGA goes on to win that game, would we have Kirby as our coach right now, or would CMR still be in Athens????

  82. Bulltoad

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2 Lawrence.  The #1 thing for me is the ability to throw the football and he is supposed to be the best.   I want my QB to be a playmaker who has the ability to get the ball to all the other playmakers on the team.


    DawgByte Opps forgot the why….  lol

    Like bob said, both have pretty darn good arms and from all accounts Jones can make all the throws and has shown accuracy as well.  So his mobility gives him a distinct advantage in my personal view.  I would love to see a multi faceted offense between the hedges, one based on Pro-style fundamentals but flexible enough to incorporate the spread and read option as well.

  84. Bulltoad

    AlphaDawg Bulltoad MMCSDAWG I have no problem with Dual Threat as long as he can get the ball to the playmakers with his arm.  Watson can throw and run.  I imagine Watson will run less this year if possible.  The key is to have playmakers everywhere and a qb who can get them the ball.

  85. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2 I’d be happy with either one.

    Jones probably provides more of a threat with his legs when he tucks it down and runs over Lawrence, but Trevor probably holds the slight edge as far as a passer.

    Both are extremely talented and could be UGA’s next starter at QB post-Eason

  86. AlphaDawg

    Bulltoad MMCSDAWG Sounds like a dual threat kid can open up the possibilities. Kirby still slobbering over how Watson tore up his defense. lol

  87. Bulltoad

    MMCSDAWG I love this quote from Kirby.  “I’m tied to whatever our offense can do, whatever the quarterback can do,” Smart said. “I’m a big believer in your offensive limitations come from your quarterback. The more he can do, the more you can do. …You better have one of those.”

  88. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte Haha would love that but both of those guys could be starting any power 5 schools

  89. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte Assumption is we can only get one. Asking people to make a choice and state why.

  90. Bulldawg Bob2

    Malcolm Mitchell and Keith Marshall going to be in Athens for G-Day game on Saturday, April 16th at UGA Bookstore meeting and greeting with fans taking pictures and signing autographs. Yet, another reason to try to make it to the Classic City for G-Day this year.

  91. AlphaDawg

    PTCDawg AlphaDawg I was confused at who Huck was. lol was hoping for a link with context. Carry on, I’m not to be entertained.

  92. Bulldawg36

    Beat South Carolina!!!!!! Will Muschamp is already running his mouth!!!! Go dawgs!!!

  93. PTCDawg

    AlphaDawg PTCDawg Not sure if thats a question Alpha. I was just responding to ECs comment yesterday that I’m Your Huckleberry is going to be contributing here from time to time. He doesnt write often but when he does its always really good stuff. I would go check his site once or twice a day and he would go two or three weeks between postings. His last site, IYHsports, has apparently been taken down. He was at another site before that, the name of which escapes me.

  94. PTCDawg

    Kudos to the BI team for bringing Huck on board. Excellent resource and I am looking forward to seeing his work here. And no, I am not related to him in any way. :>)

  95. Jesse1

    Lucas Rogers Had Boom said anything else I’d be mad at him. I hope he learned enough here to know to play the fan base.

  96. AlphaDawg

    dsw61 AlphaDawg I hear ya. Always the hardest workout to get motivated for because you know the next 3 days are going to be the worst 3 days ever. LOL But typically if I stay doing them consistently, I’m not as sore afterwards.

  97. Lucas Rogers

    MMCSDAWG Lucas Rogers Just gotta outta class an hour early so Monday is going good so far lol

  98. AlphaDawg

    PatriotVeteran AlphaDawg Holloman is worth the fight and Kirby will give UT just that. Like bob was hinting, a lot of players come off hype when they leave a visit. Holloman has been to UGA many times and a good example of this would be Hardman. This time last year UT was his leader and favorite, but he ended up a Bulldog.

  99. PatriotVeteran

    MMCSDAWG dsw61 IMO, Jacob is our future at UGA.    Great players want to play with other great players and New Recruits are hoping to play for UGA, so set the example that if you WANT to play for UGA: Commit.    If you WANT to compete to play against a top quality team player, come prepared to compete.      If you WANT to be better prepared to play in the Fall, than think of becoming an Early Enrollee so you have time to learn the Playbook, get physically prepared and compete in the Spring Gday and have more time to get use of the college classes.         Great players usually watch the football teams they want to play for on Saturday, it’s not normally a last minute decision.     If you’re ready, if you want to play for UGA, don’t wait for someone else to Commit to the G and fill your slot.    Hopefully the Class of 2017 will fill all their slots before the first game this 2016 season and show your support for the Coaches that spend days and days trying to recruit the best.     The BEST should COMMIT TO THE G    –      GO DAWGS

  100. PatriotVeteran

    AlphaDawg IMO, any player from Georgia that would even consider AU or UT is not someone we really must have.      We have a lot of great WR’s WANTING to play for UGA and hopefully with Eason.      Unless a player WANTS to play for UGA and UGA wants the player, than let them be.      CKS and staff will find someone that will fill the slots for 2017 and they need players that really, really want to play for the DAWGS.   UGA will become the play to play in college football.    GO DAWGS       COMMIT TO THE G

  101. Bulltoad

    MMCSDAWG dsw61 I also think it comes down to Ramsey or Eason.  Lamberts inabiltiy to move and be a playmaker probably makes him least likely despite his experience.  I don’t see this coaching staff playing it safe at the QB position.  It is important for Ramsey to become a leader because it makes it easier for Eason to follow him and become a leader as well.  Buck Belue made a good point that Eason has to earn the job.  He cannot be handed anything.  Based on some of the comments from Saturday it sounds like Eason has started to do that.

  102. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte MMCSDAWG dsw61 Don’t pay too much attention to what group the QBs are running with, especially during the short time media has to look at the players in practice. Everybody is being rotated around.

    But I think Eason’s situation will evolve similar to how Stafford’s did in 2006 where we see Skinny being eased into the starting role if he is ready.

  103. DawgByte

    CLTDawg DawgByte MMCSDAWG dsw61 You guys may very well be right. I’ve got to retire from the prediction business.

  104. CLTDawg

    AlphaDawg CLTDawg I think TL makes the first move, and then EJ reacts off of that. If TL picks UT (which is still the lean, probably), we gotta be all over EJ and keep him out of Gainesville.

  105. CLTDawg

    DawgByte MMCSDAWG dsw61 Gotta remember though, Eason was starting from zero. Would be very hard for any QB to jump up through only 9 or so practices. The race will go all the way down to the end of fall camp, IMO. 

    I think Lambert gets the nod initially, unless Brice finally turns the lightbulb on. Eason will be phased in over the course of the season regardless.


    DawgByte Bansai buckeroo 100% agreee…  If bobo were still in Athens Ramsey or Park would have started last season and most likely it would have been Ramsey.


    DawgByte MMCSDAWG dsw61 I believed Kirby when he stated he didn’t want to put the pressure on Eason and part of that is being deliberate in his preparations and expectations.  Right now, we have pretty good access to the practices and scrimmage info as well.  I suspect that will change come summer/fall camps.  I know we love the info and I know we will be cringing at the thought of less, but if wouldn’t surprise me to see CKS pretty much shut it down as we approach the season.  During the summer let’s see who is taking the reps with the 1’s and 2’s…  I still believe Ramsey is the wildcard, and I believe Eason starts game 1.  Especially if #27 is healthy and starting!

  108. Bulldawg Bob2

    Colonial Dawg Sic’em! Colonial. Aye. And it’s already April 2016 to boot. This year is flying by.

  109. DawgByte

    Bansai buckeroo Completely agree buckeroo. Ramsey has the physical tools, but lacks the killer QB mentality. If he had the mental aspect, he would have started last year and not Lambert.

  110. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG dsw61 … with Eason running the 3’s halfway through Spring drills, it’s hard to imagine he can leap frog the two more experienced QB’s in time to start the NC game.

    We’ve got a significant issue still at that position and I suspect we will for at least half the season.


    Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG It was a beautiful day here as well.  Not too hot and lower humidity!


    Bansai buckeroo Right!  Like I said before, I’m predicting Eason as the Game 1 starter, but Ramsey is the Wildcard.

  113. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Bulldawg Bob2 Thanks MMCS, and wow! Sounds like a nice Sunday with the fam. It was a beautiful spring day yesterday. I got a ton of yard work done.

  114. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg He just came off a visit there. Similar to how we had several players name Georgia their leader after visiting this past week and weekend.


    Bulldawg Bob2 Good one!  had all the kids and grand kids over playing yesterday!   Really glad to hear Mrs. BB2 is doing much better!


    dsw61 MMCSDAWG I don’t have any inside info or special magic 8 ball, but for some reason, I believe the QB race will come down to 2 people.  Ramsey and Eason.  I think CKS would love for Ramsey to step up and show some leadership and moxie.  To me he has always had a kicker type mentality on the field and the sidelines.  If he can step up, I think he gets the job.  If not, I honestly believe Eason will be our starter game 1.

  117. dsw61

    MMCSDAWG Sounds like somebody on offense needs to step up and become a vocal leader. Preferably one of the QBs.

  118. AlphaDawg

    CLTDawg AlphaDawg From what I’ve read, EJ really likes UT and UF, but mom likes UGA. TL likes UGA, UT, Clem, and I’m not sure about others. Going to get interesting. If I recall correctly, you have a pay account so you probably know more than I do.

  119. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG CLTDawg He just seems like he could be so dangerous in the college game. Runs well, but throws a beautiful ball, too.

  120. CLTDawg

    AlphaDawg CLTDawg Would be a worst case scenario, for sure. Those two are the best QBs in the state by far from what I’ve seen.

  121. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG CLTDawg crazydawg87 And they cost nothing in terms of scholarships! We’re getting guys in the program at basically no cost, who could have gone to smaller schools elsewhere on a scholly. The HOPE scholarship is big for us.

  122. AlphaDawg

    CLTDawg I like him, just don’t want us to focus solely on him or TL completely. I’m sure that’s not what you meant anyways but my fear is if we focus on TL, we lose EJ to UF and TL goes with his childhood favorite UT and we’re without a QB completely.


    CLTDawg MMCSDAWG crazydawg87 I think there is a reason Kirby didn’t send out a bunch of last minute offers at or before NSD!  If you want a scholly your gonna have to earn it and getting some higher caliber walk on competing for a scholly is much better IMO that throwing out a few late offers on NSD to your 4th or 5th guy on the recruiting board.


    CLTDawg He does look like a player for sure!  I guess we will find out what CKS and Chaney’s preferences really are.  I know Chaney was once known for his “Spread” offenses prior to getting into the SEC.  I think E. Jones could add another dimension to our offense.

  125. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG crazydawg87 Nice! Gotta raise the bar in all levels of the program, including the walkons!

  126. CLTDawg

    I’m going to be honest on this one, guys. The more and more I watch of Emory Jones, the more I would be just fine with us losing out on Trevor Lawrence as long as we focus our efforts on him. Jones has that “it” factor, man. What a weapon.

  127. dsw61

    AlphaDawg Ugh…I don’t like doing squats. I start doing them for a couple of weeks and then stop for several months. Rinse and repeat. Started up again a couple of weeks ago. We’ll see how long I go this time. The difference this time is my 16 yo daughter is doing them with me and is sort of my personal Scott Sinclair:)


    revtizzy Morning Rev!  That a’ Dawg!  GATA and #ATD   I like the way those two go together!

  129. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg DawgLink Luckily everything seemed to work out for UGA just fine.


    AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG DawgLink He sure bolted quick once CMR and company were let go…

  131. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG DawgLink I agree, and I also think Schotty wanted Hockman. No Schotty, no love.


    DawgLink I think CKS wanted Fromm more than Hockman, but that;s just my personal opinion and not based on any first hand knowledge of the situation.  I think Kirby got who he wanted!

  133. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole and you are going to be a player at UGA! Thanks for your commitment and enthusiasm! Go Dawgs, take no prisoners!

  134. Greg Poole

    B12 make non-scholarship athlete sit and lose a year of eligiblity if they transfer in conference. Where is the outrage?

    When I asked Castiglione about the transfer rule, he told me that Oklahoma tried not to stand in the way of athletes who wanted to leave. But he also brought up, the Sooners’ current quarterback, who walked on to the Texas Tech team as a freshman, then transferred to Oklahoma, where he walked on to its football team, too. Mayfield not only had to sit out a year but also lost a year of eligibility because of a Big 12 rule that punishes players who dare to move to a different college within the conference. The fact that Mayfield didn’t have an athletic scholarship made no difference.

    Although Castiglione made it clear that he thought transferring should be easier for the players, he also worried, he said, about “people tampering with our current student-athletes to get them to transfer.”

  135. haws1178

    Whoever has plans on being in Augusta for the Masters this week should definitely try lil Dutch bakery for breakfast. Awesome pastries. It’s located in the shopping center behind wing stop on Washington rd

  136. Greg Poole

    ZippyMorocco I’ve been waiting for someone to fly one over a practice. Coaches would be apoplectic.