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UGA Recruiting Daily 03-August-2016

Michael Allen, Jr. (Photo from
Michael Allen, Jr.
(Photo from


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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2017 Class, No.21 WDE
Lanier High School
Buford, GA


2017 Class, No.4 OLB/WDE
Palm Beach Gardens Hich School
Palm Beach Gardens, FL


2017 Class, No.16 DT
Beaver Falls Area High School
Beaver Falls, PA


2017 Class, No.3 OLB
Paramus Catholic School
Paramus, NJ



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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

385 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 03-August-2016

  1. Greg Poole

    Score Check  Rocker set him free at practice. If free means calling him everything but a fine fellow.

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  Aye. Holyfield looks the part don’t he.

    Crowder is stout, but I agree. He still looks stiff at times, but man. He looks like a load, especially in short yardage situations. Reminds some of Richard Samuel.

  3. RobDawg

    Holyfield is smooth as silk ain’t he… Take Crowder footwork looks stiff in every drill I have seen, but I bet he can bust your mouth if your in his way

  4. Bulldawg Bob2

    Thats a BIG man right there. Looking for him to just plow defenders down the field in the next several years.


    Chubb is towing the party line lol. No matter how many different ways he was asked he gave same answer about playing against UNC. Keep them guessing dawgs.

  6. Bulldawg Bob2

    Aye. We talked a little bit about down below.
    Kyle Davis is also down and out with a foot injury.

  7. Greg Poole

    Looked like Javon Wims has some kind of issue – Michael spotted him banging his helmet into the turf in frustration.

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    He worked out on the side with Sony Michel. Has a reported bad bone bruise on his leg or knee.

  9. Bulldawg Bob2

    That seemed to be the sentiment from media on Twitter, an intense practice.
    Love it.
    BTW,did you see Cleveland’s new hair dew? Posted a pic in a tweet below.

  10. Bulldawg Bob2

    Dang. Auburn, Bama, and Mizzou took some hits today and RB is week along with USCe.

  11. Greg Poole

    I’m uploading the Chu8bb interview vid as we speak. 
    Can’t emphasize too much how the staff was dogging the team today. Kirby was going off on the DBs and LB and Rocker had the DL reeling. Pittman was his usual self – loud and profane

  12. Bulldawg Bob2

    UGA let the media talk to Nick Chubb after practice and a couple of other guys. We will have stories and video clips up later on, probably tomorrow morning.

  13. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2 WOW! If that ain’t  a spittin’ image of Bert, I don’t know what is

  14. Michael Pope

    We are just getting back from the Bulldogs 3rd fall practice and I think the one word that best describes how practice was being ran is “Intensity.” I mean as soon as we got out to the practice field you could hear Kirby screaming at the top of his lungs and really just getting after players all through the drills. Also We saw the same intensity from Coach Pittman that we have seen from day 1. Coach Rocker was also getting after his defensive lineman and pushing them as hard as he could. We saw Sony Michel taking some regular practice reps but Michel also went off to the side and did some less intensive drills since he is still rehabilitating his arm. Also working off to the side with Michel was Shaquery Wilson, who it was reported just has a painful bone bruise. Ending this mini practice report with some good news that has been pretty much reported all week, Nick Chubb looks ready. He is cutting well and He really looks like he is operating at 100%. There’s no telling how he is exactly feeling but from my point of view, he looks ready to go.

  15. Greg Poole

    Michel is itting next to me type a mini report you you guys. I just say that there will be no sound on the practice video. The coaches went off on them today – big time. I thought CKS would stroke out

  16. Bulldawg36

    I still expect to see lambert as the starter vs unc. If Ramsey can’t beat em out…then I don’t want to hear it from the Ramsey crowd anymore. Y’all will just have to accept the fact that lambert is better.

  17. Doc R

    Bulldawg Bob2 Doc R 66DAWGnNC this was exactly what I was thinking about when I posted!!!!!

  18. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg Bob2 I don’t give a hoot if he was.  How does that change anything?  The kid doesn’t like the new regime, or he just wanted to be part of the G.  He graduated, let him transfer wherever he wants.  Saban, don’t be a Bielema.

    (wanted the better image of the Jerky from Arky)

  19. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bama fans trying to say Mel Tucker was recruiting a player or players to UGA while still employed at Bama in regards to Maurice Smith.


  20. Bulldawg Bob2

    We’ve been discussing that down below. There was another receiver that also posted he was transferring as well.

  21. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole It is horrible, the locker was probably trashed by one of his teammates.  The stuff should have been boxed up for him or even better, he should have been given a chance to clean it out.

    I would hope that if Saban has dignity, he would find out what happened and work the tail off those responsible.


    revtizzy Bulldawg Bob2 Just bring up the photos of practice and look at M. Carter and you’ll feel much better Rev!!!   I will go out on a limb and state that M. Carter will be much better SEC DL than D. Brown.   I felt that way before they signed and I still feel that way.

  23. AlphaDawg

    66DAWGnNC 9-3 with those losses is to me, the worse UGA can do. UT and UNC I think are very win-able. So I expect us to go anywhere from 9-3 to 11-1. I think we lose Ole Miss

  24. BahitsAgain

    MMCSDAWG godawgs678 lol, that is how I was with the Republican “Debates”.  It made zero sense having more than 5 people on stage trying to debate in an hour.

  25. revtizzy

    Thanks for the flashback Bulldawg Bob2.  I started to vomit a little in my mouth when I saw the picture of a player in the Lanier football uni.  I now realize it’s a 17 ‘cruit, but I couldn’t help but think about the Brown fiasco.  Maybe a trigger warning or something next time?


    BahitsAgain AlphaDawg PTCDawg godawgs678 MMCSDAWG That crossed my mind as well,  opening up a scholly for the next 5 star…  Copy and paste!

  27. BahitsAgain

    AlphaDawg PTCDawg godawgs678 MMCSDAWG It is a coded way of telling the work that the Hostage takers are standing over your shoulder and watching you.

    blink blink blink


    godawgs678 Bulldawg Bob2 He did, that’s why he got to stay for as long as he did…  He got busted so many times it was beyond ridiculous.

  29. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG 66DAWGnNC Excellent analysis and I agree that a loss to UNC indicates our cupboard is more spacious than we thought.

  30. AlphaDawg

    PTCDawg AlphaDawg godawgs678 MMCSDAWG lol dunno. Maybe he doesn’t have a way with words.

  31. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 Didn’t the “Honey Badger” have like 5 or 6 published second chances?   Probably the best thing old Les did for him is dismiss him.  It seems to have been the wake up call that was needed to get the kids life on track.

  32. dawgmum

    DawgByte godawgs678 dawgmum MMCSDAWG Think he would affect a WR? Maybe we dodged a huge bullet!

  33. PTCDawg

    AlphaDawg PTCDawg godawgs678 MMCSDAWG right but…why? why would someone copy/paste a goodbye/thank you tweet?? seems silly even for an athlete.

  34. PTCDawg

    AlphaDawg godawgs678 MMCSDAWG ok, thats weird..both even have the same misspelled ‘think’ in there…

  35. godawgs678

    dawgmum MMCSDAWG There’s gotta be something going on over there. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team lose this many players.

  36. dawgmum

    godawgs678 MMCSDAWG Daylon Charlot, considered a top-10 WR recruit in the 2015 class, announces he will seek a transfer out of Alabama.

  37. godawgs678

    Another player transferring from Bama. Don’t know who it is yet. Just saw it on Twitter.


    Reddawg13 Congrats!  One of my former pups is Tyreke Johnson the DB out of Trinity Christian here in JAX.  He likes UGA a lot and I’m working on his mom (Pam).   He was our stud RB back then (10-13 yr old) but I also had him playing defense, and I told him his last year with us, he would make it to the next Level as a DB not a RB.  He remembers!

  39. Bulldawg Bob2

    Doc R MMCSDAWG Greg Poole  My LAD just screamed, ran away and hid, but man, does it look tasty.

  40. Bulldawg Bob2

    Reddawg13  Know you are a proud coach. I hope he has much success wherever his feet land as far as school and football.

  41. Doc R

    Bulldawg Bob2 Doc R I didn’t realize the SEC had it’s own rule–just finished looking it up when you guys responded

  42. Bulldawg Bob2

    Doc R Per the SEC grad transfer rule, yes , he would have to sit. SEC grad transfer rule requires the grad transfer to have 2 years of eligibility left or they have to sit 1 year before being eligible to play for the school they transfer to unless granted a waiver from the SEC to play immediately.

    The SEC grad transfer rule supersedes the NCAA grad transfer rule.


    Doc R Bulldawg Bob2 Not under NCAA rules, but he would under SEC rules according to what Bob quoted earlier.  The SEC rule is more strict and not inline with the NCAA rule.  A Grad transfer that hasn’t been in any trouble or dismissed from any team should be allowed to transfer any where they wish.  IMO, even if it was a UGA player, I would feel the same way.  Reward hard academic work not punish it.  These are STUDENT athletes after all, not possessions used to gain institutions MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars.

  44. Reddawg13

    Here is what my Crystal Ball tells ma about our season. Believe and have faith in our boys and coaches and set your sights on the Natty! Once the season begins I won’t need that Crystal Ball anymore because I will have concrete evidence to base my statements on. So as of right now our players and coaches are as good as anyone in the nation!

  45. Bulldawg Bob2

    66DAWGnNC  While I would hate for Georgia to start out the 2016 season with a loss to UNC, and I don’t like it when Georgia loses, period, I would take a UNC loss with a win later on down the road vs. Florida.

    It’s not that I think UNC is better than UF, but it would tell me that this 2016 Bulldawg team was getting and playing better from game 1 to game 8. Losing to UNC would also not hurt Georgia as far as the race to the SEC CG in December either, which the Dawgs could make even with 2 SEC losses to Ole Miss and UT if that were to happen.

    All that being said, though, I hope Georgia beats the Tar out of the Tarheels.

  46. ed603

    Greg Poole  Alabama has won numerous NCs. The defense at Alabama was arguably the reason for those wins. CKS coached the defense. CKS is now coaching Georgia. Therefore, UGA will surprise everybody, and win the East! Get after that A$$!

  47. Reddawg13

    Well one of the boys I coached in Rec Ball just got an offer from Marshall! What a good kid he is and great athlete too! I wish him all the best. He plays CB.


    66DAWGnNC If we lose to UNC we are further behind in talent than I actually believe we are.  My biggest concern is our defensive depth.  if we are healthy when we play UNC I see UGA winning this game by 10+ points.

  49. 66DAWGnNC

    Anyone read the SDS “Crystal Ball” predictions for UGA’s season? Had us going 9-3 with losses to UNC, Ole Miss, and UT. I suppose they think UNC is better than UF. I don’t see that. Their rationale is off base in my opinion. They are obviously on the UT train (along with a plethora of other prognosticators). We may drop one to Ole Miss as it is on the road in a tough venue. I just don’t see us losing to UNC or UT. I think UT will be tough, but I think our guys are going to want some payback and will play with their hair on fire. UF is always tough. I am hoping Kirby can instill some confidence in these young pups and be the second coming of Vince in this series. We may go 9-3, but I just have a hard time believing one of those L’s is to UNC and then we get a W against UF. Doesn’t add up to me. We will see.

  50. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole  I agree. 

    The SEC made the rule stricter in 2011 because of the situation with Jeremiah Masoli, who had been dismissed from the Oregon football team because of  a number of off the field issues.

    He decided to transfer to Ole Miss. The NCAA to did not grant him the ability to play immediately, but Ole Miss and Houston Nutt appealed and won which was criticized by several member SEC schools along with fans and media.

    I understand that the SEC is trying to make it hard for players that get dismissed from a team because of bad behavior and breaking of rules and laws to transfer, but this rule just hurts players  who have worked hard to graduate early and who have done nothing wrong.

    It is easy to fix too. Allow student-athletes who have graduated and still have eligibility to transfer to play with no penalty, and then have a rule that states that if a student-athlete is dismissed from a team or school for serious behavioral issues, they are not allowed to transfer to a SEC program.

    They already off the latter part of that in place as of 2015, but I think they should widen it to include not just serious misconduct but to players dismissed from teams / school for alcohol and drug-related offenses as well as theft.


    godawgs678 Nope,  I pretty much stop following those types of announcements.  When it’s down to 2 or 3 and UGA is still in it, then I might follow the info…

  52. Bulltoad

    MMCSDAWG Bulldawg Bob2 The SEC needs to step and grant him his release immediately.  I agree with the rule but you cannot have a school treat a student athlete that way.  I can’t stand Saban.  Can’t wait for Kirby to send him into retirement.


    Bulldawg Bob2 All I know is they (saban) have done gone and pissed momma off and that will carry more weight than any ESPN talking head.


    Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Thanks for clearing this up for me Bob.  The SEC should be ashamed.  Like I said, I’m not promoting unrestricted transfers of non-graduated players within the SEC or any other conference.  But, if a Student Athlete has obtained the requirements for graduation with their under graduate degree that accomplishment should be rewarded and celebrated with the NCAA.  If this player still has eligibility no matter how much they should be allowed to go wherever they want as a GRAD Transfer.  This looks bad on the SEC and is terrible for the NCAA, especially when they try and defend their “student Athlete” model in the courts.

  55. Bulldawg Bob2

    ZippyMorocco Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG Greg Poole  Smith did not redshirt.

    Class of 2013 and played at Bama his freshman, sophomore and junior seasons.

  56. Bulltoad

    ZippyMorocco Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG Greg Poole I assume he did not redshirt so he has already played 3 years.

  57. ZippyMorocco

    Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG Greg Poole 
    Smith says he graduated in 3 years. Why doesn’t he have 2 years?

  58. Bulldawg Bob2

    On the Maurice Smith situation:

    If , and this is a big if, Alabama staff and/or players have ostracized Smith for wanting to transfer, that is uncalled for. No idea if it is true. I am sure he has taken some heat though.

    But even if Nick Saban and Alabama granted Smith a release to Georgia, he would have to sit out a year unless granted a waiver to play immediately by the conference.

    But the BS line of the day is the fact that Saban and Bama say they are not granting him a release because they don’t want him to sit a year because of the SEC rule. That is pure PR baloney right there.

  59. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole  This is why Greyson Lambert was allowed to play at UGA immediately when he transferred from Virginia in 2015. He had 2 years of eligibility left. If he had just one, he would have had to sit out a year.

  60. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole  The NCAA has allowed student-athletes who have graduated to transfer with not restrictions if they have at least one year of eligibility left to play. The NCAA rule has been in place since 2006.

    The SEC rule is a conference rule that states graduate transfers are not allowed to transfer and play immediately unless they have 2 years of eligibility left. The SEC rule mirrored the NCAA rule up until 2011 when they changed to the stricter grad transfer restrictions. The SEC does review each case and is allowed to grant waivers on individual cases.

    Back in 2014, South Carolina brought up that the SEC relax the grad transfer rules to match the NCAA rule, but as you can see, it did not get enough support or votes.

  61. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole This is the first time I’ve been glad to see the AJC harp on something so much.


    Greg Poole So I am to understand that the SEC has a rule that says a Grad transfer can be denied transfer to another SEC school???  That is beyond ridiculous, I thought grad transfers were allowed to transfer to any school of their choice.  kind of a reward for actually obtaining your degree while performing your JOB as a student athlete.   I can understand someone who hasn’t graduated, and I don’t personally want a wild west of inter conference transfers, but for a Grad transfer, it should be without limitations period.  Rewarding STUDENT achievement should be paramount to anything else, or at least that’s what the NCAA claims in their amateurism model.

  63. Greg Poole

    “On Friday, June 17, I arrived at the athletic facility locker room to find my locker cleaned out and all of my personal belongings in the trash (photo attached) underneath trash,” Maurice Smith wrote. “These personal items included my family photos, written goals, inspirational and sentimental items memorializing my deceased former friend,
    Alabama declined to comment when asked about the letter on Wednesday.
    Smith’s family provided copies of a text message, the sender of which was blacked out, the text of which said: “Bro I can’t have u at facility. Not for workout, lunch, anything. All in or out policy. Sorry bro.”
    Another photo was provided of what Smith’s family says are his personal items thrown in the trash. Who threw them in the trash isn’t clear, but they said the message was clear.

  64. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole for some reason I have an old Quicksiver Messenger Service song running thru my head

  65. Bulldawg36

    I’ll drink that whole bottle, if you tell me that Lo carter and Trent Thompson are doing well in camp!!!!!

  66. DawgByte

    Greg Poole I think the skull and cross bones are prophetic. No more Kool-Aid drinking for Dawg fans, especially based on practice reports. We’re now in “Show Me” mode!

  67. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 tmdawg12 Bob, I can see where you’re coming from, however I think the two positions are co-dependent. With a healthy Chubb and a couple of solid options behind him that should provide Chaney and Smart with the confidence to start a true freshman, who they know will not have the pressure of having to win the game on his own.


    Greg Poole ZippyMorocco I also hope that our guys don’t get over confident after whooping that A$$.  This game could get ugly if our defense is able to get after Trubinsky…

  69. Greg Poole

    Practice has been pushed back until 5:10 (at least that is when the media bus leaves B-M)

  70. DawgDaddy

    converted 1981 I agree, we are not going to hurt Bama this year.  Let the kid play where he wants.

  71. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole  Agree. I wouldn’t touch the Missouri coaching or AD job with a 10 foot pole; although, the money probably ain’t too bad.


    ZippyMorocco DawgByte Nope, and they knew Baylor was going to have to run since they were down to their 3rd sting QB and one or two receivers down.  And still ran for over 600 yds.

  73. DawgDaddy

    1mandawgpack That actually happened to me last night and early this a.m.   No problems now though.


    Greg Poole ZippyMorocco Me too!  That terrible defense is replacing 2 ILB’s and a couple of other key seniors from last year.  Keep believing what your reading boys.  I heard another analysis talk about all the improvement that Chizek had done with the defense…  I’m sorry, but that simply isn’t true based on ANY defensive stats.  Their offense has been explosive and scored a ton of points, but their defense hasn’t been worth a darn and they didn’t sign a bunch of 5* to suddenly make it better either.

  75. converted 1981

    Greg Poole
    Save this one boys, me thinks I smell a Large dose of Crow to be served up.

  76. Greg Poole

    ZippyMorocco The conventional wisdom for the opener is that UNC is rock solid and UGA has questions everywhere. I just hope UNC players are reading it.

  77. ZippyMorocco

    UNC gave up 600 yards rushing to Baylor. Does anyone think Baylor’s run game is better than ours?

  78. converted 1981

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole
    I would change that statement to “He gives the ONLY chance at winning a shootout.


    Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2 PTCDawg Music to my ears!  Time to separate the boys from the men!

  80. converted 1981

    Greg Poole
    1) Glad CKS is Not in that group.
    2) Suddenly CMR is Back to play calling…. Hmmmm – maybe should have taken it back up after Bobo left.
    3) Most of the others don’t surprise me.  Either young in the gun or Head strong in the ego!!!!!!!


    Greg Poole This dude has a Bacon fetish!  That is horrible looking.  I love the pig, just not the bacon!


    tmdawg12 Yes and Yes.   Regardless of our RB situation, I believe our offense will be able to move the ball on the ground.  Duke ran for over 350 yards on the powder blue last year.  Pretty sure our back ups and true freshman are as good or better than Duke’s and I KNOW our OL is better than Duke’s.  So offensively my game plan is to start the QB that can win a game if the score is 42-35, and I believe that is Eason.  Our defense is by biggest question, not our offense and who starts at QB.  UNC can score and I am concerned this game could be a higher scoring affair with or without Chubb/Michel.

  83. Bulldawg Bob2

    PTCDawg Thursday is the first day that Georgia is allowed to have a contact practice since they would have had 3 conditioning practices.

  84. Bulldawg Bob2

    tmdawg12   If I were Georgia’s head coach, I am not going to let the RB situation determine who my starting QB is.

    I play the guy that wins the starting QB job in fall camp.

  85. Bulltoad

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Everyone wants to know who the starter is going to be.  I am eager to find out who is 3rd string first.  I doubt they will name starter before game but we may know who is 3rd.


    Greg Poole This statement in the article pretty much sums up why I also believe that Eason in our starter game 1…

    “Throwing caution to the wind and letting the cornerstone of the program for the next three or four years loose early could pay immediate dividends and certainly would pay long-term dividends.
    Smart needs to start Eason against the Tar Heels because he gives the program the best chance at winning a shootout, and it would benefit his star quarterback down the road to feel that big-game atmosphere right out of the gate.

  87. PTCDawg

    tmdawg12 Argument #1 for Eason starting: Without Chubb healthy we need the starting QB that can pass us to victory.
    Argument #2 for Eason starting: With Chubb back and healthy it takes the pressure off of starting a Freshman QB.

  88. tmdawg12

    Hypo time!!

    1. You are the head coach, Chubb and Sony are hurt and not playing game one. Do you start Eason?

    2. You are the head coach, Chubb and Sony are playing game one, do you start Eason?

  89. Greg Poole

    StMarysDawg No clue and it will be hard to pinpoint when others with the same phone do not report the same issue.

  90. StMarysDawg

    deltonadawg Greg Poole I have both iPhone 5 and 6 models.  Same issue on both phones.  Issue preceded the latest iOS update.

  91. PTCDawg

    DawgByte Greg Poole Trubisky isnt starting for uNC? Thats the first I have heard of it, and great news if true!


    Greg Poole They said “Bold” predictions…  Ramsey being the starter is indeed a Bold prediction.


    Greg Poole They got issues!  Barry might have been better to steer clear of this firestorm! He’s a good coach and might get burnt in the flames coming out of this dumpster fire.

  94. Greg Poole

    Missouri: Executive associate athletic director Sarah Reesman has been appointed to interim AD, effective Friday. Reesman is Missouri’s second interim AD in the past month, after Wren Baker was hired as North Texas AD last week. She is entering her 23rd year at Missouri.

  95. DawgByte

    Greg Poole I don’t think so. We’ve seen this stage play several times and the outcome is the same.

  96. Greg Poole

    Georgia: Don’t worry so much about
    Look, we all know that the passing game needs to improve. And we can all probably agree that Eason has the best shot of elevating it to an elite level. But the fact remains that Eason is a true freshman and it’s going to take some time for him to develop. While that happens, the rest of the team needs to get better. and need to get healthy. Receivers other than must develop into playmakers. And the defensive front, which underperformed at points last year, has to live up to its potential. If all that happens, the necessity for a star under center won’t be there. And with less pressure, maybe Eason will come along quicker.

  97. Greg Poole

    Heh Heh Ramsey huh?Jacob Eason is not the opening day starter
    Many have proclaimed the true freshman the, especially after a dominant performance in the spring game. However, Kirby Smart has remained hesitant to turn to the true freshman. Early on, expect Georgia to stick with the more experienced Bryce Ramsey. However, if things go south, Eason will step in.

  98. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 From a talent perspective they’re hovering around Vanderbilt. As stated Will has quite a rebuilding task ahead of him.

  99. DawgByte

    Greg Poole DawgByte That’s the $60K question. Based on video and reports coming from Kirby it looks like Chubb is in a position to start against UNC. In that scenario I think it takes the pressure off the QB position. If that’s the case I think the decision to start a true freshman becomes easier. Nobody is talking about this, but UNC will be starting a true freshman at QB.
    Honestly, I don’t know who will start. I’m fairly certain Eason will get snaps in the first game though.

  100. Greg Poole

    1mandawgpack  Maybe they will offer another update soon to correct the problem. I’m not sure what we can do about it. 

    Here is an experiment – Go to one of the pages on BI that has few/zero comment and see if the same problem exists. That will tell me if the new IOS does not like LiveFyre.

  101. DawgByte

    It seems like the media is picking UNC over UGA, while Vegas has us favored. I honestly don’t believe we’re going to lose this game. The crowd is going to be overwhelmingly behind UGA and I anticipate the Dome will be rocking. I think Chubb will be stellar in his return (110-125 yards on 15-18 carries) and the passing game on point, with high percentage passes moving the chains on sustained drives. I think it could be a close game, but I see the W going in our column!

  102. haws1178

    I’ve had the same thing happen on my tablet.( Android operating system). I just assumed it was crappy wifi in gator country

  103. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg Bob2  I log in with both a laptop running windows and an ipad (depending on where I am in the house, etc.).  I’ve been having problems with my ipad since updating to the new version if ios.  It isn’t crashing, but, as an example, I was trying to post last night and I would type about 10 words, none of which would display in the comment as I was typing, but would eventually display on a very delayed basis.  Anyway, hope that helps for what it’s worth.

  104. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg, I can confirm BI page is working on Droid as well as laptop running Win 7 and desktop running Win 10 on Chrome and I.
    Broke out wife’s old iPhone 4 and it is working on it. However, it hasn’t been updated recently.
    It may be the new update for iPhones that is conflicting with something.

  105. deltonadawg

    Greg Poole deltonadawg It happens constantly. one of the reasons I am not on as much. LOL my wife has taken over the desk top after the lap top crashed and burned so im on the iphone she talked me into buying.

  106. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    I have an iPhone and it seems fine for me. I will add that I have not performed the latest update

  107. Greg Poole

    deltonadawg I’m testing it now to see if there is anything that has changed on our end. I was on with my Droid yesterday without any problems.


    ZippyMorocco Bulldawg Bob2 That’s pretty darn good for an elder statesman such as ourselves!  Glad your walking pain free!

  109. Bulldawg36

    I guess he is just trying to give the sc fans hope. Not me…I like to pour more salt in the wounds!!!!!


    AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG dirtydawgs Me too.  He’s not going to all of a sudden change his offensive philosophy for anyone.


    Bulldawg36 This McElain kid weighs about a 175…  How do you compare him to Chubb is beyond me.

  112. ZippyMorocco

    Bulldawg Bob2 
    Pretty well, considering I didn’t get a prayer shawl. 🙂
    I have 120 deg. flexion, which is good enough for stairs, and my knee doesn’t hurt for the first time in 50 years.

  113. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg dirtydawgs From what I’ve ready Dabo has convinced him that he would work his offense around TL. If I was TL I would be worried about Dabo making me run.

  114. Bulldawg36

    Oh yeah it was McEwain. I betcha musk rat will run him right at us. I hope Natrez will knock his block off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. BahitsAgain

    godawgs678 Axlrodes Then, you probably don’t like “Killjoys” and “Dark Matter” on Sci-fi Fridays.   These are my latest guilty pleasure.

    I am also looking forward to the return of Z-Nation and the Strain.

    I am not sure the Last Ship qualifies as sci-fi, but I like it, too.   That wraps up my tv watching.  
    I can’t stand cable news anymore.   I used to wear it out.

  116. deltonadawg

    iPhone I have gotten a error message 4 time while typing this reply. Started after the new iOS update

  117. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole I hate that we lost that game.  Our dawgs fought so hard after the demoralizing first play loss of Chubb.

  118. godawgs678

    Axlrodes I’m normally not a fan of Alien movies. Also not a fan of Sci-Fi stuff AT ALL. But this show is the real deal

  119. Bulldawg36

    Walt deptula said he wouldn’t be surprised if the new chicken qb had a better career than Jacob Eason!!!!!! What a fool!!!! He compared him to nick Chubb . Said he had the same build and can run away from people. Don’t remember the QBs name!!!!!! Does anybody know his name??? It’s not Orth or the other guy

  120. Greg Poole

    StMarysDawg What kind of phone is it? 

    I just do not know how to respond.  I can not reproduce the issue on my Droid. Actually, no has said that since we have dropped the old commenting system and gone to LiveFyre.

  121. Axlrodes

    godawgs678 i have that one in the queu.  i just finished a short 6-episode series called ‘Last Chance U’, which chronicles the football program at East Mississippi Community College.  Very Raw, but very good

  122. godawgs678

    Completely off topic, but I would highly recommend y’all watch Stranger Things on Netflix. It’s awesome. Carry on…


    AlphaDawg dirtydawgs As compared to Dabo’s spread???  I don’t see TL wanting to run the ball like they seem to have their QB’s do.  I hope he does wait and see how Chaney performs as OC.  I think he will be pleasantly surprised!

  124. StMarysDawg

    As other have noted, I also continue to have problems with BI on my iPhone.  The page is extremely slow and I constantly receive an “error occurred”.  I have cleared memory and cache so the problem is not on my phone.

  125. AlphaDawg

    dirtydawgs Hearing he pushed it back a little. Some say he will commit in 7-10days, but some are saying he may push it later. My bet is Dabo is telling TL to wait until he sees Chaney’s offense first.

  126. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole I don’t think Ron would let him be competing if he wasn’t ready for it. At least, I hope.

  127. Bulldawg Bob2

    Good morning Zippy. Got an appt on the 27th and we will know how things are going. She is doing OK, just healing up and slowly getting her strength back.
    Appreciate all the thoughts and prayers..

  128. dirtydawgs

    How come we haven’t heard any news on Trevor Lawrence? I thought he was supposed to have committed by now. Getting worried

  129. Greg Poole

    Lambert is the “safe” pick for commentators. If Kirby start him they look good and if Eason gets the job – “He camp on in fall camp” – take no chances

  130. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg Guys, understand that the folks posted these “reports” aren’t seeing anything resembling a scrimmage. QB are throwing past skeletons – no defense. They are not picking receivers. Reporters who try to evaluate how quarterbacks are throwing based on the drills they see are not being entirely straightforward with the audience

  131. dsw61

    Greg Poole I watched the videos of the QBs throwing yesterday at practice and Lambert has the worst throwing mechanics of the three. He still wraps the ball behind his head and still opens up his front side prematurely.

  132. converted 1981

    DawgLink Yea but the kid is a graduate transfer – let him be and go where he wants.  Not the same as a kid getting “released” or calling it quits..

  133. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Going back even 25 to 30 years the AP and Press ALL payed little attention to the SEC.  The Big 10 and PAC 12 were Everything!  Would love to see what that poll looked like for the last 30 years.

  134. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Sorry but I did NOT see it from GL at the Spring Game.  He with the Most Experience looked the least in control and HE was the Only one that threw an INT.  With his experience he Should have known to Never have thrown that ball – even in practice.

  135. Greg Poole

    here’s what David Greene has to say:
    “I’m kind of in the camp that I think Greyson is a much better player than what a lot of people give him credit for. I think last year, it was a very vanilla offense, for the most part, at least that’s the way it felt. There’s no question, everybody at the spring game could tell, you’ve got a special talent in Jacob Eason. No question that his up side is tremendous. But one of the great things about playing quarterback is it’s a lot more than athletic ability. Greyson has a season under his belt here in Athens and I imagine the game has slowed down enough for him that he probably feels in control and command at this point. What you really want is consistency. You want to know what to expect when a guy gets on the field. I’m not saying Jacob won’t eventually do that. I actually thought Jacob handled himself extremely well in front of 90-something thousand at the spring game.
    “Having said that, I think we’re going to be fine. I think the competition is probably made up more in the media and outside the Butts-Mehre than inside. As long as Greyson does a great job and runs the offense the way the coaches want him to, I see him being the guy. The only way I see Jacob getting into the game early or playing early in the season is if we just stall out and we’re just not generating enough offense. But I thought I saw enough from Greyson just in terms of natural ability last year, if he can get into a rhythm and he and Coach Chaney get into a flow and the team has a good mix between run and pass, the formula works. But heck, who knows, you never know how these things are going to play out. But is Greyson talented enough to do it?  He absolutely is.”

  136. DawgLink

    I suspect that Nick is worried about transfers to UGA because he expects CKS to challenge quickly for SEC

  137. AlphaDawg

    @jaxdawg  Not sure if you’ll get this but I saw your comments last night regarding Julian Rochester and I just wanted to let you know that from the practice report I read yesterday that one reporter said he looked like to best DL at practice yesterday.

  138. converted 1981

    AlphaDawg Greg Poole
    ALL of gUT is doing EVERYTHING they can to assure a winning season/SEC East Championship.  They have sold the souls of all those women raped and harassed and will do the same with anyone else that may stand in their way.

  139. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Butch is going down that path of Internet stardom. He might want to be careful. Once all of social media hates you it’s hard to reverse. For example, Nickleback. They’ve made a name for themselves on the Internet and it’s not a good one. There’s no coming back from that. The “3star general” nickname might bring him in that same path. He might want to make sure he wins this season.

  140. RobDawg

    i don’t get why he was practicing as first string in spring drills and now is wanting to leave. Trouble in paradise??

  141. converted 1981

    Greg Poole
    What’s the matter all of those 3 star recruits “Not living up to Potential”.  How is it going to be different this year with what – 18 of them committed to gUT!  Absolutely NOTHING will surprise me coming out of knocksville – that place is disgusting with ZERO Accountability to Anyone.

  142. Colonial Dawg

    Hoop Dawgs won their first game in Spain.  Good to see that Juwan Parker is finally healthy and getting to play and contribute.

  143. Colonial Dawg

    Greg Poole Ok,  so where is Mike and Mike on this one?  Let’s hear from you Greenberg!