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UGA Recruiting Daily 06-July-2016

UGA football recruiting prospect Jacoby Stevens
JaCoby Stevens, Kirby Smart and Mel Tucker
Photo: JaCoby Stevens Twitter


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#7 Senior WR FS
Oakland High School
Murfreesboro, TN


#82 Sophomore DT T
Greater Atlanta Christian High School
Norcross, GA

Cam Akers

Running Back
Clinton, MS (Clinton)



#73 Sophomore T DT
Okeechobee High School
Okeechobee, FL



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

265 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 06-July-2016

  1. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole I LOVED seeing the Fournett shucking Tray Matthews off his back.  Thanks!!!!!!


  2. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG I wish we could have kept him.  He is no nonsense and would have been a jewel in Kirby’s crown of coaches.

  3. BahitsDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole yep.  there also was another kid with a freaky Greek like name, but I can’t remember him.  I think he went to florida.

    Recruits and even players come and go.  I am surprised at how many names I don’t recognize on the old UGA videos that Greg Poole is posting.

    The big names – Hershel, Woerner, Hampton, Belue, Lyndsey Scott, Terry Hoage, Eddie “meat cleaver” Weaver, Stafford, Murray, etc. are easy to recall.  The second and third level guys are easily forgotten, but they all were valuable.  However, those recruits who never committed to the G?  forget you all!!!

    GO DAWGS!!!
    GO GEORGIA!!!!!!!
    WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!!


  4. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bansai buckeroo smart sure is bringing in recruits that in the past probably wouldnt even have uga in the top 5

  5. 1mandawgpack

    If Black waits to commit in 2017, there won’t be any slots open for him unless we’ve had a tremendous amount of attrition at the WR position.

  6. 1mandawgpack

    We need some good female commenters on here to keep us guys in line and balanced, just like in the real world. The people on this site are great in that we may not always see things in the exact same light, but we’re generally willing to listen to and consider the opinions of others without making it personal in nature.


    Thanks for your comment and I too love this site and the wide respectful diversity we have here! Please post anytime. Your opinion is just as good as any else’s. Multiple prospectives make this place even more interesting!

  8. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bansai buckeroo yea, should be coming here too hopefully the big fish that is


    Maybe a little Pruitt effect. There’s been a few since his arrival back in Alabama. Just like a few after his arrival in Athens.

  10. RumRunnerDoogie

    dlblack65 RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG i have no scoops what so ever and if u are on a lot im sure u have noticed that hahaha. Yea we get a mix of our guru’s and posters always scoping out the next news before the paid sites

  11. dlblack65

    RumRunnerDoogie dlblack65 MMCSDAWG I know!! I learn a lot from all of you all, but don’t have the inside scoop like most of you do. I’m just grateful for this site!!

  12. RumRunnerDoogie

    dlblack65 MMCSDAWG lol who cares what gender people on here are, its always fun and we do have quite a few female posters who get on here too. Just a bunch of dawg lovers

  13. dlblack65

    I don’t post a lot, but I’m on this site every day. I’m not sure a bunch of guys want to hear a woman’s opinion. Anyway, I just had to comment on your post MMCSDAWG. I totally feel the same way. As a matter of fact, you are one of the posters that I always agree with and read every thing that you post!!

  14. 1mandawgpack

    dsw61 1mandawgpack RobDawg  dsw – you’d be amazed at how it’s changed.  The Vipers and Bullets used to be super elite, but now the folks that started those programs have turned them into businesses and it’s all about the almighty greenback as both organizations now field multiple teams, many of which are not elite.  The travel team the my daughter was on last year probably had 1 major D-1 prospect and we absolutely demolished one of the Vipers teams in an invitation only tournament in Montgomery where many big time college head coaches (Tennessee, Auburn, and Alabama – UGA sent one of its scouts and I was disgusted with the effort) were in attendance.

    My daughter is a catcher (but is also solid at 3rd base) and is a beast behind the plate.  She hits for both average and power, but realizes that she’s not going to play major college ball and even if she could, likely still wouldn’t be interested (my wife and her brother were on full athletic scholarships at Kentucky and are friends with several other athletes, including major college football players, who have talked to her about the commitment and sacrifice that goes along with playing big time sports in college, and she’s not at all intrigued).  My only counsel to her was this:  if softball was the difference between, for example, getting accepting into an ivy league school or not, why wouldn’t you use it to get your foot in the door.  Anyway, it’s her decision and I’m letting her have a fair amount of say in the way she wants her life to unfold.  However, she’s got her head screwed on straight and is thinking about the right things in life, which I’m super proud of as a dad.

  15. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole if both webb and holloman want to go to UGA i just dont see a way smart could turn down one of them

  16. DawgLink

    We saw the same thing while my daughter played travel softball. Amazing how many parents think that their child will get a full ride. Like you said scholarships for softball is on percentage of a full scholarship. Plus the kid has to be uber elite to get a D1 ship

  17. RumRunnerDoogie

    small section on fromm

  18. dsw61

    1mandawgpack RobDawg I coached fastpitch from age 12u to 16u; and unless you’re one of the established big named teams like the Atlanta Vipers; it gets really hard to field a competitive 16u team because so many girls in that age group quit the game cold turkey to focus on preparing to go to college, including working summer jobs. Finding good pitching and catching starts to become a real problem because the ones that stick with it into 16u are super serious and want to play for one of the top four or five teams in the state. Most girls are not going to get a full ride scholarship. In Georgia; most girls would likely be better off getting good grades and getting the Hope Scholarship. Then there’s the reality that very few fastpitch players will make a living playing fastpitch.

  19. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    1mandawgpack RobDawg sounds like your daughter has some very good parents

  20. RumRunnerDoogie

    1mandawgpack RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg oh i agree, i dont think leadership from players will be a issue this year like years past

  21. 1mandawgpack

    RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg  Don’t necessarily disagree, but some leaders are great vocal leaders and are more comfortable speaking in public, while others (Chubb and it appears Sony based upon CKS’ comments) lead by their actions rather than words.  Great teams need both, in my opinion, and I think we’ll be fine.  For some reason (maybe I’m really, really wrong here), it appears to me that we’ve missed a truly great leader ever since Murray graduated, and it’ll be interesting to see who can fill that role going forward with CKS as a strong mentor.

  22. 1mandawgpack

    RobDawg  My daughter plays travel softball because SHE wants to and enjoys the competition and camaraderie with her teammates.  We pay for hitting lessons and some limited fielding lessons because it’s basically required to be good enough to make a decent travel team.  However, my daughter has already concluded that she doesn’t want to play softball in college as she instead realizes that her future will be decided by her head and not her body.  While she has some small colleges interested in her, she’s much more focused on getting accepted to the best academic institution that she can.  Why do it, then, some may ask – my answer is simple:  as a parent, I want my daughter to look back on her childhood with fond memories doing things that she enjoyed. and decided to do rather than things that my wife and I forced her to do.

    We play in tournaments virtually every weekend and when considering team fees, uniforms, lessons, hotels, gas, meals, etc. it gets really, really expensive.  While I make decent money and paying for it isn’t that big of a stretch for me, I don’t see how many of the families pay for their kids to play on travel teams.  I hear so many of these parents rationalizing the cost based upon their great plans for their kid to play in college.  However, many of these kids aren’t that great and won’t get scholarships, and for those who do, many softball programs are only partially funded and get “half” scholarships or similar benefits.  I often times wonder if, instead of spending all the money on travel softball, many of these families would be much better served putting that same money in the bank and actually paying for their kid to attend collage a few years from now.  However, as you noted above, it’s actually the parents forcing the issue in many cases and one couldn’t reason with them if you tried.


    I think a lot more of us read it now with the dawg nation stuff lol. Great points. I too was a hardened CMR supporter and I didn’t like the way his release was handled. I was one of the many that believed CMR never received the support he needed and deserved from our admin. I blame Adams and his group for the lack of commitment to winning we deserved. When they hired Kirby I was skeptical at first and didn’t know if he was ready to take over as HC of such a big program. Well I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong and I believe we made a great hire. The first press conference was the beginning for me. The way he answered direct questions and his true love for uga was apparent. Ever since that press conference he has done nothing but impress me with all respects of being our head coach !

  24. PTCDawg

    Greg Poole dawgnation article on Mark Webb says there is a “100% chance” he and Swift sign with the same program, followed by lots of good talk about the Dawgs. Would love to finish the WR class with Webb and Holloman.

  25. Frankly

    Greg Poole Frankly

    Coming from high school, where most teams will run a hand full of plays each week,  its a mountain.

  26. Frankly

    converted 1981 Greg Poole MMCSDAWG

    He was about to be hit by three defenders.  He was doing what a RB is coached to do.

  27. RumRunnerDoogie

    RobDawg i mean at that age i just played every sport i could because i enjoyed it, not because i wanted to be the best and get a scholly. Who that age even thinks of that? Its just the parents and these coaches

  28. RobDawg

    This happens a lot in the affluent area where I live. We were taking new puppy to a small park that has a dog area and tucked away in a corner I noticed a very young kid about 8-9 being drilled by a former athlete with impressive dreadlocks. I didn’t recognize the coach but he had the kid out there with the mom videoing every second on her phone. Did I mention that I like yoga pants? They had a whole set of drills and equipment out there and this kid was being taught to back peddle, move laterally, and move up again all while tripping and stepping over ropes and cushions before throwing a pass to the guru. He had a towel tucked into his waist band and top of the line clothing and really looked the part. Again the kid was very young and having coached many years of youth football could tell he is at the age where most kids can’t execute the routes that he is practicing his skills to deliver to. I told my wife that kid will not be able to put in use what he is being drilled on because the rest of his teammates in youth league aren’t on same plane. They will probably run a lot of wing T run offenses in our park and maybe a few passes but this kid is being taught fairly advanced footwork and reads. I watched for awhile and saw some talent but wondered just how long this family will chase the dream. Lots of parents around here do it for baseball too

  29. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole to me this type of guys are like agents for the pros, just sharks

  30. 1mandawgpack

    I just read the AJC piece (as I’m now ducking rotten fruit being thrown at me electronically by the BI faithful) regarding CKS being asked about the Sony injury.  I will tell you this, I will always love CMR as both a fine, fine man and for everything he did making UGA relevant again as he followed 2 very average coaches in Goff and Donnan.  That said, and although he’s different from CMR in many respects, we now have a very fine man as a coach as well and I am becoming a bigger fan of CKS by the day based upon the way he handles his affairs.  He just really seems like a class act and always seems to say and do the right thing.  In addition to the great things I’m expecting him to do as far as posting W’s in our schedule, I’m just as proud to call him our coach for the man that he appears to be and the values that he instills in the players through his leadership on a daily basis.

  31. AlphaDawg

    Someone copied and pasted insider information on the board. I’m not going to re-copy it, but if you want to see it:

  32. PatriotVeteran

    Greg Poole Frankly I agree with Greg, Eason is smart enough to learn the Playbook and can throw the ball, so all he needs is a little experience in the first 2 games to give him the experience needed to go against other SEC teams.     All teams have loss great players and new talented players will come forth and take their places.     Eason can easily replay Lambert, even tho Lambert did his best last year       Time for Eason to start, throw long passes to some great WR’s and TE’s and with our RB’s, UGA will do just great in 2016.     Will they make mistakes?   Sure they will and so have you and I at times, but let’s give those who practice hard and WANT to play for UGA get our 100% plus support.   GO DAWGS


    converted 1981 Greg Poole MMCSDAWG Welcome on my train Converted…  I have been arguing and lobbying since the arrival of the targeting call for there to be an Offensive targeting.  As it stands today, the offensive player is given a pass when they obviously drop their heads.  It drives me nuts! This penalty and ejection should go Both ways!  If a RB drops his head, penalty.  if a WR drops his head exposing the crown of the helmet, penalty.

  34. AlphaDawg

    Keith at Auburn has changed his CB of Holloman to UGA. Jake Rowe has also put in for Holloman, and Rusty put in a CB for Toneil Carter to UGA

  35. AlphaDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg Jeb really is a great rep. He’s got some wit and humor but very mature from every interview I’ve seen of him

  36. converted 1981

    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG I believe that second “Truck” would be cause for ejection in College today.  Better keep that head up and not use it to plow through someone else’s head/helmet.

  37. converted 1981

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole Hard to argue with a Live Tiger…… however which one has been in a Movie and ranked #1 On the Cover of SI?????  Huh, Huh….anybody.  Oh YES that would be UGA!

  38. AlphaDawg

    Georgia’s three player representatives for SEC Media Days have been announced. Junior tight end, senior center, and junior safety join head coach in making the trip to Hoover, Ala. to speak on behalf of the Bulldogs on July 12.

  39. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG BahitsDawg Hopefully those powerblues are green after they leave the stadium

  40. ed603

    BahitsDawg  I agree he didn’t let anyone down. Glad he was just enjoying some downtime and having fun…freak accidents happen, and you cannot just withdraw from life!

    Besides, he earned his spurs with hard work and loyalty to the team long ago!

  41. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG Yep, Lambert deserves zero criticism. He has played to the best of his ability and done what was asked of him.

  42. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG The answer to your question is, “not now.”  How quickly he learns to block at this level will determine how quickly he sees the field.


    BahitsDawg MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Me too, i have always said I really appreciate everything he has done since his arrival late last summer!  He is a DGD and I haven’t bashed him at all, i just honestly believe there is a significant talent gap between him and Eason and IMO the talent gap will overcome the experience gap.  I hope he helps Eason with his off field preparations.  From all accounts, Lambert is an excellent film study and has an excellent football IQ as a QB, I believe he will be a huge asset for Eason during the game preparations and film study.  If something happens then he will be a reliable and consistent back up.

  44. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG BahitsDawg Greg Poole I am trying to cut back on my Lambert bashing.  He has done what was asked of him and he loves our Dawgs and has sweated and bled for them.

    I just really hope he isn’t the starter on opening day.


    BahitsDawg MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Yep, we would have never seen Lambert in Athens if Bobo stayed.

  46. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole I think we all believe that he would have been the starter last year, had Bobo stayed.


    BahitsDawg MMCSDAWG Right…  Powder Blue might be ok for a basketball team, but it’s not going to cut it on the gridiron!

  48. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG It just doesn’t seem right for football.   I hope our guys aren’t made soft by playing them.


    MidtownTeacher When given Lemons, make Lemonade!!!   Indeed if he were to focus on kicking he might be able to earn quite a good living at it!

  50. MidtownTeacher

    I imagine Brice would never have seen his career going this way, but he could make better money than most of us by being a punter in the NFL.  He also could be one of the best paid punters in the NFL because he is always a threat to execute a good punt fake and defenses will have to always respect the fake making it that much harder to return punts against him.

  51. nolabigdawg

    AlphaDawg Frankly Wow, great video!! Man I miss watching Earl Campbell run, he was an absolute MAN!!


    AlphaDawg Frankly Question is….  Can he Block, if he can pick up a LB he will play, if not, he won’t.  They can all run, but that’s only 1/2 the equation at best!


    Greg Poole He will be on his third OC in 3 years this year and if none of them thought he was good enough to start, then I have to believe they were right..  LOL!    Kid has an arm, but there is MUCH more to being a QB in the upper levels of football than arm strength.


    Greg Poole These are the only words that stuck in my head….

    “If Eason is so clearly the higher-upside option, go ahead and throw him the keys. See what the kid can do.”

    Exactly what I think!  Give him the keys and lets get this Ferrari  started!

  55. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG lol when he broke it I immediately thought it was from horsing around  : }

  56. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG I can’t wait to see him and ask him if he now prefers horses to ATVs


    Bulltoad Greg Poole DawgDaddy Right, this is one of those years Auburn will beat someone they aren’t expected to, and I have no confidence in LSU or Tenn.


    Greg Poole  Exactly…   He will be 100% and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him riding an ATV or a horse or whatever this kid wants to ride, accidents happen.  Life is too short to not enjoy it!

  59. Bulltoad

    Greg Poole DawgDaddy Give me over on Auburn, UGA, and Bama.  Give me under on LSU and Tennessee and push on Florida

  60. Greg Poole

    Frankly – Well, if Eason can’t climb to the top of the QB heap in 9 months, it will not be the first time I have been wrong…especially when the heap is not very high.

  61. Frankly

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole

    I think you may be underestimating all that a true FR QB has to learn in order to be competent in college.


    1mandawgpack BahitsDawg Greg Poole Brick by Brick!  I hope they keep Butch.  From what I’ve seen he is a poor gameday coach…

  63. PTCDawg

    MMCSDAWG PTCDawg Thanks. I had seen the rumors of Salyer pulling the trigger with Thomas, but maybe thats all it was. thought I remembered something about Holloman being close but there are so many I probably just confused it with someone else. Appreciate the feedback.


    PTCDawg I don’t believe holloman or Salyer will commit in July, but the others are a strong possibility.  I just think Salyer will wait a little while and possibly enjoy some visits before settling on the Dawgs!  Holloman is enjoying the recruiting dance way too much to commit now and close it down.  I have no inside knowledge JMO…

  65. PTCDawg

    Are all of the following strong candidates for a July announcement?

    Swift, Carter, Holloman, Webb, Bishop, Thomas, Lawrence, Salyer, Terrell and Stevens?

    Are there any I missed?


    DawgDaddy AlphaDawg Right, he might surpass a few single season records but career records will stand.


    PTCDawg BahitsDawg  Almost every time!  5 turnovers will kill you, no matter how good your team is.

  68. PTCDawg

    BahitsDawg the thing to keep in mind when Ole Miss players start talking about ‘owning’ Bama or people talk about stats or anything else related to that two game streak…no matter how good a team is they are pretty much going to lose if they go -5 in turnovers.


    DawgDaddy Greg Poole Me either, matter of fact I’m betting on it!  lol   Unless something unforeseen happens between now and Sept 3…  I’m still convinced Eason starts the game.

  70. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole It did and I agree with the author, but I am not sure that Eason won’t be the starter from game one.

  71. Bulltoad

    BahitsDawg They had a replay last night of the Alabama Ole Miss game on TV and I watched a bit while fiipping channels.  When i was watching it was the fluke play to start second half where ole miss scored on the deflection.  I believe Chad Kelly had only thrown for 30 yards in the first half.  Bama started gambling as game wore on because they were down trying to create turnovers.  Chad Kelly had a fumble that was returned for a touchdown after a sack but they ruled it a pass happened when I was watching.  They started blitzing and leaving corners one on one.

  72. AlphaDawg

    BahitsDawg AlphaDawg Maybe a few, but I don’t know if he’ll beat out Aaron Murray on some just because Eason probably won’t be around as long.

  73. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie jwp1983 Dawgnation89 doing it yea, not really watching it

  74. RumRunnerDoogie

    jwp1983 RumRunnerDoogie BahitsDawg Dawgnation89 most of the family did since my cousin was a walk on that year. im converted most of them…well the ones who care about football, most prefer rugby

  75. jwp1983

    RumRunnerDoogie BahitsDawg Dawgnation89 Did your dad pull for Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl?

  76. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg I think he is going to end up owning a bunch of UGA QB records.  We have the supporting cast and hopefully the offensive coaching brain power to help him get’er done.

  77. AlphaDawg

    “Jacob Eason is going to end up as Georgia’s starting quarterback this season, the only question is when.”

  78. Score Check

    BahitsDawg MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg
    “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!”  – Planet of the Apes.

  79. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG We are going to be adding some well-known UGA writers in July. It should be fun.


    Greg Poole BahitsDawg It can’t get much better than this!  But we really appreciate all that you and the other do!

  81. Greg Poole

    dsw61 It will be more of a challenge at UGA this year but as their recruiting improves quality depth the staff will be able to dominate folks.

  82. Greg Poole

    BahitsDawg  He is not a fan at all – true or otherwise. Many CFB fans mistakenly things that sportswriters are fans of the teams they cover when nothing could be further from the truth.  Hardly any of the newspaper guys are fans, Bill King with the AJC is a notable exception.


    BahitsDawg Exactly, Sony you haven’t let anyone down!  Keep working hard and get back on the field young man!  Nothing wrong with what happened, like the tee shirt says…   Sh(* happens.  Your a DGD and I look forward to seeing you trample another gamecock real soon!

  84. BahitsDawg

    btw, I haven’t seen a Seth Emerson article on the AJC in a while.  Has he moved on?  He is a good writer, but not a true Dawg fan.  He is the prototypical sports journalist gun slinger.


    dsw61 BahitsDawg I agree, contain him in the pocket and force him to throw down field, overload the short to intermediate routes and force him to beat you over the top…  let Carter loose to rush only, bring the occasional zone blitz from various angles and punish Dobbs if he decides to leave the pocket!

  86. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole It seems like a huge waste of time.   Spend the saved hours with the grand kids.

  87. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG BahitsDawg AlphaDawg It was my attempt at a nod to a famous movie quote.

  88. Greg Poole

    SEC Media days is coming up and we are not going.  After my experience last year, I can tell you that it is mostly a media feeding frenzy. The funniest part to me was Radio Row. Stations from across the South set up at table and, essentially, interview each other. Occasionally, someone with an athletic pedigree makes his way along the Row, the usual subjects for interviews are media mavens.
    Of course, players and coaches arrive, smile for the cameras and spout playerspeak and coachspeak for a few minutes – until replaced by the next batch.
    SEC Media Days may be the most boring event I have ever attended.

  89. dsw61

    BahitsDawg I hope Kirby and Mel can figure out a way to defend Tennessee with Georgia’s roster; the way they did at Bama in last year’s game. Their defense held Tennessee to 7 points until the 5 or 6 minute mark of the 4th quarter. They pretty much shut down Dobbs from running and took away the little dump passes to Kamara. They forced Dobbs to throw down field. Bama should have had four INTs…they just dropped them.  Bama did all that even though they were playing their 8th straight game; while Tennessee was coming off their bye week and were well rested.


    BahitsDawg Doesn’t say a whole lot about the quality of QB’s in the SEC currently does it…

  91. BahitsDawg

    Also, Ole Miss lost several big time players from last year.   Robert Nkemdiche, Laremy Tunsil and Laquon Treadwell

  92. BahitsDawg

    I just read through the Top 5 QBs in the SEC list.  Some notables.

    Lambert at 5 is humorous.

    Ole Miss having put up 341 against Bama last year is surprising to me.   I know several long passes were wild toss up plays and I vaguely remember a RPO where the lineman was 10 yards down field, still it is a little concerning.  The good thing is 1). Kirby and Mel has faced the kid before  2). Bama plays them the week before and it will provide game film to study and plan on  3) they play Bama the week before and will likely be beaten up and tired

    The next QB of concern on the list is Dobbs.  The good thing is that the Vols play the Gators the week before us so we get good game film and the vols should be beaten up and tired.

    GO DAWGS!!!!  Bigger, Badder, Smarter!!!!

  93. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie Dawgnation89 didnt really follow football much until we moved to FL, sec football isnt big out there and i wasnt going to get up before the sun to watch one. i think the first game i actually watched was staffords freshman year

  94. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie Dawgnation89 in middle school inHawai’i i started wearing georgia shirts to school and out a lot and my dad asked why and i said “u always said not to forget where i came from”  he just face palmed


    BahitsDawg AlphaDawg As long as he is sporting the “G” come commitment day, That’s all that matters in my book.  Good looking OT!

  96. RumRunnerDoogie

    Dawgnation89 for me it was accidental haha. Grew up with my dad always saying not to forget where i  came from (navy brat born in brunswick) not knowing at the time he meant Hawai’i

  97. BahitsDawg

    Dawgnation89 I have a ticket from the opening game at Sanford where my granddad attended.  He wrote his prediction before the game and the actual score after the game.

    He graduated from UGA.  My Dad went to GSC (Georgia State College – now GSUn), but was a huge fan and we would listen to Munson while cutting wood and other farm work.  The rare time – in those days – when they were on TV (once or twice a year?) we were glued to it.  My dad would jump up and shout at a great play and scare the whole house.

  98. nolabigdawg

    Dawgnation89 As soon as I was old enough to really understand the game of football, I have always been a Dawg fan. As I was growing up in Savannah in the 70’s, the first time I heard Larry on the radio, that cemented my love for the Dawgs.

  99. jwp1983

    Dawgnation89 I remember being 6 and living in South Carolina and seeing the Augusta Chronicle on the table. There was a big article about UGA. I liked the look of Uga (loved dogs) and asked my dad about them. He said “That’s the Georgia Bulldawgs. I like them way better than anything here in South Carolina.” So I followed my dad’s lead. We ended up moving to Georgia a few years later so it was more indoctrination. I really started following UGA closely in high school (99 or 00) and haven’t looked back.


    Dawgnation89 Born in the Early 60’s,  raised in suburbs of Atlanta, well, except for one 3 year stint in California.  Grew up a football, baseball, and basketball playing youngster, but football was always king!  My parents, grand parents and most of my family were all Dawgs!  Except for that lone sheep uncle who went to Tech and was a yellow jacket…   Anyway, I went to my first UGA game in 1968.  Mike Cavan was our QB and we finished 8-1-2 that year including a tie against Tenn in which Jake Scott saved the day with an incredible play.  So I was pretty much a Dawg from birth, but my true life long addiction started in 1968 with my first actual game between the hedges as a young boy!

  101. AlphaDawg

    Dawgnation89 Started dating a girl (now wife) when I was 17 and she lived in Athens. I went down to visit her and feel in love with the city, the school, and the lifestyle. I wanted to move there as soon as possible. When I did it was all over. I became a Dawg fan in 2007 and a UGA grad in 2012 (5 year plan! haha). I didn’t follow football much as a kid. I never had the patience to watch the games. My dad is a huge UT fan (family from the Chattanooga area), still to this day he never once changed with me being a student there. In fact it became a fun way for us to bond.

  102. Dawgnation89

    OK, so I know this is a great week to a be a Dawg fan with all the commits coming. So I want to know why did everyone choose to be a dawg fan?

    I grew up in Nashville, TN and naturally as a kid rooted for UT because that what all my family did. It wasn’t until I moved to Albany, and met a red hair girl at the age of 12 that I fell in love with the Dawgs. Her family were big UGA fans, and I started wathcing UGA games with them. I noticed David Pollack and his relentlessness to get to the passer and I was sold. The way he played the game is the reason I am a dawg fan today! Hence the profile picture.

  103. dawgmum

    Dawgs sure had a happy 4th, commitment wise! Who’s committing today? I expect at least one or two highly rated commits each day for the next week or two. ##

  104. Greg Poole

    1mandawgpack  Kids can be invited on unofficial visits but I’m not sure that coaches can work them out during those visits – I think not. 
    There have been a number of prospects who came to CKS camps this summer who did not participate – Robert Beal was one. 
    I really think they want to use these camps to evaluate 2 and 3-stars. Everyone knows about the 4 and 5-stars. One example from an early camp is Caleb Chandler. Pittman spent a lot of time with him and got a close look.

  105. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole It is funny that we all were led to believe that MTV started music videos in the 80s.

  106. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole 1mandawgpack  Thanks EC.  I know that $250 pays for accommodations, food, etc. for 3 days, but that price is really steep for a lot of families that live on pretty tight budgets.  It’ll be interesting to see how many kids actually show, but that fee will certainly significantly decrease the numbers when compared with a free event.

    I knew that the athletic dept./university could not pay for anything other than official visits, but thought that the coaches could invite whomever they wanted to campus whenever they wanted.  Certainly in today’s connected world, word would spread and I’m sure that there would be a few young men who got their feelings hurt for not being invited, but it seems to me that such an event would give coaches lots of time to connect with top targets and top targets lots of time to connect with each other.  However, I see both the risks and rewards of such an event.

    Thanks again for the info.

  107. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole Is this another Darwin awards clip?

    Actually, Les could be a funny support actor.  His rambling, bumbling talk could be a hoot.

  108. BahitsDawg

    dsw61 Greg Poole but Spurrier would pull him, then try Lambert, pull him and try Brice, then try the walk ons.   All in the first half.

  109. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole  In theory, I would agree with you.  However, the TN athletic department isn’t doing so great financially given that they over-expanded the football stadium (running up tons of debt in the process) and then had a number of average to bad years that caused the locals to tighten the purse strings on donations and ticket prices.  In addition, I think that they are currently paying or have paid a number of very large head coaches salaries (Fulmer, Dooly, not sure on Kiffin and now Butch – maybe even Pearl in the men’s BB program but not sure since he was dismissed “with cause”), so as upset as they’d be at losing 4 games (or said differently, winning 8 games), I’m not sure that they can actually afford to fire Butch, particularly when adding in the payouts for these lawsuits.

  110. Greg Poole

    1mandawgpack They have a CKS Camp for July 15,16 and 17 scheduled. It is going to fun to see how they manage it but it is being advertised as open to all and there is a fee ($250/camper for the 3 days – I think). 
    I’m not sure that UGA can invite a “select few” and certainly, the University can not pay for accommodations.
    The DN camps were free and high schools brought busloads of kids.

  111. 1mandawgpack

    AlphaDawg 1mandawgpack Greg Poole  Why wouldn’t he?  He has to be financially sound at this point in his life and there are countless teams that would hire him in a heartbeat after firing their coach.  He’s been on the top of the hill with a NC and really has nothing else to prove in life.  I wouldn’t change “who I am” if I were him.

  112. AlphaDawg

    1mandawgpack Greg Poole was also in Cuba not too long ago. It seems he continues being Les regardless.

  113. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole 1mandawgpack  I suppose my description wasn’t great, but what I’d like to see is our top 50 or so (pick a number that the coaches can handle) recruits, targets, and commits coming in and spending time for the weekend in a DawgNight type format (since it is only the top 50 or so recruits, I labeled it a “more prestigious” event as only a select few are invited).  It sounds as if that’s planned – if so, what’s the date?  It has to be relatively soon as I would imagine that many HS in Georgia will begin Fall camps in the next few weeks.

  114. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole I bet Butch will be on the hot seat, if he loses 4 games.  The vols will eventually come out of their moonshine drunken stupor.

  115. Greg Poole

    “Does that mean that we won’t have a single, more prestigious event in which the top recruits/targets come in for the weekend? ”

    Yes. But I might argue with the “more prestigious” part. Dawg Night had grown (in attendance) to the point that it was not accomplishing much. Many of the attendees complained of not being able to see the coaches. The last thing you want at a recruiting camp is the campers voicing complaints.

  116. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  For Father’s day, his family surprised him and got him tickets to one of the NBA finals games in Cleveland.  He was treated like a rock star on the pre-game show as they literally interviewed him for the better part of 10 minutes (which I don’t think was planned as, according to Miles, he didn’t even know that they were driving to Cleveland for the game).  Hard to fathom that he was apparently a coin flip away from being fired last year.

  117. 1mandawgpack

    Sorry if I’m a little slow on this topic as I know it’s been discussed on multiple occasions.  I know that CKS prefers to have lots of events/camps and recruits in virtually every week/weekend that is allowed rather than having one huge event similar to DawgNight, Big Cat weekend (or whatever goofy name the Barn uses), etc.  Does that mean that we won’t have a single, more prestigious event in which the top recruits/targets come in for the weekend?  Regardless of the answer, it certainly doesn’t seem to be hurting recruiting at all and I know some of the recruits at last year’s event said that DawgNight had gotten so big that they got to spend no time with the staff.  However, it seems like these events (on a much smaller scale than prior year) continue to build momentum heading into the HS football season and we always seem to have a couple of big time recruits commit at the event (Eason and Big Ben come to mind).  Just wondering as summer is rapidily coming to an end (my daughter starts her Junior year at SPx on August 3 with the first high school football games kicking off on August 19).

  118. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Anything price is better than putting Booch on the stand and the AD knows it.

  119. dsw61

    Greg Poole I still say UNC’s lack of experience at LB likely means Georgia’s TEs will be open all day. Big targets requiring short easy throws, minimal progressions, and minimal pass protection. I would think Eason can handle that scenario as good as Lambert. Plus the QB will have a RB or FB to dump the ball off to if he gets confused. One thing I’m certain of; if Spurrier were HC or OC; Eason would be starting and he would figure out a way to move the ball with him at QB. Yes he might throw a visor or two; but he would get it done with Eason.

  120. converted 1981

    Greg Poole WOW, some of those comments are crazy.  I am assuming this is in regards to ALL of the sexual harassment and rape lawsuits filed against them.

  121. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Hummmmmmmmm, there’s confidence and then there’s over confidence.

  122. Greg Poole

    The seas to be the conventional wisdom of the effect of the Sony Michel injury. 2 things: I doubt that he misses the play and to the extent that starting Lambert means a less productive, but also less risky, offense – this staff could go in the opposite direction. That is, if Sony cannot play, they may decide to start Eason to give the offense lift. 
    My prediction – Sony plays, Chubb plays, Eason starts in the Dawgs roll.

  123. Greg Poole

    From Cornelius Washington’s hometown paper:
    LOOKING BACK{this week in Burke County history}10 YEARS AGO – JULY 12, 2006 Cornelius Washington, a rising junior at BCHS, received an early offer to play football for the University of Georgia. The 6’5” Washington played tight end and defensive end for the Bears and received his verbal offer while attending UGA’s football camp.