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UGA Recruiting Daily 19-August-2016

Amari Colbert - C/O 2017 - Houston Co. WR (photo from Amari Colbert - Twitter)
Amari Colbert
C/O 2017 – Houston Co. WR
(photo from Amari Colbert – Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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CLASS: 2017
Houston County
Warner Robins, GA


CLASS: 2018
Houston County
Warner Robins, GA


CLASS: 2018
St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Fort Lauderdale, FL


CLASS: 2018
American Heritage High School
Fort Lauderdale, FL






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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

489 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 19-August-2016

  1. ToddBrazzell

    Hello Dawg Nation!  It has been a while since I have posted any comments. Probably since the spring when I met Bulldog Bob2 at the bookstore before G day game.  I was Savannahdawg1967.  With all the changes to the website I just didn’t pursue commenting although i have been reading comments almosty daily.  I guess it will be easier for me to log in from facebook since livefyre doesn’t seem to have my original login.  Just wanted to say hello and say Go Dawgs since it’s a new SMARTer era in UGA football.  

    I would like to say Thank you to Mark Richt and the previous coaching staff for getting us back to a respectable level – equal or close to the Dooley Days.  

    Having said that, I am thankful for the new regime and hoping Smart and Co. can bring that swagger and championship mentality back to UGA.  

    I refuse to dring the Kool-aid (aka Dawgshine) I drank last year.  I am HUNGRY not thirsty. 


  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  Oh, btw, didn’t know if you heard or read but we have I’mYourHuckleberry on board now doing some writing as well as Bernie’s Dawg Blawg and The Grit Tree with Corbindawg.

  3. PlumbDawg

    Me either. I think they are looking to develop a deep threat with the remaining practices and if it doesn’t work out they might just default back to eason. Watched the kid all through high school. He’s super smart just scared of his own shadow.

  4. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  Aye. Tight end group is so dang deep at Georgia. Best group I’ve seen since 2003 with Milner, Pope and Ben Watson. Hopefully, the new OC will find a way to get them the ball and use them.

  5. PlumbDawg

    Honestly I think any of those guys can succeed. Might have to lean on the running game and T ends more for one vs the other.

  6. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  That home game against Mississippi State during Stafford’s freshman season in 06 was one where you would see him make some brilliant throws and then on the next series he would try to strong arm it into tight coverage and get picked. Think he threw for over 250 yards that game and completed a lot of passes. Dawgs won, but it was a 27-24 nailbiter.

  7. PlumbDawg

    I tried to give some insight on eason last year but nobody wanted to hear it. Of course we didn’t seem to have another option. Wayne County is our biggest rival.

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  I don’t disagree. I think people are concerned if he redshirts, he’ll play only 2 and head to the pros.
    But, I’m not sure that is feasible. Ramsey has been up and down and Lambert has been consistent but hasn’t really separated himself. Eason has shown some brilliant moments, but he has also shown some “high school” moments.
    It would really not surprise me for Eason’s situation to pan out like Zeier’s did in 91 and Stafford’s in 2006.

  9. PlumbDawg

    It was interesting. Very disciplined ball. Watched one team that had a kicker that would kick a field goal anytime they got over the 50. Don’t think they had to punt all night. Lol

  10. RumRunnerDoogie

    PlumbDawg thats about the only option i dont see happening, he likely wont be around till senior year

  11. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  If you ask 10 different people about the QBs, you will probably get 10 different answers lol.

  12. RumRunnerDoogie

    PlumbDawg well BD36 has lost his mind over the  QBs. seems a lot want eason but really just want who will win

  13. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  He’s been practicing well in fall camp, but we haven’t been close to the DBs, but here is a pic of him in the G-Day game going up against freshman WR Riley Ridley

  14. PlumbDawg

    I took in some games last fall in the Spokane area last fall. Finess football at its best. Not a lot of speed but smart ball being played. Oh, and you better have a kicking game on your done for. Lol

  15. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  Yeah. He’s competing, but I don’t know if he will be in that top 6 DB group. That shoulder injury really put him behind the 8 ball and that is hard to overcome for a JUCO.
    Hoping WR Javon Wims breaks UGA’s “JUCO curse.”

  16. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  Jake Fromm looked good last night for Houston County against Mary Persons.
    Malik Herring also looked good. He has a great first step off the snap.

  17. PlumbDawg

    Yeah, guess I should check out a high school game. Last year was the first time I didn’t know what was going on with Appling County

  18. Bulldawg Bob2

    PlumbDawg  Aye. We holding down the fort. Some high school football on tonight but not as good as the games last night in the Corky Kell Classic. Good seeing you. Things going well your way?

  19. PlumbDawg

    Not much. Just doing a drive by. Haven’t logged on in a good while. I see most of the gang is here.

  20. WaterlooDawg

    Hobnailboot aka RobG That will make some good filets right there. Bass starting getting too tough to eat around 15lb though.

  21. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    rugbydawg79 Hobnailboot aka RobG got hooked in the gills I’ve seen him let several over 8 go, he probably would have let her go had she been hooked clean, although I’m not 100% sure I could let one that big go back

  22. biggityben

    JaxDawg It’s over.  Canes dominated 59-7.  Supposedly you can stream live on

  23. 66DAWGnNC

    MMCSDAWG Sounds like you are in the Jacksonville, Fla area MMC. What HS does your son play for? I grew up in Fernandina Beach. Only J’ville teams I remember playing on a regular basis were Bolles and Bishop Kenny. Both recruited back then (mid 70’s), and so our record was not that great against them.

  24. rugbydawg79

    Hobnailboot aka RobG should have taken a picture – and let her swim free — i will stop without saying anything else  — ready for Football

  25. JaxDawg

    Yea, I’ll just watch the highlights if there are any. I keep watching SEC reruns, I can’t wait!

  26. DawgLink

    Ask around on in the fishing section. I could point you in the right direction for deer or birds

  27. RobDawg

    He is a dual threat. Havent seen him yet this year though. Had great game against us then had good game against Colquitt in playoffs

  28. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    anybody on right now that knows a good taxidermist, my buddy just caught a 13 pound bass and is gonna have it mounted, I  haven’t ever caught one that big so I don’t know any good taxidermists

  29. Bansai buckeroo

    @rugbydawg79….. I’m afraid all I remember from 69 is KP duty and cleaning the latrine….. 🙂

  30. RobDawg

    Yeah it’s like the coaches game film so that all players are in frame and they look like ants

  31. rugbydawg79

    Bansai buckeroo Roswell has always been good  in 69 Roswell and North Springs both won State — about 4 miles apart

  32. RobDawg

    if you can watch the 8:30 game and watch the S Forsyth QB. He is one of best I saw last year and I saw several top notch programs in live games. Really impressed me

  33. RobDawg

    This broadcast crew is nowhere as good as last night. These seem like local access cable guys doing this one

  34. crazydawg87

    Mj Webb to South kakilackee, he from my home town,Madison Ga, 2017 DE 4*,oh well ,Go Dawgz


    About to head out to my son’s first game as a senior! Playing Raines HS this week. Trinity Christian in a few more weeks. I’ll work on Tyreke Johnson at that one! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Football season is here lady’s and gents! GATA and#ATD!

  36. RobDawg

    By the way the broadcast is on different Fox channel today. In fact I have it on 2 seperate Fox channels on my cable. Check to see if some of guys don’t have it today. It’s still in lightning delay but check listings

  37. DawgDaddy

    Hello to Dawgs Everywhere!  I am back from PCB and just tuned into Buford/Roswell, see below from Rob that there is a lightning delay.  i just can’t get any live football.  Man!

  38. converted 1981

    Greg Poole You can always feign getting hit in the head with a punted football and get a few extra minutes#####

  39. DawgByte

    BTW, one thing I didn’t see anyone talk about today was Fromm’s Tweet about playing against his future teammate. Herring was seen bowing before Fromm and giving him a hug. If that isn’t a sign Herring is all Dawg I don’t know what is.

  40. converted 1981

    Greg Poole That is a LOT of Cranes to organize in one tight spot.  
    However that is Not 1 month of work###################

  41. converted 1981

    DawgByte Bulldawg36 Do you think Lambert will Win against Old Pizz or Tenn?  Do you think he can outscore them?  
    If not, When do we start Eason?  Against Nichols St?  On the Road at Mizzu?  On the Road against Old Pizz or At Home against Tenn?  
    The Only way we Beat Old Pizz and gUT is to outscore them.  They both will put points on the board and we will Not win with 13 points.  Lambert can Not put up enough points up at Oxford or against gUT in Athens.  The Only way Eason Can is to get the Game Experience.  Not by moping up in the 4th against Nichols St.

    Just my 2 cents.

  42. Greg Poole

    Scrimmage is a 1 at Sanford. We are going to see 11 minutes. So, all of the conclusions that you see writers drawing tomorrow should be taken with a tablespoon of salt.

  43. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg36  Don’t kid yourself. Making the hole is hard work. Chubb will make more of whatever is there than most back and linemen REALLY like that.

  44. Greg Poole

    Bansai buckeroo  I am convinced he will produce and will start this year. I’ve never seen anyone more ready for a job and confident of his path.

  45. converted 1981

    BahitsAgain DawgByte IF chubb comes out strong in the first 4 games the Heisman talk will explose.  Pundits will Love the Story line and he will be hard to beat.

  46. converted 1981

    MMCSDAWG freddawg
    What is the Most important game on our schedule this year?  To me it is Tenn.  Does Anyone actually Believe that Lambert will be able to beat them – NOT me, not 1 bit.  IF that is the case then the 1 QB that we All know will have a chance to beat them should get as much playing time under his belt BEFORE that game.  Not against Nichols St. but against NC and TWO SEC ROAD GAMES.  Which would be worst for our case to lose to Old Pizz or Tenn?  Granted None of us want to lose any of them But, WHO can WIN those Games.  Both Old Pizz and gUT we will have to WIN not manage.  Only one QB that I have seen at UGA has those talents and he is a Freshman.  Let him learn against NC and Nichols Before going on the road to Misery.

  47. BahitsAgain

    DawgByte BahitsAgain No doubt.  Any news on his ankle injury?  I don’t want anything like that to slow him down.  He is fun to watch.

  48. willypmd

    as long as McCaffery and Fournette stay healthy, they have got to be considered heavy favorites…

  49. DawgByte

    Bansai buckeroo Remember something and this is important… Kirby is a Georgia boy, born and bred in Bainbridge GA. That’s going to carry a lot of weight. However, I don’t think that’s going to be a factor. The thing about Kirby that impresses me is his text book leadership traits. This man knows how to lead. He will get it done.

  50. BahitsAgain

    Way down this thread there is a link on Chubb as a Heisman candidate.  While I believe that if anyone could do it, Chubb can, I think it is a bit unfair to be talking Heisman after that injury.   However,  I don’t think that it will  add pressure, because he is one cool cat.

    Of course, if he puts up a string of 100+ games, then IMHO, he might and should be the emotional favorite not just because of obvious skill, but because of the tenacious come back.    Ok, I am being unfair.

    Chubb, just do your thing!

  51. Bansai buckeroo

    Yep..he will get a pass this year but if I was him I wouldn’t lose too many….. 🙂


    Bansai buckeroo LOL###  RIGHT!   Even with devastating injuries and a suspension or 2 we should be able to win 6 .

  53. Greg Poole

    DawgByte I hear you, but I also hear Kirby saying that it is a 3 man race and it is close.

  54. Bulldawg36

    I agree. Lafayette and Nickelson st are two automatic wins… Plus vandy..Kentucky and tech. I’ll say it now..they’re automatic wins!!

  55. DawgByte

    Greg Poole DawgByte Honestly Greg, I don’t think Ramsey is an option. I think this is a two man race between Lambert and Eason.

  56. DawgByte

    freddawg Greg Poole I’m with ya Fred! I loved CMR, but after the initial shock wore off and I saw how mature and driven Kirby was it became an easy sale for me. I’m onboard the Kirby train and ain’t jumping off any time soon. He needs time to recruit his guys and fine tune the program.

  57. Bulldawg36

    You will never see a Miami hat on my head. Even if Herschel walker was coaching at Miami. No Miami hat will be on my head.

  58. DawgByte

    Greg Poole Very thorough article, probably the most detailed I’ve seen preseason. I still do not believe Kirby will be on the hot seat regardless of what happens this year.

  59. Bulldawg36

    Well I hope they will give him time, more money doesn’t always result into more wins. Kirby will have to be giving some time to add more quality depth in the trenches on both sides of the ball. I’m not part of the CMR crowd…I thought he should have been gone in 2010..even if Kirby was time to move on from richt.


    freddawg Greg Poole Me too, if you ever read my posts back then you would know I loved CMR and I held the administration more responsible than him for our failure to reach championships, but I’m now firmly in Kirby’s corner and will support him thru thick and thin.  You never know, we could be 2-3 injuries/suspensions away from only winning 5-6 games, so like you Fred I’ll stick with him!

  61. Greg Poole

    freddawg Of course not, but there are plenty who are waiting and hoping that Kirby does not do well because their loyalty to CMR is greater than their UGA fanhood.
    I know a few nd I see the Miami hats at UGA events.

  62. Greg Poole

    DawgByte My contention remain that Eason is in a neck and neck competition with a 5th year senior who has started in both the ACC and SEC and a former four-star quarterback recruit who is a junior, and neither has been able to pull away from Eason with a spring and summer of trials. If the competition is as close as Kirby says (meaning they are essentially equal, right now), then you go with your future.

  63. freddawg

    Greg Poole  Not all of us in the CMR crowd will turn on Kirby.  I loved CMR even though he had his faults as a coach.  But, I’ll still support CKS no matter how we do this season.  He needs time to fix some personnel problems and get his system in place.

  64. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg36  It is not about him immediately getting fired. But if he loses 4 05 5 this year the CMR crowd will be out in full force. That will not be pretty. 
    The fact is that he is getting the power and money that he wants to make UGA a competitor to win the SEC annually.  His leash will be short under the circumstances.

  65. DawgByte

    Greg Poole DawgByte I’ve heard him say that as well, which makes this decision such a nail biter. I just want the young man to succeed and the team to win.

  66. Bulldawg36

    Kirby will have time to win. I doubt MCGARITY will be quick to pull the trigger on his hire!!!!!!! Now if Kirby goes 4-8 his first season then I don’t know. Lol

  67. Greg Poole

    DawgByte You do not have to wonder if Kirby agrees that starting a freshman is unwise, he has said so quite plainly. However, he has also indicated that he may have no better option.

  68. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 Especially on the QB front. I wake up everyday throw in an Eggo waffle to see what side it lands on – Eason or Lambert. I still think starting Eason against UNC is not wise and I think Kirby agrees. Give Jacob some series, but go with the guy who can run the offense and keep us competitive in a tight game we should win. Pound the rock and grind the Tar Heels into the mud, that’s the formula for success against that D.

  69. Bulldawg36

    Watching lee vs jones!!! It’s crazy how they want show the games live in my area. I’ll have to watch the Buford game online..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    freddawg MMCSDAWG Right, I’m not saying Eason is a lock, but in making the case, I really believe it’s his job to lose and maybe he’s not mentally ready at this very moment, but he is going to be the starter sooner rather than later and if the competition is remotely close(like everyone says), then you pick the one with the highest potential and most talent.   This Scrimmage Sat is going to be HUGE!  If Eason can handle the things that Kirby is going to throw at him and get the ball out quickly to the right read, then we will have our starting QB come Monday….

  71. freddawg

    MMCSDAWG  I agree, especially with the part about trying to never make a mistake.  Overthinking is as bad as not thinking.  Murray peaked when he started trusting his instinct and letting it fly.  The only way Lambert could win the job is if he suddenly developed that instinct, which seems unlikely but not impossible.

  72. Bulldawg36

    Also, MJ Webb commited to the yard hens. I do hate to see Georgia guys leave to go play for two teams I absolutely hate!! Don’t want our guys to leave the state!!!


    Greg Poole Bulldawg36 And he can be a Vital asset and mentor for young Eason as he begins his journey thru his first year in the SEC!


    Greg Poole Simple, he is the most talented.  Everyone is learning a new offense, everyone is new to Cheney and co, so play the guy that has the most upside and imo that is Eason.  Sometimes the worst mistake you can make is to try and never make a mistake.  Having a QB in the pocket that has the mentality of not wanting to make a mistake is asking for an offense that can’t put a TD on the board against Mizz and/or and offense that looks like an FBS team against Vandy.   I’m sorry the past does matter and I know a lot of people will put most if not all the blame on Shotty, but that simply doesn’t explain the ineptitude shown by our offense last year.  To me, it was trying to do exactly what I said, Not make mistakes.  I’ll take 3 turnovers if we can put 38 points on the board.  We loved Stafford and even Aaron Murray, but they made tons of mistakes and actually had much higher turnover ratio’s than Lambert had.  The difference is they put 13 pts more per game on the scoreboard and we relied on our defense to also help out and create turnovers.   I DO NOT want or expect to see another season of offense like last season and I know, not matter who starts, we will be fine and I expect Chaney to return our team to being a leader in Pts/game in the SEC.  GO DAWGS!

  75. freddawg

    Terrell committed to Clemson.  No surprise.  I know we’re probably still recruiting him, and I’m not trying to be negative, but he’s not a college cornerback IMO.  Safety is where he will play.  Jake Rowe thinks he’s a lock down cover corner, but not quick enough IMO.

  76. Bulldawg36

    Lambert will always be the Dude that destroyed the chickens!!! 52-20!!! Still love it!!!!!!

  77. Greg Poole

    How will Trubisky fare against a Nick Saban-style defense?
    One of the ironies about Smart’s hiring at Georgia is that he probably won’t change the Dawgs’ offense or defense all that much.
    For the last two years, their defense was already Saban-izing under former (and now current) Tide defensive coach Jeremy Pruitt. Smart comes from the Saban tree, too, and he is unlikely to make drastic changes with new coordinator Mel Tucker. The offense will still feature pro-style formations and to get the most out of backs like Chubb.
    For Trubisky, this will make for an interesting first start.
    The Dawg defense will be more talented than any non-Clemson unit the Tar Heels faced last year, and it’ll also be harder to read and attack. Smart is bringing a combination of pattern-reading Cover 3 schemes, as well as some diverse quarters coverages, to help muck up reads for quarterbacks and get the most out of a skilled secondary.
    Georgia’s front seven is graduation-depleted entering the season, but the secondary returns all five of its nickel starters and also adds Alabama transfer Maurice Smith. Matching spread sets with fully loaded defensive sub-packages won’t be an issue. Up front, pass-rushing outside linebacker/defensive end Lorenzo Carter can bring some pressure and help to lead a young but talented group.

  78. Greg Poole

    Heisman candidates1.,
    When Chubb went down last season in Georgia’s game against Tennessee, it broke my heart. Not just because the injury was gruesome to behold — just thinking about it still sends shivers down my spine — but because Chubb is just so damn good, and while you never want to see anybody hurt, you especially don’t want to see guys with such incredible talent go down.
    And Chubb is talented, man. So, so very talented.
    Before the injury, Chubb had averaged 149 yards and 1.4 touchdowns per game through five games, and that includes a 146 yards and a 7.3 yards per carry performance against Alabama. If you extrapolate those numbers across a 13-game season, Chubb finishes 2015 with 1,937 yards and 18 touchdowns.
    In other words, if he doesn’t get hurt, he’s probably a Heisman finalist last year.

  79. Doc R

    Bulldawg Bob2 obviously that’s some musicians (like Slash) playing with Billy Gibbons, not actually ZZTop, but still great.  I saw ZZTop in Columbus a few years back and they were still as great as ever—plus it’s fun when your teenage kids like the musicians that we grew up with better than the “so-called” musicians of today—-IMO  a big difference

  80. DawgByte

    Greg Poole Not sure I agree with the first sentence. IMO we absolutely should be chasing Alabama’s standard of success. If not, Kirby wouldn’t be in this business and accepted the head coaching job at Georgia? I’m sure Kirby believes he can bring a similar level of success at UGA. His drive is readily apparent to all. Now if you’re saying it will be hard to emulate Bama’s success right out of the gate, I would agree with that position.

  81. freddawg

    skidawaydawg  I agree, somewhat.  We do have several tests before that game, and we’ll learn a lot by how the team responds to adversity.  I want to beat Tennessee as bad as anyone, but wouldn’t let any one game define the season, especially if we have a freshman qb, who will have good and bad games as he matures.

  82. Frankly

    If that’s a case for Ramsey, he should sue for malpractice.
    For Ramsey it seems to be all about decision making because he has the physical tools. If he hasn’t porogressed to the level that the staff can trust him then I’m afraid it may be too late for him to have an impact for Georgia as a QB.

  83. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole Man another great interview – I am really excited about the type of young men we have on this team – this guy is gonna be good ,I can feel it !

  84. BahitsAgain

    dsw61 RobDawg Or, just get a big walk in freezer and have him spend 30 minutes in there, then box his ears.

  85. SonofHenry

    WillieWalden He’s worth pursuing. I went to that high school and my parents are still administrators there so they talk to him all the time. We’re definitely not out of it.

  86. freddawg

    RobDawg Probably my clearest memory of an old Georgia game is the play where Herschel passed Tony Dorsett’s freshman rushing record.  There was a lot of hype building up to the chance he’d do it.   Got late in the game and Herschel took off around the right end.  When he broke into the open, the stadium went nuts.  I remember watching him run through a storm of cups and ice and liquor in the stadium air.

  87. RobDawg

    Bansai I still build em. Much more attention to detail now as an adult. I have built almost all the major fighter planes of WW2 in 1:48 scale. I’ve had one in process for about a year now and stalled just cause I got busy. It’s an Italian Macchi 202 and this reminder may get me motivated to start it up again

  88. Greg Poole

    Smart is a first-time head coach, and while Georgia is one of the most attractive jobs in college football, chasing Alabama’s standard of success can be foolish. For now, it’s hard to know what to make of the Bulldogs in 2016. Smart is a great defensive coach, and he hired a good offensive coordinator in Jim Chaney. The offensive line has experience, and if star tailback Nick Chubb, who injured his knee last October, and Sony Michel, who broke his forearm last month, are healthy, the Bulldogs can have a dominant ground game. There are, however, questions in the passing game, with a lack of proven weapons at receiver and the ongoing quarterback debate as Smart decides between playing true freshman phenom Jacob Eason or incumbent Greyson Lambert (or Brice Ramsey, who has spent more time at punter than quarterback).There’s also talent in the defensive front, but a question of how quickly Smart builds depth — especially with tough games against the North Carolina, Ole Miss and Tennessee offenses early in the year. It’s unreasonable to expect an SEC title in Smart’s first year at Georgia, and the Bulldogs are unlikely to win the SEC East either. Last year’s results may have gotten Richt fired, but ultimately Georgia should hope to get the running game going, keep Chubb and Michel healthy once on the field and start preparing Eason for the future, with matching 2015’s results — minus the embarrassing losses — an acceptable target.

  89. RobDawg

    Remember it well and got a face full of bourbon and Coke from the man in front of me who went nuts and lost control

  90. freddawg

    I was at that game.  Lots of people left at halftime and missed one of the greatest Georgia comebacks ever.

  91. RobDawg

    We need to encourage a trip up there in Nov Dec when the snot in your nose freezes and let him experience Michigan in its true bleak ugly glory

  92. freddawg

    DawgByte  We obviously will play some inexperience guys up front, though hopefully we’ll stay healthy enough to use them sparingly.  But I bet plenty of those ranked ahead of us have less talent and not much depth.

  93. DawgByte

    freddawg DawgByte It’s all speculation at this point and the mad news stories (as the Brits would say) are hitting the press in high velocity. I’m starting to tune it out, because it’s all meaningless. We’ll basically know what we have following the conclusion of the UNC game.

  94. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole Bleudawg freaking two car loads of stuff and a storage unit on site. Im to old for this and I wont let her wear short shorts to get the guys to help…maybe I should reconsider.

  95. WillieWalden

    Cool .. I’ve been on recruiting trips and I can imagine what got that commitment… Either way we’re good

  96. freddawg

    Greg Poole Better than Athlon.  They ranked our DL 47th in the nation and 11th in the SEC.  They had us below San Diego State, Temple, and several other mid majors.

  97. Bulldawg Bob2

    tmdawg12  me and you face off in the first game on Hobnailboot aka RobG FF league this year.
    I’ll try to go easy on you ####

  98. Greg Poole

    WillieWalden  Dude, probably on one of his first trip away from South Georgia, run into a world class salesman and bites. Fortunately, he has an unlimited right of rescission. His Mother referred to his commitment as “soft” from the day it happened.

  99. DawgByte

    Greg Poole That’s okay, they’ll think more about our front 7 after we put a butt spank on UNC.

  100. Greg Poole

    ESPN does not think much of Georgia’s front 7
    10. Georgia: With six starters gone from last year’s front seven, there’s a lot of inexperience. Defensive tackle is the lone returning starter and the Bulldogs will need him to lead the way up front. and both return with some playing time experience from last season. and will be counted upon at outside linebacker; and will likely play significant roles inside.

  101. WillieWalden

    Oh ok.. Hadn’t heard that… We’ll see… Don’t like how quick Michigan was able to get the commitment… Must’ve been one hell of a educational briefing given

  102. DawgByte

    Greg Poole Redshirting OL is the preferred choice. If it’s going to help him reach his potential I’m all for it.

  103. Greg Poole

    WillieWalden  They are not going to bother with him, they are going to flip him. Follow what his mama says.

  104. Greg Poole

    DawgByte LiveFyre is a big company and we have zero input nor any access to make suggestions. The nice thing with BurnZone is that we could talk with the owners – they just didn’t have the capital to get everything fixed quickly enough for me to continue with them.

  105. Bulldawg Bob2

    WillieWalden  He has also said he has left the door open … and he is listening to what Georgia, Coach Smart and Coach Rocker are selling. We will see though.


    WillieWalden Too good to ignore and if he wants to come on campus what’s the problem?  If he shows up in Michigan stuff, send him home, I don’t believe he will though.  There is still a LONG way to go in his recruitment.  Keep recruiting him and let’s see where he ends up.

  107. WillieWalden

    I just read that Solomon plans to be on campus a lot this year but I keep hearing how solid he is to Michigan.. the way he committed to Michigan all of a sudden not sure I would bother with him going forward

  108. converted 1981

    Bansai buckeroo
    Linda like the “definition of EXPERT!  An Ex is a has been and a sPERT is a drip under pressure!

  109. converted 1981

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole converted 1981 Bleudawg BahitsAgain
    Yes it is Philips Arena, I actually worked on it during construction.  Got to meet many many great NBA Players.  Magic was the BEST.  Stopped and talked to me for 5 minutes with Stan Kasten (I think) pulling on his elbow the hole time.  Never took his eyes off of me while we talked.  Bird was the most obnoxious.  Actually got pissed I “Caught” him and got his autograph.  They would completely close all of the curtains for their practices, anyone caught peeking in was terminated immediately.  Reggie Miller was an ARSE.  Shaq, Koby ……. long list.

  110. DawgByte

    Greg Poole DawgByte I wonder if this platform could support putting point totals on the front page?


    Bleudawg Nope, Mine has been going year round and will graduate this coming June with her BSN from FAU.  She doesn’t turn 21 until the end of this month!   I wish I had 3 others just like her!  Unfortunately, her brothers have been a constant battle…lol!

  112. converted 1981

    Colonial Dawg Greg Poole Same of the Belue to Scott pass in 1980.  I was listening in the car, Munson broke his chair and it took him about 3 minutes to say whether Georgia scored or not.  Stadium was half and half so I could not tell by the cheering if he scored or was tackled.  I actually pulled off the interstate and was yelling at my radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Bleudawg

    anyone else totong a kid back to college this weekend? Im depressed just thinking about all those stairs.


    Greg Poole converted 1981 Bleudawg BahitsAgain I still refer to the arena downtown as the Omni when talking about concert…lol   What is it? Phillips arena?   Omni was my stomping ground back in the day, I had a GF who’s dad worked for the promotions company and I had a job as an usher working at the omni and Fox.   It was CRAZY back in the 70’s!  I didn’t have to smoke a thing and would leave high as a kite!

  115. dentaldawg

    DawgByte Greg Poole I was there. Had a fat Clemson fan sitting behind me who had been running his mouth all day. He was saying” It’s over. Y’all are beat. Noboby can kick a FG from there.” He grabbed his seat cushion and hauled ass when Butler made the kick.

  116. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole rugbydawg79 and probably 4 years of HS . Didnt he mostly play DT? Im sure ben is fine firing off the ball against a predetermined target. Pass pro and zone blocking may be problematic at this point. When he get to play using his brain stem only he will be good. The game is just to fast for someone w/ his experience level.

  117. rugbydawg79

    Bleudawg Greg Poole Touring Rugby teams have a policy -if you pass out in public without declaring your space –The eyebrows get shaved -it is not a good look

  118. Greg Poole

    Bleudawg MMCSDAWG I don’t know this to be true, but I imagine that the first thing Pittman told him is that he needs to redshirt.

  119. Bleudawg

    MMCSDAWG Bleudawg Greg Poole I think hes an OG long term and we are fine at that position. Just dont let him get to discouraged. Hes athletic and will “get it” in due time

  120. Greg Poole

    rugbydawg79 What is the difference between Catalina and Cleveland? 5 years of age, 4 years of college position training and S&C.


    Bleudawg Greg Poole Exactly, Bleu, He will be fine and a RS should not be frowned upon in this case.  He will be a contributor, but he needs to develop his craft!  He played more DL than OL at Stephens Co.

  122. Greg Poole

    Bleudawg Correct. He needs it badly. I was afraid that Georgia’s depth problems might force them to use him this year, but I’m feeling better about his chances of getting a much needed year to mature and learn.

  123. rugbydawg79

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2 No one wants to leave Athens -are you kidding- he is enjoying the best years of his life — Leave Athens ?   God I wish I could go back.

  124. converted 1981

    Greg Poole converted 1981 Bleudawg BahitsAgain
    Yea, I could see that.  Omni huh, that is going waaaay back.  Did you have Mr. Peabody with you on that trip?

  125. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole man he needs to redshirt. hes young and very very raw. he barely played the position in HS


    Greg Poole The last part gets my blood flowing and my Dawg shine brewing!  Kirby is doing a LOT of things right!  

    “Like Kirby says when he breaks down practice, ‘I’m brutally honest with you guys,’” Bellamy said. “He’ll say today was a good practice, today was a bad. He just shoots it forward. You have no choice but to like a coach who will keep it real.”

  127. Greg Poole

    converted 1981 Bleudawg BahitsAgain The incident I saw occurred at Stone Mountain Park after a Dead show at the Omni. That could account for it.

  128. Bleudawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain i think he will end up playing some this year. I think he ends up 2nd string.

  129. Bleudawg

    converted 1981 Bleudawg BahitsAgain Greg Poole good strategy….drunk scouting is not a good look. lol

  130. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain There is always a possibility, but I think he sticks around to finish his time here at Georgia. I could be wrong though.

  131. BahitsAgain

    converted 1981 Bleudawg BahitsAgain Greg Poole What?  You didn’t allow those kids to drink!

  132. converted 1981

    Bleudawg BahitsAgain Greg Poole Been a Scoutmaster 4 Times – Never ever seen anyone fall into a fire.  Then again I did not allow any drinking on our campouts.

  133. BahitsAgain

    Bleudawg Greg Poole DawgByte sorry, when I see strong more than once in a sentence, I immediately think of that Jameis Winston interview.  To me, it is one of the funniest sports moments I have ever heard.

  134. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain I have a bad feeling that he transfers in the next couple of weeks.  
    Has he graduated?

  135. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole If Ben wants to play, I sure wouldn’t want to be the one to tell him he ain’t playin.

  136. BahitsAgain

    Bleudawg Greg Poole I remember how infuriating it was that he would line up and run right over our guys.  I remember an 8 or 9 yard run against us down near the endzone that had me throwing things.

  137. Greg Poole

    BTW – all of you who were telling me that Ben Cleveland will start as a freshman, take a deep breath. I’m hearing that if he doesn’t change Pittman’s perception soon, he is headed for a redshirt.

  138. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole freddawg 007Dawg=Po’ Dat Bubbly! I 100 % agree. I think of Theus and Kubbs. A friend of mines kid at Marshall. They truly need that extra year to develop physically. Look what its done for Pyke

  139. Greg Poole

    freddawg 007Dawg=Po’ Dat Bubbly!  Offensive linemen are the only group that should be thought of a redshirt candidates across the board.

  140. BahitsAgain

    Bleudawg BahitsAgain Greg Poole DawgByte I love his quote on Catalina, also.

    “He’s strong. He’s a strong kid. If you’re running off the edge, if you let him latch on to you, let him get his hands inside your chest plate, you might not make it. You might not go anywhere. He’s taking you where he wants to take you.”

  141. Bleudawg

    BahitsAgain Greg Poole DawgByte that is very cool. even more impressive a player on the other side of the ball recognized it and attributes it to the coach. Powerful statement

  142. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole DawgByte

    Is this the interview that Dawgnation has written up where Chucks says, “Coach (Sam) Pittman who’s coaching up the o-lineman, it’s kind of hard beating them in one-on-ones now because Coach Pittman he’s teaching them techniques I’ve never seen before. It used to be easy to beat them off the edge but now it’s getting hard.”

    I love seeing that about teaching the OL techniques that he has never seen and how hard it is to beat them.   I remember a few years ago when John Jenkins said that about Bama after they put up 400 yards rushing on us and thought, damn, a senior and he hasn’t seen every technique, yet?

  143. BahitsAgain

    Does Ramsey have 1 or 2 years of eligibility left?  I keep hearing and reading people say 2, but I really thought it was only 1.

  144. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole DawgByte Man that is terrific interview !  Seems like a really good guy, on track to graduate – I will really be cheering for Chuks !     Thanks D B

  145. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole Bleudawg I wasnt burned thanks to an carhart jacket and gloves. But that dang egg made me look like the tenn QB more than once. No eyebrows is not a good look.

  146. BahitsAgain

    Bleudawg Greg Poole I have burned myself lightly a couple times this summer on my new Davy Crockett.  It have missed the insulated handle on the smoker door and touche the 400+ degree stainless top.  Not fun.

  147. freddawg

    Greg Poole 007Dawg=Po’ Dat Bubbly! I wouldn’t redshirt any player who was physically capable of contributing, even if it was just special teams.  If they’re good, they won’t stay five years.  If they’re not, keep on recruiting better players.

  148. Greg Poole

    DawgByte They had some good ideas at the old commenting system (this is LiveFyre). But the tech problems made it impossible for a high volume site.

  149. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole I personally have done it once (was sober). The majority of my burns have come from not burping the Big Green Egg. That will torch you fwiw

  150. DawgByte

    Greg Poole “This is ungodly!” Munson was the best!!! I’ll never forget hearing Munson call this live. I was on my back porch after finishing up cutting my parents lawn. I had the game on the radio and when Butler made the field goal Munson didn’t say whether it was good, he just let the crowd noise tell the story. It was brilliant.

  151. Greg Poole

    007Dawg=Po’ Dat Bubbly! He’ll be over this soon. Players of his caliber no longer RS unless there is a season ending injury.  It is the Knowshon Rule – play ’em before they are gone.

  152. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole I was talking w/ friends at a campout a few months ago. It was amazing just how many folks had fallen into a fire at some point.

  153. DawgByte

    BahitsAgain I’m with ya, I liked LiveFyre better. Seeing daily poster point totals on the home page made it fun.

  154. Bleudawg

    Greg Poole ec this cat was actually had a pretty remarkable arm considering all his other issues.

  155. DawgByte

    Good morning everyone.
    Based on camp performances I’ve been singing the praises Bama OL commit, Alex Leatherwood. It appears Alex is going to take an official visit to UGA for the Tenn. game. If Pittman could flip this kid to Georgia that would be incredible, because he’s the real deal.
    Also, if you have checked out the Chuks Amechi interview, do so. He gives high praise to Chaney and Pittman. States the offense is improved and the OL have picked up techniques he’s never seen before. He also says Catalina is super strong and if he gets his arms on the inside, forget about doing anything to get by him.


    Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG Only open Thurs, Fri and Sat.  Well worth stopping in if your ever up in the area!  Nice friendly folks and good BBQ.  Oh, and if you get there early enough they have a great selection of homemade cakes.

  157. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Thanks MMC. It was a really fun show and you bet. Sounds like a tasty place to eat.


    Bulldawg Bob2 Morning Bob!   Ready for Sept 3~!!!   Good Podcast with Corbin and Bernie!  Thanks for asking about the BBQ joint! ##

  159. Colonial Dawg

    Greg Poole I remember listening to this game and Munson never said actually whether he made it or not.  Of course when he was yelling “oh my God!” I figured it was good, but there was this nagging need for him to say “good”!


    Greg Poole  We Big Time !  lol###  That is Awesome.  Hands down best UGA site for us die hard DAWGS and it just keep getting better and better!  Thanks for everything you’ll do for us!  Much Appreciated!

  161. Bulldawg Bob2

    tmdawg12   Hey TM. Yes sir. Here’s the info to sign up to play:
    We have created a private group named BulldawgIllustrated for members. The group ID is 42331. Since it is a private group, you must use a password to join. The password is GODAWGS!
    The password is case sensitive. It is in all caps and includes the exclamation mark.

    The above “CLICK HERE” link will take you to this page. You will click on “Play Now for Free” button as shown in the image below. Just follow the instructions from there:

  162. freddawg

    Bansai buckeroo Last time I did that on my road bike, it took my palms about a month to heal after I went over the handle bars.  It was one of those milestones where you add another thing to your list of things you’re too old to do.

  163. Greg Poole

    Pretty good month going for BI traffic-wise. We are on pace to have about 1.3 million pageviews

  164. freddawg

    BahitsAgain They seem to be having trouble getting the scroll coordinates right across multiple platforms.  It’s unpredictable for me too.

  165. 007Dawg=Po' Dat Bubbly!

    Greg Poole With our TE depth and this injury, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t redshirt this year.


    BahitsAgain only Advice I can give is to always scroll down and click on the oldest comment first, otherwise you will not ever see it unless you just keep rolling down the page.   Not sure if that really helps!

  167. BahitsAgain

    Bansai buckeroo lol, did you ever have the orange smelling one that wasn’t supposed to cause brain damage?

  168. Greg Poole

    Bulltoad From listening carefully to him, I think he is very much involved but will rely heavily on Chaney’s advice and experience. My sense is that as long as the O rolls, CKS will gladly give Chaney a free hand.

  169. BahitsAgain

    I mostly like LiveFyre, but I can’t figure out the new message pop up thing over on the bottom right.  Sometimes it seems to take me right to the new message, but most of the time it just is flaky for me.

    Anyone figure that thing out?

  170. Bansai buckeroo

    My wife once called me a model husband. I was excited til I looked up the definition of “model”. Model: A small replica of the real thing….

  171. Bulltoad

    Reddawg13 freddawg I am looking forward to see how Kirby handles the offense.  Will he keep it simple and tell Chaney to just score a bunch of points

  172. freddawg

    BahitsAgain  Yeah, I was gonna say that, but I’d have to inspect Kirby’s shoes to be sure.

  173. Reddawg13

    freddawg Kirby learned a lot from Saban and will do a lot of the same things Saban did and does. However, I am sure Kirby has some ideas he has wanted to instill for a long time and now is his chance to put the Kirby to Sabanizing!


    Reddawg13 MMCSDAWG 1Dawg under God

    Dang right!  Just listened to Bob, Bernie and Corbin!  Bob asked Corbin about a place I went while we were up in Toccoa.   I asked him to last night and by gosh he did it.

  175. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole Well we have a different attitude in Athens now and we are getting upgrades in players. Kirby learned from Saban that outworking others is one huge key to success and success breeds success. So, I don’t believe it takes to long for us to see success. “Take No Prisoners!”

  176. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG Reddawg13 1Dawg under God Awesome! I have friends in Jefferson and Family and Friends in McDonough. I used to work in the GPC office in McDonough. Glad you could rest and relax! Now get those fingers busy!, Lol


    Reddawg13 MMCSDAWG freddawg AlphaDawg Right…  Definitely time to change the momentum in this series!  I hate the Gaturds and they are starting to get really obnoxious again!

  178. Bansai buckeroo

    Not a problem…GPB has a couple of games tonight but no team names are listed… Would love to see Lawrence if I could….


    Reddawg13 MMCSDAWG 1Dawg under God WE were up in Toccoa, Jefferson and then down in McDonough with my Sister and Brother, then a couple of days down in Zebulon visiting with my Dad.  It was a nice relaxing trip.


    Reddawg13 MMCSDAWG 1Dawg under God I was up in God’s country last week visiting family and stuff!   It was great to be back in Ga!

  181. DawgLink

    Talked to his uncle this morning. I told him to tell Jake to tighten up. Haha
    He looked really good last night

  182. Greg Poole

    Here is the Chuks Amaechi interview from yesterday. There is a part in the interview where I ask him about a charitable saying that he and Lorenzo Carter were doing last year. They were collecting donations to buy dog and cat food for local shelter. 
    I brought that up with Chuks issued test the theory. My idea was that Kirby Smart players were not going to have time or feel like running around campus at night hitting up fellow students for contributions. to the local animal shelter – even though it is a great thing to do. Sure enough, that bit of extracurricular activity has ended.
    I’m not going to write about this out on the site because most people simply would not get it. But this little item kind of epitomizes the difference in tone (and the difference in expectations) between the 2 staffs.
    How’s that for getting into the weeds?

  183. RobDawg

    Based on the listings in the GA HS daily and by browsing around I am concluding that game is not being shown. Bummer too because it’s one of the best match ups


    freddawg AlphaDawg That is my hope and prayer!  it’s getting unbearable down here again and it’s time for Kirby and the crew to right the ship!

  185. converted 1981

    AlphaDawg converted 1981 Yep, sometimes that is all I have time for.  That and scrolling for something really juicy.  lol.

  186. AlphaDawg

    lol I just sat here and followed converted 1981 likes down the page. like, like, like, like. haha that was fun

  187. converted 1981

    Greg Poole It is all starting to unravel for old beatch Jones.  Will he and gUT fold under the pressure?

  188. converted 1981

    Greg Poole
    7. Which school has has the best odds of reaching the College Football Playoff? As you can easily guess if you’ve read this whole thing, there are actually three teams I believe have CFP potential in 2016: Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. If they play to their potential, all three are capable of winning the SEC, and if you win the SEC, you’re in the playoff.
    Now, if I had to say which team has the best chance of those three, I’m going with Georgia because the Dawgs get Tennessee in Athens and Florida in Jacksonville.

    From above article!

    In Dang Sure CAN be UGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. freddawg

    AlphaDawg If one of our qb’s can step up, I think we get revenge on the gators this year.  Michigan exposed them as soft and Kirby will too.

  190. Greg Poole

    freddawg  I think that people mean he is installing a system that is similar to the successful one he helped run at Bama, but the term minimizes his ability. It is something that will take time to go away.

  191. ed603

    Good morning BI…Hope all of you will keep all our neighbors in Baton-Rouge and New Orleans in your prayers. It is devastating what they are facing! Of course not as devastating as O bogeying the 3rd hole of his 300th golf match.
    The students of LSU are facing the flooding as well, and I wish them a safe week-end.

  192. Greg Poole

    Yep. Good catch. This is the kid who is the cousin of a current recruit (the name escapes me at the moment)

  193. freddawg

    People assume Kirby Smart is a Saban clone.  I’m pretty sure that’s not true because Kirby’s hair’s a different color.  He’s a young man, there’s no reason he has to “Sabanize” anything.

  194. haws1178

    Greg Poole I think the business type mentality Kirby has installed will pay off immediately. I can’t wait to see our dawgs executing at a high standard

  195. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole Hey Greg – I believe you mean J R  Reed – as I could not find a J R Smith on the Roster

  196. Greg Poole

    3. How quickly can Kirby Smart Sabanize the Bulldogs? Georgia clearly made a decision last winter that Mark Richt had done all he was going to be able to do, and while Richt accomplished a lot (it’s only two SEC titles since 1983, 10 10-win seasons in 15 years), it clearly wasn’t enough. So Georgia went after its former defensive back — and Nick Saban disciple — Kirby Smart.
    The hope is that Smart can bring the success he’s had working under Saban at east to Athens, Georgia. It will be very interesting to see how quickly “The Process” is put in place with the Bulldogs.
    There’s usually an adjustment process for any new coach with his new team, but I look at the situation Smart is walking into at Georgia and I don’t know if it’s going to take very long for him to get things rolling.
    The formula for success at Alabama has been stifling defense and an offense that does what it can to grind you to dust over 60 minutes. Well, Georgia has a lot of the personnel you’d need to accomplish that already in place. Oddly enough, given Smart’s history on the defensive side of the ball, I believe the easiest transition will be on offense

  197. haws1178

    DawgLink I agree. Only seen a couple time he lock on to a single receiver but for the most part he would look the dB’s off

  198. converted 1981

    WHOA, awful quiet this morning.  Who is going to poke and awaken that sleeping giant today?