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UGA Recruiting Daily 27-July-2016

UGA football recruiting prospect Justin Mascoll
Justin Mascoll


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#7 Junior DE TE
South Gwinnett High School
Snellville, GA


#1 Junior TE OLB
Lindenhurst High School
Lindenhurst, NY


#47 Junior OLB WR
Colquitt County High School
Moultrie, GA


#5 Junior WR CB
Nazareth High School
Nazareth, PA



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

285 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 27-July-2016

  1. RobDawg

    Here’s the other mount I have on that wall. It’s a extremely non typical that I shot in Texas. It has two main beams on left side and 21 points you can identify. i saw him from the “normal” side and all I could see through scope was mass, and when I recovered him my first reaction was extreme disappointment. But it’s so unique everyone encouraged me to mount him and I came to like it. The one on left came from Oklahoma.

  2. JaxDawg

    Yep!!! We’re taking him by force if he won’t say go dawgs! Then hiding out at your place!###

  3. JaxDawg

    I haven’t heard anything about our staff trying to go visit him or get him for one last visit. I wonder if Trent knows what is going on. The last time we visisted him was the 7 on 7 camp he went to. Bama sent 4 coaches to see him. I think we need to send a crew!! 36 I’m recruiting you!

  4. 1mandawgpack

    AlphaDawg JaxDawg  I can assure you that this staff has been on him constantly as that is one thing that you don’t need to concern yourself with.  Down below, there is a post that quotes the the guy who hosted the camp in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago saying the Stevens spent virtually the entire time working with Mel Tucker, so we’re showing him the love as I feel certain that was the primary reason that Tucker participated in the camp.  I agree that it would be nice to get him on campus one last time before his decision date and hopefully Max Wray, LeConte, and crew can convince him to do so.  However, he spent a lot of time on campus early in his recruitment so he should be fairly comfortable with the town, campus, academics and athletic program.  CKS and staff will recruit him through August 8 and until NSD regardless of who he chooses in a little more than a week’s time.

  5. RobDawg

    I had to do a double take when I saw this. Thought it was my deer. The mounts, base, and even color of our walls look so similar.

  6. dsw61

    dawgathon JaxDawg If Eason is as good as he’s suppose to be, he’ll be gone after the 2018 season. That means an open QB competition in 2019 with Fromm in his 3rd year and Lawrence in his 2nd. I expect Lawrence is comfortable with that scenario.

  7. dsw61

    BahitsAgain Lucas Rogers ronaldo77 Zach Gibson is 2019 and Harrison Bailey in 2020. Both Georgia kids.

  8. dawgathon

    JaxDawg Well..If Eason becomes all world..and Fromm Becomes way Lawrence Sticks with US.

  9. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg Lucas Rogers Didn’t expect Booch to be a tech savy guy anyways. This just confirms it.


    DawgDaddy MMCSDAWG That’s because we don’t play!  ###  You gotta watch what you say about a rabid Dawg fan!

  11. AlphaDawg

    BahitsAgain Lucas Rogers ronaldo77 I looked at QBs in the 2018 class and it’s going to be tough getting someone with a .90 or higher rated if we lose out on TL and EJ

  12. AlphaDawg

    JaxDawg LSU and Bama relationships are taking over. We’ve got to get back into a steady rhythm of communication.

  13. JaxDawg

    I really hope we get Lawrence. The cards will fall in our favor if we do IMO. We need some crucial guys this year as well like Stevens, a DT, and some WR. Also, I think Lawrence may help with Salyer and Zamir White next year. I think whoever picks up Zamir White will make it to the national championship like Herschel did for us. Herchell should talk to white

  14. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Welcome welcome Grittree and lugnutdawg, looking forward to your contributions.  Sorry but I do Not tweet.

  15. BahitsAgain

    Lucas Rogers ronaldo77 What about QBs in the season after Lawrence?  How are they looking?  lol – long way off….

  16. ed603

    revtizzy ed603 Bulldawg36  Good to see you Rev…hope everything is well with you! I am doing well except for a few aches and pains…feel blessed to still be working at 69 years!


    Greg Poole @lugnutdawg @grittree   Welcome aboard and I look forward to your continued contributions over here at LH/BI.   Hope you guys continue with your Barbecue reviews as well!

  18. Greg Poole

    Those of you who are so inclined might want to welcome The Grit Tree guys to BI.  Twitter handles are 


    Lucas Rogers JaxDawg Tell him the only reason they started recruiting him hard was they lost McKinney, the Dawgs were there the whole time.  Does he really want to be second fiddle to anyone??  lol!

  20. BahitsAgain

    Lucas Rogers MMCSDAWG converted 1981 That was my expectation level for CBS.

    I am trying to keep this season in check, but once again…


    converted 1981 Lucas Rogers All i know is that we were 31% on 3rd down conversions for the Entire season.  Not knocking Lambert specifically, but something has got to give on that statistic or we are in Trouble.!

  22. converted 1981

    Lucas Rogers So I counted 5 pass completions of Over 15 yards (Not accounting for yards after catch).  This is his highlights for an entire year.

  23. Lucas Rogers

    JaxDawg Just need to get him back on campus. It’s been awhile since he has been back

  24. converted 1981

    MMCSDAWG Lucas Rogers Say Whhhhhhhhhat!  Did somebody change our schedule to play south cacka lacky for 12 straight games???????

  25. JaxDawg

    Okay Lucas! What has got Stevens not feeling UGA at the moment?! We need him! Spill the beans buddy!!!!! Lol


    Lucas Rogers You trying to get this place riled up before you depart young buck?? lol!

  27. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole I still would like to see how they do after getting sacked a couple of times.   I understand the argument for not getting them hurt, but people react differently after being hit.  Some step it up and others wither.

    If only there was a way to knock the snot out of them without getting them concussed or shattering a knee….

  28. dsw61

    Couldn’t help but notice the coach in Trevor Lawrence’s new twitter banner looks to be telling him to hold the ball up higher with the tip pointed outward. Not good IMO, and totally unnatural. It also shows a lack of understanding of how the hands break when throwing. These coaches have bought into the idea that holding the ball higher is quicker. In the process they ignore all the other things that have to happen to throw a ball accurately with velocity. The natural way to hold a football is to hold it a little lower with the tip pointing…”Down”. It’s actually pretty stupid to point the tip out. QBs have to be able to move around in the pocket with both hands holding the football in a way that is natural, and will allow them to be in sync when they make the decision to throw. It’s why Aaron Rogers changed to holding the football lower when he got to the NFL. Gotta love all these coaches who think they’re smarter than “Mother Nature”.

  29. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole I was about to post this.  I know Seth is here, but I thought it was a good read.

  30. Doc R

    dsw61 Greg Poole Ditto that—I have corrected more than my share to the point where now I just say, Yeah, hope he is back

  31. dsw61

    Greg Poole 680 “Front Row” crew also said this morning that Chubb is coming back from an “ACL” injury. No excuse for this lazy commentary from people who make a living commenting on sports. The one ligament Chubb didn’t damage was his “ACL”.

  32. Greg Poole

    “Smart has also been complimentary of both of his more experienced signal callers. The first-year head man has had positive things to say about Lambert’s ability to control the huddle and get guys in the right spot. He has also praised Ramsey’s raw tools and athleticism.
    With just 38 days until the Bulldogs tee it up against North Carolina in the Georgia Dome on September 3, the pressure will soon be on each player. All the while Smart and offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach will be watching closely and what they see will ultimately be the determining factor in how they go about finding and naming their guy for game one.
    “That can change after day one. That can change before day one,” Smart said of the current plan handle the quarterbacks. “We’re not putting anything in stone, so there’s no set, exact number of reps each guy gets. It’ll be more about how each guy is progressing, what they need, what the receivers need, where those quarterbacks need to rotate to. But it’s not something that’s going to determine the outcome. That’s going to be determined primarily on how they perform and how they perform in the scrimmage-like situations.””

  33. Greg Poole

    This writer appears to have some information that we don’t have:
    Not only is North Carolina getting a curve ball in terms of the opposing coaches, but it could be facing a quarterback who’s playing his first collegiate game. A consensus top-two signal-caller in the 2016 recruiting class, Jacob Eason is in contention for Georgia’s starting job under center after playing well throughout his first spring in Athens.
    Perhaps the most important battle in this meeting, however, will be UGA’s ground attack against a UNC defense that had its fair share of troubles stopping the run in 2015. The Bulldogs have two of the better running backs in the country in Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, but the availability of those ball-carriers is still a question; Chubb hasn’t been a full participant since tearing his ACL last season, and Michel underwent surgery for a broken arm earlier this month.
    The health of Chubb and Michel will be a significant factor, as will the Tar Heels’ ability to click on offense early. Junior quarterback Mitch Trubisky will be getting his first career start, and he’ll be surrounded by proven weapons, including All-ACC running back Elijah Hood and senior receivers Ryan Switzer, Mack Hollins and Bug Howard.

  34. 1mandawgpack

    DawgDaddy BahitsAgain  Johnson is destroying that program and the administration is watching him do it.  He had virtually no recruiting success against the former staff and I expect even less against the current staff and, as we all know, recruiting is the lifeblood of a program.

  35. Bulldawg36

    We may lose in Athens, but by golly under smart I hope we are prepared and never get blown out at home. For UGA to make it to the next level- we can’t be getting blown out in Athens

  36. Bulldawg36

    I agree MMCS!! The guys we do have are very talented!!!!!! Especially Thompson and the big hawk


    DawgDaddy Bulldawg36  Look at what happened once T. Rocker caem on the coaching staff.  I know we don’t have a lot this year (mostly due to lack of top quality DT talent around the state) But let’s look at what he’s done since arriving with Pruitt…   We have added the likes of TT, Hawkins, Ledbetter, T. Clark, Rochester, M. Carter, Barnett and Young….  Like you said, our problem is we don’t have any RS Jr’s or Sr’s.  All of our players are either RS FR, FR, or Sophomores with the only exception being Atkins!   Kirby won;t let this type of class discrepancy exist while he’s here!

  38. Bulldawg36

    That’s true. Richt thought you could win in this league with only good skill players. Donnan left him with a bunch of depth on the Ol and DL. I can see now why richt was very successful in his early tenure…. He had depth then. Still had some good years after 2005..but we just got to inconsistent. Too many big games where we got blowed out

  39. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg36 CMRs biggest fault to me was his not recognizing the importance of having quality line men on both sides of the ball and having depth.  He sometimes had very good linemen but never any depth.

  40. DawgDaddy

    BahitsAgain Seeing gtu at #80 with 8 recruits, six 3 star and two 2 star kickers does my heart good.

  41. Bulldawg36

    The DL depth shouldn’t be this bad. We are gonna have to cross train some guys!!! Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DawgDaddy One of the original Mad Magazine contributors…  That was the $H)# back when I was a young man.  DGD and very talented artist!  RIP!


    1mandawgpack BahitsAgain It was my signature over on the old site…  Win, and they will come!  Everything will be fine, I like where our class is right now when compared to other classes, we definitely have some holes to fill but the foundation is there!  Hell, we are currently rated the #3 class in all of college football with only 14 commitments!  If there is one thing I’ve noticed about this group of coaches, they aren’t going to take recruiting lightly and I expect them to get this class together nicely!

  44. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 We’ll know who are QB will be at least a week in advance of the UNC game. If I were a betting man (which I’m not) I’d think the odds are in favor of Lambert starting with Eason getting PT at some point during the game. Personally, I’m more concerned about the DL than anything else… oh and our running back situation.

  45. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Like today is a gravy day I’m just logging a couple of chillers in an air conditioned mechanical room

  46. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    I like what I do but it can be very hard work sometimes, but it can be gravy as hell some too, take the good with the bad.

  47. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsAgain  Agree – but, some of the higher rated guys we’re after (Swift, Jacoby, etc.) seem to be wavering a bit at the moment and, as you see from the Vols, adding a bunch of 3* players really doesn’t do much for the ranking.  Hopefully CKS and staff can talk some sense into these young men.  However, win and they will come – I firmly believe that.

  48. Lucas Rogers

    1mandawgpack Lucas Rogers Lol yeah pretty much, but during turn I am on maintenance, and we have a pretty big complex. 15 buildings with 12 apartments in each building. So gonna be a blast lol.

  49. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Yeah I just got through working 75 hrs last week, Uncle Sam got almost 1100 bucks from me last week

  50. 1mandawgpack

    Lucas Rogers  C’mon – everyone knows that the “leasing agents” at the apartment complexes sit in the AC all day surfing the net and will reluctantly get up and show an apartment if pushed.

  51. Lucas Rogers

    Hobnailboot aka RobG yeah I do lol. Be very happy. Think I am scheduled like 80+ hours the first week lol

  52. Lucas Rogers

    Hey y’all. Just gonna let you know once August hits i probably won’t be able to get on much if at all before August 20th. It’s turn at the apartment complex so I work everyday pretty much all day. Scheduled an 17 hour shift on August 1st 🙁

  53. converted 1981

    nolabigdawg BahitsAgain MMCSDAWG converted 1981 Greg Poole Especially one that bites you first…..  Revenge can be the tastiest morsel.


    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 Like how the hell to stop the run!  Two new ILB’s, who’s going to protect the QB from our onslaught of a pass rush!  I can’t wait!

  55. nolabigdawg

    BahitsAgain MMCSDAWG converted 1981 Greg Poole Or eat’em. Fried gator is mighty tasty!!

  56. Bulldawg36

    I will be as happy as a possum eating out of a trash can, if UGA make the CFB playoff!!

  57. revtizzy

    ed603 Bulldawg36 Hey Ed!  Saw your greeting a week or so ago, when I popped up on the board, but it was much, much later (and too late at night when I saw it on my email).   I hope you are well!

  58. ed603

    Bulldawg36  Been pushing 100 degrees for a couple of weeks. Raining today, with a little relief from the heat.

  59. converted 1981

    Bulldawg36 See the video I posted below…. about what happens when you try to Kiss a gator!

  60. revtizzy

    Bulldawg36 do you ever stop worrying?  And yes, there are plenty of questions marks.  Thankfully, we have the month of August to figure some of it out.

  61. Bulldawg36

    I’m starting too worry about the unc game..because of the uncertainty of the team.. We don’t know who the qb or how Chubb and michel will progress during the game.

  62. rugbydawg79

    BahitsAgain 75tranzam I would move Adams to the top of the list , I also enjoyed watching the 97 game !  Glad we got rid of that black stripe down the helmet

  63. BahitsAgain

    The really intriguing thing about the current 247 rankings is the amount of room we have to add more recruits.

    We currently have 14 and sit at number 3.

    1. OSU 16
    2. Bama 17
    3. Good Guys 14
    4. LSU 18!!!  
    5. ND 17
    6. OKdookies 16
    7. Meesh 18
    8. da U 18
    9. TA&M 18
    10. FSU 11
    11. Vol Nuts 23!!!!!!  ha ha
    12. Clemson 11
    13. Barn 12
    14. Miss St. 20
    18. Gators 12
    22. SCar 18
    43. UK 11  (remember a few months ago when they were hoot’n and hollern about being in the top 10?)
    50. Missery – 10

  64. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole Reddawg13 haha, yeah I knew that, I was trying to prove who the real big dawg in the photo was!

  65. Bulldawg36

    Ba hits!!! I will be in the next 5 years if UGA doesn’t win a NT!!!!!! Watching the 1980 game made me even more hungrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  I probably agree with this assessment.  Many of our students of the greek persuasion don’t show up until well after kickoff and are more concerned with the social aspects of the game than the actual game.  Additionally, many of the fans on the home side of the field act as if they’re at an upscale polo match instead of an SEC football game and sit on their hands all game and get really upset if people in front of them stand up to cheer during a really big play.  Until CKS changes both of those cultures, I don’t see Sanford being as intimidating as, for example, Death Valley and LSU’s raucous fans.  My brother-in-law played for FSU back in the days when they were playing any team anywhere and he said that, by far, LSU was the toughest stadium to play in (and he played against Miami in their glory days, Florida, Syracuse, etc.).

  67. Reddawg13

    Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2 I believe he makes you proud, he will be a great weapon out of the backfield too.

  68. ed603

    Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2  I agree…would like to see Crowder get a series or two. Looks like a thumper to me…might be good at the goal line or 3rd and short.

  69. Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2

    I really wanna see what crowder can do. He is just such a different type player. I am a little biased however as he played in the area where I grew up. The kid is a work horse. Not top end speed but if the guy has earned his chance will nor waste it. Looked pretty good at g day as well

  70. Reddawg13

    Coaching can make a 5 star a 3, but can also make a 3 star a 5! We have the latter at UGA now!

  71. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG dsw61 I am with ya and Berrien is going to be a man, I just believe that! I bet Wilson impresses too.


    AlphaDawg Absolutely horrible situation for these kids and their families!  Prayers sent out to the families of these young men!

  73. dawgathon

    BahitsAgain dsw61 But those long balls were completed by the #1 QB in the country to #1 Athletes in the country (EAson to Godwin) 🙂


    ed603 AMEN!  It’s almost TIME!  

    “If you don’t have the best of everything, make the best of everything you have.”


    dsw61 If one or both are 90% I don’t believe we lose this game!  And don’t discount our Freshman, they’ve seemed to perform pretty well over the last few cycles.  No one thought Gurley would be what he was as a true freshman and the same goes for Chubb!  I’ve read numerous places that Holyfield looks college ready and I trust that he can tote the rock as good as any rb from Duke who ran for 327 yds against UNC.  Bring it on!

  76. Reddawg13

    BahitsAgain Hell Naw Baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. dsw61

    BahitsAgain dsw61 Agree some long balls were completed, but as I recall the coverage was very tight.

  78. Doc R

    BahitsAgain MMCSDAWG Greg Poole that’s the passive aggressive / butt hurt statement

  79. BahitsAgain

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Bielema says he is lacking in areas and he now has upgraded.

  80. BahitsAgain

    dsw61 BahitsAgain Our G-Day now concerns me a little more.  All 3 of our QBs were hitting on all cylinders with the long ball.   Yeah, limited rules and no concern about being knocked wittless, but it is still a little concerning.


    Greg Poole This line made my morning!!!   I can’t wait to see our team take the field in a little over a month!

    ““Sam is probably the best offensive line coach in college football,” a former SEC coach told me.”

  82. dsw61

    BahitsAgain dsw61 It does appear they live and die with the long ball. That was a big surprise to me and not at all what I thought their offense was about. I do think Trubisky throws a better ball than Williams; but the long passes do require a little bit of time to develop…and the QB needs room to step into the throw. If Kirby and Mel think they have the beef to push the pocket; I think that’s what they’ll do. Just make it hard for the QB to step into the long throws. You know Sanders is looking forward to this game. One match up to watch will be UGA’s experienced safeties against Trubisky who will be making his first start. Another wild card is that I don’t think Fedora has a good handle on what Mel Tucker will do on defense.

  83. BahitsAgain

    MMCSDAWG converted 1981 Greg Poole Never kiss a gator.  Stomp on them.  Block them.  Run over them.  Sack’em, but do not try to kiss them!

  84. Reddawg13

    DawgLink Well if he is so be it, Kirby will find our next one, like I said play with us or against us, either way we win!


    converted 1981 Greg Poole Just can’t fix STUPID!  Probably a gator fan, so well deserved!

  86. Reddawg13

    75tranzam Well if they do it will be “ON” and the keyboards will heat up! Moderators be ready,lol!

  87. BahitsAgain

    dsw61 Can we greatly disrupt their long passes by bumping the WRs at the line?   Especially being early in the season, it seems like that could mess them up.

    A lot of what I read, UNC lives and dies by their long ball.

  88. Reddawg13

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole If Richt had coached up special teams, if Richt had hired better coaches, If Richt hadn’t had games we lost with no explanations, if Richt had spiked the ball against Bama, if your aunt had a unit she would be your uncle! We are getting an IPF now and that is fact and we have a new coach that is fact, where it goes from here is speculation! I speculate it will be better!

  89. dsw61

    Have now watched first 3Q of UNC-Virginia Tech game. Score is 10-10. Virginia Tech should be winning at least 10-7; but keep shooting themselves in the foot. Their offense just fumbled the ball at the end of the 3rdQ. Virginia Tech has had giid success with the “speed sweep” left or right. Big running lanes, but their backs are not good enough to take full advantage. Chubb or Sony would have taken a couple to the house. Bud Foster has done a good job with his defensive game plan. One of the announcers has commented that the UNC O-Linemen are having trouble squaring up their blocks allowing Virginia Tech to constantly string out run plays. UNC keeps taking shots down field, but don’t recall them connecting on one long pass. Virginia’s DBs are playing solid. UNC does have five sacks; but the Virginia QB stands in the pocket and holds the ball too long on some pass plays; and isn’t aware of where his escape lanes are.

  90. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole Yep, there it is!  around the 20 second mark our HC got a great pick!

  91. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole It seems like we went on a long dry period of long TDs (several years) before Gurley, Marshal, Chub, Michael.

    I hope we never, ever, ever go another year or half year without a 60+ yard TD run.

  92. Reddawg13

    AlphaDawg Well, if the information doesn’t come from here on BI I discount it anyway!

  93. AlphaDawg

    75tranzam How many times did we have NFL talented teams and show up to a game with our pants down? Too many to count. My main concern with Richt has always been preparation. WE NEVER WERE PREPARED.  If Kirby can’t get UGA contending for SEC titles in 5 years, he will be gone too.

  94. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole Hobnailboot aka RobG Many bosses are like that.  The best one recognize their loss, but are happy for their former employee, if he is happy.


    BahitsAgain 75tranzam Right, I watched it also.  Kirby knows how to beat UF in Jax and for me personally it’s a successful first season if he can bring our Dawgs down here and beat these jort wearing gaturds into submission!  

    We didn’t have much of a FG kicker back then! lol.

  96. BahitsAgain

    Score Check Greg Poole I bet he never would have thought our incompetent politicians and NASA would basically ground our space program.  I think everyone believed we would have a permanent moon base by now and possibly one on Mars.


  97. AlphaDawg

    TN camp coach had this to say about Stevens. I’m not saying he’s going to UGA, but there’s a chance he still has UGA in it.
    Quote:Originally Posted by BigorangeBoy Really strange recruiting, he was all UGA and even trying to recruit for them at times. Now Simmons saying UGA is out and it will be a Bama-LSU battle. Does not matter to me since he won’t be wearing orange, but after all the glowing love he showed for Mel Tucker and JC it is really odd that he has eliminated UGA.

    HIS ANSWER: ” Those guys write what they think is true. Jacoby is still enamored with UGA. He did a lot of working out with Mel Tucker at our camp 2 wks ago. So take all the recruiting guys talk as it is talk. ”

  98. BahitsAgain

    converted 1981 Greg Poole Everyone within 20 feet, including the photographer, were killed.

  99. BahitsAgain

    75tranzam Why worry about it?  The only bashing of an UGA personnel group – current or former- I agree with is

    1). Greg McGarity
    2). Adams
    3). Granthan
    4). Dooley when it comes to why the hell did we not hire Erk Russell?

    oh, and Willie Marinez

    I don’t have time for the Richt bashers or the Kirby Bashers.   Richt has gone and I hope he does great at the U and can do it while keeping them clean.   Kirby is now our HC and I hope he does an amazing job.

    btw, I loved watching the UGA v. Florida game on the SEC channel last evening.  Kirby getting that late interception off a twice tipped pass by barely digging it off the ground was great!  Bobo and Hines at QB.  Edwards….   Young Spurrier biting his lip and pouting on the sideline.

    It was fun seeing those old names and hearing Smarts name several times.  He was a highly motivated little guy then and he is highly motivated now.   I bet he wishes Spurrier was still HC at SCar so he could get a win against him.  lol

  100. converted 1981

    Greg Poole DawgDaddy Yea, I would like to of seen his stats to back up that opinion…

  101. converted 1981

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole Whats the old saying about pleasing all of the people versus some of the people….The Nay Sayers will Neigh!!!!!!  Let them stomp their hoofs and show their proverbial Arses.  They will eventually come around for the Most part.  The others are equivalent to the Opposite side of the fan base (Lunatic Fringe) who do Not care IF UGA Ever played for a Natty because “We are Above That”  and “CMR is a (Excuse me Lord) Righteous Man who will always Do the Right Thing”…  Like throw AJ under the bus and leave him with the ncaa (with directions to answer ALL of their questions and Completely cooperate).  IF these CMR people would just Look at what is being done DIFFERENTLY and the Recruits we are getting that have said they would Not hve considered UGA under the previous coaching staff….. but then again all they want to do is whine and eat cheese….careful it causes Gas!

    As far as the IPF – CMR said he Did NOT Want or NEED one!

    Fully expect CKS to tell the ncaa to go fornicate themselves and IF they want it come and take it.  I do Love CMR for Most of what he did for UGA.  I believe he is a Borderline Great Coach and SHOULD have played for and Won one Natty as well as Could have played for a second.  That however was Not why he was fired.  He was fired for consistently being inconsistent!  Performing Below average on the Biggest Days in the Biggest Games.

  102. 75tranzam

    I have a friend who’s a member of the Richt cult who tells me every time we talk about the Dawgs and how they do this year that “they had better not win less than 10 games because that’s what Mark averaged and we fired him for winning 10 games so Kirby better win more or he should be fired!”
    I used to argue that Kirby is a first time coach, has a roster with little depth at key positions, is breaking in a new offensive scheme , etc. Now I just look the other way and change the subjct.
    Mark my words, if Kirby has an average year with say 8 wins this group of fans will gleefully be posting about the gold old days under CMR and how UGA is in trouble.

  103. RobDawg

    I seem to remember this mascot, new school Harry Dawg, and that weird Channel 2 mascot all being on field at same time for brief period or am I imagining that? When did this old school version get retired?

  104. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Haha, if Richt had recruited lines on both sides of the ball he may have won a natty or two.  We simply were not tough enough in the trenches.

  105. Greg Poole

    The Richt-got-screwed faction is alive and well. Yesterday, when I [posted this photo of the IPF on Twitter, I got this response:
    “If Richt had one of those he would have won a couple of nattys”
    They will rise up if Kirby loses to UNC.

  106. Greg Poole

    These last few days before practice starts are going to be tough for those of us trying to produce content. The only team news that can come would be bad. Maybe, we get some good news on the recruiting front, however.

    Starting Monday around noon there will be plenty to report. Michael Pope (Grady student – BI intern) and I will be covering practice and we have a couple of content surprises coming to go along with Huck’s contributions.

  107. Greg Poole

    Hobnailboot aka RobG  Yeah, he really is. Seems like Pittman was determined to leave – a personal affront.

  108. Greg Poole

    Will coaching non-compete clauses be the wave of the future?
    “I think they will,” Bielema said. “Now whether the coaches will sign it is another whole deal. The reason I didn’t do it my first year as a head coach is I thought a little bit too much about it as an assistant coach… (Arkansas athletic director) Jeff Long proposed it to me. It was something that I didn’t enforce my first year. But then I start losing these coaches to the SEC and I get it.
    “The way we handle the language and verbiage is if I’m a DBs coach, I can still go be a coordinator somewhere. But if you’re a coordinator you can’t go somewhere else to become a coordinator. You can only go to become a head coach. I think it has a lot of validity to it because there is a lot of things that you learn that can be very valuable in the next program over, especially within your league. When Kirby called me, I don’t think he had any idea there was a clause on Dan Enos. I really like the job Dan is doing, too, so to be able to keep him in-house was good.”