UGA Recruiting Daily 6 MARCH 18: Tyler Goodson Interview

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UGA Recruiting Daily 6 MARCH 18: Tyler Goodson Interview

Tyler Goodson: Photo: @tgood1110 Twitter
Tyler Goodson: Photo: @tgood1110 Twitter


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Tyler Goodson is a three-star all-purpose back out of North Gwinnett High School in Swanee, Georgia. He’s 5-11, 185 pounds and shows a work ethic like no other. Goodson went from no offers to now having 20 ranging from WVU, Iowa State, Iowa, Indiana, Wake Forest, App State, Arkansas State, Georgia State etc. Georgia isn’t in the mix of things with this back, but with continued hard work and dedication the Bulldogs could offer him and maybe more. Goodson recently went to Clemson’s Junior Day and will head to South Carolina tomorrow for a visit. It won’t be long until Power-Five Schools start offering him.

I spoke with Goodson about his recruiting, work ethic and how everything’s going for him right now.

Tyler Goodson Interview:

Q: How has the recruiting process been so far?

A: “Recruiting has been awesome for me. I have over 20 offers now and it is just a blessing to know that I will get to play football at next level.”

Q: What do you think about Georgia? How close are you to getting an offer or do you have an offer yet?

A: “Georgia is a great football program. However, the RB position is deep there. Getting an offer from UGA would be awesome after all it is RBU.”

Q: Whose recruiting you the hardest? What are some stuff are they telling you? What position are they looking for you to play at?

A: “Schools recruiting me hardest right now West Virginia, Iowa, Iowa State, App State, Arkansas State, Indiana, Georgia State, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Wake Forest”

Q: What kind of love have you gotten from Georgia? What do you think of Kirby Smart?

A: “I really have gotten no real interest from the staff at UGA. I spoke with Coach Smart and Coach McGee when they came to our school to visit. Coach McGee said he would like to see me put on a few lbs and that they would be back to see me in the spring. Coach Smart was an awesome guy. I really liked his energy in our brief time together.”

Q: What are some keys that will go into your decision?

A: “Key decisions for me when picking a college is a good academic environment that will allow me to pursue a major that will provide me a good career if I don’t get to play past college. I want to be on a campus where I feel safe, and a place that is family-centered and of course good football where I will get to play.”

Q: Any top schools? If so who?

A: “The recruiting process has just taken off for me so I still have a lot of visits to take. Right now I have no Top Schools right now. I have a lot of spring visits coming up so I will get a better idea once I can do visits.”

Q: Alright so how many junior days have you participated in?

A: “I’ve participated in four Junior Days, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Georgia State and App State.”

Q: Tell me about your visit to Clemson, what you did and stuff.

A: “Clemson was awesome. It was very family oriented had everything I would want a college experience to be. My family got to hang out with the RB coach Coach Elliot, we got to see a practice and how those are run, met the academic team, and did a campus tour.”

Q: Where are you taking your spring official visits? Or unofficial visits?

A: “Not sure yet on my official visits yet, but I’m taking several unofficial visits. I’m going to App State, WVU, Iowa, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, NC State and Indiana.”

Q: Have you thought about a college major?

A: Sports Medicine will be my major.

Q: Awesome! What made you choose that? 

A: “What inspired me was our Sports Med training program at my HS when I was a Freshman. Coach Doug at my HS has been a College trainer and seeing how he does things inspired me. I’ve always wanted to have my own practice or be a trainer in the NFL…”

Q: Do you incorporate that stuff into your training? I noticed your Jeep video, and that is so cool, what other kinds of stuff are you doing? 

A: “My dad has always instilled a “BEST” mentality into my brother and I and to be the BEST you have to train to be the BEST! So I train like it’s my last! I incorporate everything that I do in training and it translates to the field.”


Tyler Goodson Film:


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