Stats That Matter: UGA 49, UAB 21

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Stats That Matter: UGA 49, UAB 21

Mike Bobo put up his best game this year against the UAB Blazers with 49 points securing a 28 point win. In the process, he and the offense compiled numbers that should have all the stat crunchers out there salivating. But at the same time, it doesn’t necessarily feel like they have full arrived. Accounting for the disparity in talent across the board and the fact that the Georgia Bulldogs are the No. 1 team in the country, 49 points, 581 points, and 31 total first downs is almost expected against any school not recognized as a Power Five program. But the numbers don’t just fall from trees. Someone has to go out and scheme them. Then, another 11 guys have to go out and execute said scheme, and that’s just what we saw (for the most part) this past Saturday night against the Blazers. There were times where the offense didn’t execute to expectations, but on the other hand, there were times where the offense did almost everything they needed in order to move the ball and score. It’s an interesting situation with Georgia’s offense. No one feels confident enough to say that this offense is great. But objectively, if you look at the numbers, they show that the offense isn’t struggling to the extent some may feel. Taking into account the number of injuries this team has endured, the stats are almost impressive – especially in the rushing department.






What this statistic really should be is 188 rushing yards despite three starting caliber running backs being out. Branson Robinson, Roderick Robinson and Kendall Milton couldn’t contribute to last Saturday’s rushing attack, but Coach Dell McGee still found a way. Their absence has led to the emergence of Daijun Edwards and Dillon Bell handling things in the backfield. Over the past two games, Edwards has been the bell-cow taking most of the reps at back. Edwards was responsible for a third of the total rushing yards, going for 66 and averaging 5.5 yards per carry. Georgia has also turned to shifty wide receiver Dillon Bell to get the playmaker some carries at running back.


The face of the offense, Brock Bowers, did what Brock Bowers does this past weekend catching 9 of his 9 targets for 120 yards and two touchdowns. If that stat line isn’t impressive enough, a good number of his catches were caught right near the line of scrimmage, meaning he was doing his due diligence tossing defenders aside and extending plays. The only thing Bowers didn’t do was run the ball in his signature jet-sweep fashion. His performance against UAB was his best of the season and foreshadows what’s to come against Auburn.






Here we go! Carson Beck’s play has left Georgia fans conflicted as to whether or not they can get behind this guy, but after a night of 337 passing yards and three touchdowns, the decision has got to be a bit easier now, right? The offense isn’t completely there yet. Beck isn’t either, however every game Kirby tells us the goal is to get better, and that’s something that Beck appears to be doing. Yes, he did leave some plays on the table, but getting past the 300 mark is a feat worthy of respect in and of itself. He’s not an emotional guy in any way, but a performance like that has to instill some confidence in him. Maybe that’s just the type of confidence he needs to unleash the deep ball like everyone desire from him.


Taking a step away from the offense to draw attention to Tykee Smith here. In the four games Georgia has played this season, Tykee Smith has managed to sneer three interceptions – two of which came off tipped passes. More important than the picks is the fact that these plays are propelling Tykee Smith’s stock up the charts. It’s great to see, especially from a fifth-year senior who’s been waiting his turn. Having transferred from West Virginia and having endured multiple injuries, you can’t help but to love Smith’s story. It’s a great day for Georgia when he makes a play, and here’s hoping that he again finds the ball against Auburn.





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