Stats The Matter: A look back at what decided the game between Georgia and Vanderbilt

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Stats The Matter: A look back at what decided the game between Georgia and Vanderbilt

Christopher Smith – Photo by Tony Walsh

After a yearlong hiatus, Georgia and Vanderbilt played again in an extremely one-sided game in which Georgia “molly-whopped” the Commodores. I was not sure if “molly-whopped” was a real English word, so I googled the term. It is actually a California slang term for a beating an opponent so badly in such an uneven conflict that they have absolutely no chance to fight back. The term seems fitting in two ways. Georgia Football’s contingent of California born stars, like JT Daniels, Jermaine Burton, and Brock Bowers, and that Vanderbilt was had no chance to fight back.

There were questions last week fielded to Kirby Smart and other Georgia players from many pundits who asked whether Georgia would “be out for revenge” after the game cancellation last year which also would have been Georgia’s senior night of 2020. Kirby and the Georgia players said that no one is out for revenge, but by looking at the score it may seem like Georgia had a revenge motive in mind. I am not convinced that was the case.





JT Daniels was pulled after the first quarter when Georgia was up 35-0. A team with a revenge motive would have kept their stars in and drove up the score at the same pace. Georgia seemingly had no intention of driving up the score so high, but with excellent offensive and defensive play from Georgia and poor football on both sides of the ball from Vanderbilt, this 62-0 score happened all on its own. If there was a revenge motive, Georgia could well have won this game 100-0.


JT Daniels, in his only quarter of play, threw nine receptions on 10 attempts, and two TDs. The only incompletion being from a dropped pass. He had 129 passing yards and an ESPN Quarterback Ranking (QBR) of 98.8 (which is near perfect). I would have loved to see JT Daniels play more of the game, but with a lingering oblique injury, which may not be an issue anymore, I understand why it is prudent to take him out of the game after the 1st quarter. Stetson Bennett replaced JT in the 2nd quarter and played the rest of the game with Carson Beck coming in for a handful of snaps later. Bennett threw 11 receptions on 15 attempts, and one TD. Bennett had a QBR of 83.8. Georgia has a lot of talent at the quarterback position.






Only 77 total yards of offense from Vanderbilt. 24 yards passing and 53 yards rushing. The Commodores averaged 1.3 yards per pass attempt, and 1.9 yards per rush attempt. There was excellent play from Georgia’s defense. Vanderbilt could not get anything going on offense. Georgia’s defensive backs shut down the receivers and the defensive line shut down the running game. The Commodore’s offense was in the red zone a total of zero times. The Georgia defense did not allow them to score a single touchdown. The Commodores had only one field goal attempt for 49 yards which they missed.





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