Stegmania is a HIT and Quavo’s performance is a SLAM DUNK

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Stegmania is a HIT and Quavo’s performance is a SLAM DUNK

In an electric pre-season showcase, the Georgia Athletic Association and its men’s and women’s basketball teams showed up and showed out in front of a packed house for the return of Stegmania.

Three-point competitions, dunk contests, and a performance from Athens native and hit rapper Quavo hyped up the crowd, sourcing the energy needed to give the basketball teams and coaches a proper welcome. 





Quavo, a member of Atlanta rap trio Migos, headlined the evening, performing only a few songs but making his presence felt in every way possible. The artist could be seen jumping around with the basketball teams getting them hype and even climbed into the stands to give fans a real close-up. He also made sure to Call the Dawgs and prepare the crowd for the upcoming football game against Auburn.





Another notable appearance was Maria Taylor, a former Georgia athlete and graduate of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She gave a short pep talk and, alongside four others, served as judges for the men’s dunk contest. 

The energy in the building during Stegmania was impressive, to say the least. Multiple players who were interviewed after the event continued to emphasize the importance of turnout to keep vibes high and, in turn create a hostile home environment for opposing teams. Senior transfer Diamond Battles said she was “excited” after seeing the crowd at Stegmania.

It’s a new era of Georgia Basketball. With new men’s and women’s coaches and teams that look much different than last year, it’s hard to come up with expectations for what’s to come this season. The potential is there from both the teams’ side and the fans’ side. We’ll just have to show up and watch for ourselves. 





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