Still a Three Man Race for Bulldogs Quarterback

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Still a Three Man Race for Bulldogs Quarterback

Jacob Eason spins it
Jacob Eason spins it
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

With the Bulldogs less than three weeks away from their season opener, it seems to still be a three man race for the Bulldogs at quarterback. The question of who will start is a question that is running across every Bulldogs fan mind and everyone is hoping for an answer sooner than later.

Even head coach Kirby Smart himself wants an answer to this question as soon as possible. Coach Smart is aware of the Bulldogs quarterback conundrum that they went through last season and would hate to have a repeat of that.
All three quarterbacks have their own flaws but all three can make their case for the starting job as well. The Bulldogs should be in good hands no matter who they pick but it will be interesting to see who takes over the starting role first.
[su_heading align=”left”]The case for Greyson Lambert:[/su_heading]  

Greyson Lambert
Greyson Lambert
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Greyson Lambert is the most experienced quarterback on the roster and has commanded the team very well in the past. Lambert has showed flashes of brilliance and could be a very good option for the Bulldogs this season. However this is one of Greyson’s biggest flaws, he shows “flashes.”
Consistency is Lambert’s biggest flaw; he is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get with him. His inconsistency is always a huge concern because one week you could get a record breaking performance out of him and the next week he could throw four interceptions. He is a viable option but Lambert will have to become more consistent to become the starter for the Bulldogs.
[su_heading align=”left”]The case for Brice Ramsey:[/su_heading]  

Brice Ramsey
Brice Ramsey
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Bruce Ramsey is an interesting case because he has not received substantial playing time at quarterback but he has experience. Ramsey has never truly received his shot as the starter and Smart may give him a chance if he thinks he deserves it. Ramsey has the skills but there has to be something that has held him back from taking over the starting job in the past.
Ramsey’s secret flaw is a great unknown because it saw him for the most part moved from quarterback to punter last season. Ramsey lacking substantial in-game experience is a definite concern and if he has to juggle punting duties with quarterback duties that could be a major concern as well.
[su_heading align=”left”]The case for Jacob Eason:[/su_heading]  

Jacob Eason
Jacob Eason
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Jacob Eason is a super prospect that seems to have been able to make the impossible throws, possible, in high school. Eason also continued his success at Georgia during their annual G-Day spring game where he performed brilliantly. However, a spring game and an actual college football game are on two far different ends of the spectrum.
Eason may have been able to make those throws at the high school level but it will not be that easy at the collegiate level. Eason will not be able to rely on talent alone and will have to sharpen his skills and mechanics in order to be an effective collegiate quarterback. His lack of experience is a major concern and adjusting to a collegiate level of play takes time, with some players take longer than others.
All three quarterbacks will duke it out over the next few weeks for the starting spot. However, when September 3rd rolls around the starting quarterback question will finally be answered for the staff and all of the Bulldog faithful.


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Michael Pope is a Journalism student in the Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia, with an emphasis in sports. He enjoys covering all sports, especially basketball, football, and baseball.

5 responses on “Still a Three Man Race for Bulldogs Quarterback

  1. Bulldawg Bob2

    Enjoyed your analysis Michael Pope 

    I still think Eason’s freshman season will develop similarly to how it was fro Zeier and Stafford, but I could be wrong. One thing is for sure, we will know in 17 days, lol.

  2. DawgZilla

    I’m with you, Michael.  I think Lambert is the safe choice to start against UNC, but I think Eason and possibly Ramsey get into the game at some point, and their performances will go a long way in determining who gets more meaningful snaps over the next couple of games.
    Many feel that Ramsey might quit and opt to transfer if he doesn’t get anointed as the starter. 
    I’d like to believe that he has always wanted to be a Dawg, and is going to remain here regardless of the final results of the QB competition.  He’s had the opportunity to leave before now, when things didn’t work out in his favor, but he chose to stay. 
    All that notwithstanding, I believe Eason is the guy who will become the starter sooner rather than later, so CKS might as well pull the trigger now and be done with it. Eason will need all the time he can wrangle up to develop timing and rapport with the # 1 offense.
    With a solid OL in front of him and a healthy Chubb behind him, (as well as a very capable group of youngsters like Holyfield, Herrien, Crowder and Douglas) Eason should have plenty of confidence to just relax and let his talent and instincts take over.  Combine these factors with a game plan designed to spoon feed the freshman so he can wade into the pool instead of being thrown in.
    Eason has been groomed for this moment his whole life. He’ll be fine, and I think our football program will be too. 
    Go Dawgs!

  3. Michael Pope

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. As of right now I would put my money on Eason because the more he plays then the more valuable experience he’ll gain. Eason was very impressive in the G-day game and If he can replicate that performance in the future practices and scrimmages, then we should see him taking the snaps against UNC. If Eason doesn’t start then I think we’ll see him in some capacity during that game but I think he will start the home opener against Nicholls state. That would be a great ease in game for the freshman quarterback.

  4. Greg Poole

    Bulltoad  I still think it will be Eason. If we take Kirby at his word and assume that the race is as close as he continually says; we see a true freshman neck-and-neck with a 5th year senior and incumbent starter and a junior. If it is that close, why not go with your future QB.

  5. Bulltoad

    Another good write up Michael.  I am probably in the minority based on what I have read but I just don’t see Lambert being an option.  I have yet to see any indication from Kirby that he is going to play it safe and conservative.  I believe he will trust Chaney to protect Ramsey andor Eason as they gain experience.