Tight end Charlie Woerner knows his role: “…I’m here to just do my job.”

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Tight end Charlie Woerner knows his role: “…I’m here to just do my job.”

Charlie Woerner (89)
Charlie Woerner (89)

For Charlie Woerner, last Saturday’s 52-7 win over Georgia Tech was pretty special. 

It was his last regular-season game as a Bulldog, but the most impactful moment of the day was when he caught the first touchdown pass of his college career. The moment was memorable, but nothing can be more special than what’s coming up this Saturday at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

“It’s the end of the road, and there’s no holding back,” said Woerner talking about Georgia’s upcoming matchup with LSU. “One of our main goals is to win the SEC Championship, and that leads onto our next goal of winning the national championship. We’re going to hold nothing back.” 





As a senior, Woerner has played and started in all 12 games this season and heading into Saturday’s matchup against LSU, it will be his third straight trip to the SEC Championship. 

Throughout his career, Woerner has been a role model player his team can rely on. When the two teams take the field Saturday, Woerner’s team might need him more than usual with the absence of Lawrence Cager, and without George Pickens for the first half.  

“I don’t know if Eli (Wolf), and I are the answer,” Woerner said, “but I definitely think we can help. We still have some really talented receivers. I think as a receiving core, and tight end group, I mean even running backs included, I know we have a lot of talent still.”





LSU hasn’t been known for their defense this year, but they are coming off a dominant 50-7 performance against the Texas A&M Aggies. The Tigers’ defense held the Texas A&M’s offense to just 169 yards of total offense and forced quarterback Kellen Mond to throw three interceptions. They also sacked Mond six times. 

Some of the talk around message boards has been that Georgia’s offensive game plan might open up more against LSU, but Kirby Smart said today in his post-practice press conference that things won’t really look much different. 

03:17Is there a sense that losing Lawrence Cager for the year and being without George Pickens for the first half, with the game plan be different than it has been this season?

”I don’t know about that.  I mean, you can’t change who you are completely in a week.  Certainly, we’ve got different groupings, different packages, different use of guys, a lot of big guys.  We’ve got tight ends, backs, receivers, but not as many as we’ve normally had. But I don’t think there will be major wholesale changes in a week.” 

It seems like Georgia has used the tight ends, mainly Wolf and Woerner, but Smart made it apparent that being able to run the ball is Georgia’s main focus. 

“I mean, everybody is important. It’s important to be able to run the ball, and you can’t put one thing over another.” 

Woerner doesn’t seem to mind being a team guy and letting the other playmakers get the ball more. 

“We kind of know in practice during the week what kind of plays we’re going to run,” Woerner said. “That stuff works itself, and when it comes game time, I know my role. No one expects me to go out there and be a superhero. I’m here just to do my job.” 

The SEC Championship is set for 4:00 p.m. ET Saturday on CBS. 

Here is the video from Charlie Woerner’s interview:





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