UGA Football: Spring defensive practice report – day 7

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UGA Football: Spring defensive practice report – day 7

The focus was on fundamentals for each position group, but there does seem to be a little separation on the depth chart in certain positions.

The defensive position groups were missing a few people because they were working on the offensive side of the field in a 7v7 drill. Some of the guys I noticed missing were Jonathan Ledbetter, Tae Crowder, and Juwan Taylor. I’m not sure if this is a representation of who may be first team guys or not.

Starting with the defensive line, coach Tray Scott was running these guys through the drills quickly. He gave them quick, concise instructions and making sure they were following it. Scott told guys “Chop, dip, bend your shoulder and touch the ground.”

Jonathan Ledbetter was super impressive and he moves very well. He went through multiple reps and seemed to get through each rep the quickest. Ledbetter should be a day one starter and I really like him to have a breakout season on the defensive line. Julian Rochester was also moving well in today’s practice and I like how he is coming along so far.

Dan Lanning was the most vocal coach once again and he had a lot of focus on technique. Lanning made sure all of his guys watched each rep closely because they were “live five-tech reps and they are no different from a game.” One thing that showed how important technique is to Lanning is that he stopped Brenton Cox before a drill and said “Let’s start with perfect alignment,” and proceeded to guide Cox to the perfect alignment.

One guy who seemed to step up was Keyon Brown as he ran through his reps very well and Lanning was pleased. He also took over to help through the drill and Landing was happy about that too. Lanning also was calling Walter Grant, “Big Walt,” so we may have a new nickname for the sophomore outside linebacker.

There may be some separation in the secondary as Mel Tucker seemed to be working with the first secondary group and from what I could see, it included Tray Bishop, Mark Webb, Latavious Brini, Deandre Baker, Ameer Speed, J.R. Reed, Eric Stokes, Richard LeCounte, Tyrique McGhee. Tucker got onto Brini for not continuing a rotation, but Brini caught on quick and kept the drill going.

I saw J.D. Bertrand and I believe Channing Tindall at practice today. UGA’s director of player personnel Marshall Malchow was having a long conversation with Bertrand’s parents and it seemed to be a positive one as everyone was all smiles.

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