UGA Men’s Lacrosse Tops Alabama, 28-4

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UGA Men’s Lacrosse Tops Alabama, 28-4

Photo: Gabby Canzian

The UGA men’s club lacrosse team showed out on March 30th and absolutely defeated the Alabama men’s club team in an SELC team match up. UGA, now 6-6, beat Alabama (3-8) 28-4. On this warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, the bulldogs celebrated a great win, as well as Senior Day. Just before face off, the team honored five seniors, Aidan Williams, Eli Morin, Evan Mallon, Nick Elder, and Connor Morgan. 

The game started at 2:00pm with Luke Wright facing off. UGA won the first face off and within the first two minutes Andrew McLaughlin made the first goal, putting UGA on the scoreboard. In the first quarter, the Bulldogs scored six points. Two points were scored back to back by Rory Cavanaugh, who achieved 100 career points in this game against Alabama. More goals were secured for the Bulldogs by Nick Edler and Christian Yabrough, putting the bulldogs up 5-0. Cody Voyles takes the first shot for the Alabama Crimson Tide and it is saved by UGA goalie, Stephen Sutton. The first quarter ended with another Georgia goal at the score 6-0.





The second quarter began with Anderson Nail at the face off. Soon after, Sam Wheeler scored for the Bulldogs. The Crimson Tide fouled out and UGA scored more points man up. Paul Buckley scored 2 goals, 1 assisted by Wheeler, and more points were scored by Kevin Edwards, McLaughlin, Caleb Pallo, Eli Morin, and Wright. At the end of the second quarter, Alabama scored their first goal, putting them on the scoreboard at 14-1. 

Within the first thirty seconds of the third quarter, Edwards scored another goal for the Bulldogs. UGA scored another six points in the third quarter, with an impressive shot from Josh Kohler, who ran it all the way down the field and made a successful shot at the left bottom corner of the goal. Alabama took another shot on the Bulldogs goalie, this time Liam Demko, who saved the goal. Daniel Fazzari scored the final goal for the Bulldogs in the third quarter. Alabama snuck another goal in at the end of the third quarter, putting the score at 20-2.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, UGA was able to get another quick goal in. Within the first 45 seconds, Morin scored again. The Bulldogs put up another easy six points, (27-2). Volyes and Cian Smith scored two more points for the Crimson Tide on UGA goalie, Demko. The final goal of the game was scored by Jackson Vu. The UGA Bulldogs ended with a victorious win, at a score of 28-4 against the Alabama Crimson Tide. 





The Bulldogs have a big week ahead of them, as they are about to play the “biggest game of the season,” as Coach Holin Axley said. He explained that the team will keep up their momentum by “having a good week of practice” and making sure that the guys take care of themselves by hydrating and icing up. Next Saturday, the UGA men’s lacrosse team will play against Georgia Tech at the Georgia Tech Roe Stamps Field, facing off at 2:00pm. 





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