Video/Transcript: Christopher Smith and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint Interviews – November 01, 2021

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Video/Transcript: Christopher Smith and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint Interviews – November 01, 2021

On clinching the SEC East…
“I actually saw it on Instagram. We follow the UGA fans and UGA fan pages. There are
a ton of fan pages that are great, and I tag into them a lot. They tag me in certain stuff,
so the first way I found out was because they tagged me in a photo letting me know that
we clinched the East. Guys on the team found out and we came together. It’s a
milestone to reach, but it’s not the end. We’ve got a bigger goal. We’ve got a goal that
we want to reach, and we want to get there.

On his size…
“I heard it (being too small) plenty of times. Hearing it from coaches, seeing articles and
places like that… When I first got here and I was like 140 pounds, a very, very small
player. Like I said, a lot of guys in the NFL are small players. Guys like Budda Baker,
Tyron Mathieu, Kenny Moore, some smaller guys that are dogs. They let me know that
it can be done even if I know from the beginning that it can be done. I’ve been doing this
since I was six years old. They let me know that it can be done because at any level,
size matters, of course, but you can overcome that if you have heart. I just go out there
and play to the fullest of my ability. I’m going to put my life on the line every time I go out

On the linebacker group…
“Those guys are indescribable. They are so fast, so smart. Their position coach, Coach
Schumann, he’s one of the smartest guys that I have ever met in football. He does a
great job of keeping those guys prepared. They take what he gives them, the
knowledge that he gives them, and pour it into us. It’s definitely great to be able to share
the field with those guys.”









On explosive plays…
“We know explosive plays this year have been a very big emphasis for us on offense.
The more explosive plays we get in games, the better chance we have at winning the
game. That’s really what we have been trying to focus on. Just the execution part – you
can’t get them without execution… We are going to take our shots every game, and it is
something that we are actively trying to do. We are trying to get explosive; we are trying
to be explosive on offense.”

On preparation for Missouri…
“We focus on ourselves. We make sure that we know what the game plan is going into
the game, make sure that we know how to execute the game plan. And that we know
that if the game plan goes wrong, we can find another way and have a backup plan.
Missouri is a good team. I don’t know much about them, right now, but I’ll know more
about them tomorrow.”





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