Week 1 Picks to Stay Out of the Dawghouse

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Week 1 Picks to Stay Out of the Dawghouse

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Making picks and few side bets is a fun way to enjoy the glorious college football season. However, you don’t want to lose all your hard earned cash and end up sleeping on the couch, or worse yet, in the Dawghouse.

There are a few key rules to follow…

  1. Never bet a lot of money.  I am small potatoes.  No more than $20 in a weekend.
  2. Look for small point spreads and try to just pick the winners.
  3. Never bet on Georgia.
  4. Never do parlays.
  5. Don’t make any bets Saturday morning. 


I must admit, I am not good at following rule #4.  In fact, I almost always end up doing parlays.  I can’t get out of the way of myself sometimes.  And the first week of the season, it is hard to find games to bet that adhere to rule #2.  Last year I was at 62%, so let’s see if I can keep it rolling this year.

And also note, this might not be a weekly feature.  Some weeks, you just don’t want to bet anything.  Not having gambling hubris is the best way to stay out of trouble at home. If after a couple weeks I’m tanking, I’ll just stop and spare you the misery also.
Alabama -11.5 vs. USC

I like the Crimson Tide here.  It will be a close game, but eventually Alabama just pulls away.
LSU -10.5 vs. Wisconsin 

Poor Wisconsin just won’t be able to stop Leonard Fournette.
Georgia Tech -3 vs. Boston College

Paul Johnson is feeling the pressure.  Tech will be better.  While B.C. should have a good defense, I like the Jackets to win by more than a field goal.
Kansas State +14.5 at Stanford 

Bill Snyder won’t let his team lose by two touchdowns with a whole off season to prepare.
UMass +36.5 at Florida 

Florida will win and it won’t be close.  But something like 28-0.  The Gators offense will be offensive, and if the weather is wet and windy, it will make scoring conditions less favorable.
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