The Class that Gutted UGA Football

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The Class that Gutted UGA Football

Brandon Kublanow celebrates game winning TD after Georgia goes up on Mizzou 28-27 ( photo by Rob Saye)
Brandon Kublanow celebrates game winning TD after Georgia goes up on Mizzou 28-27 (Photo: Rob Saye/Bulldawg Iluustrated)

I know there are a lot of people disappointed with the results of Saturday’s game versus the Ole Miss Rebels, heck I am one of them.  However, there is a reason for the struggles and it is clearly attributable to the recruiting from the Class of 2013 and 2014.   The Class of 2013 gutted the depth of the UGA football program and set it back by two years.  

Class of 2013

Tray Matthews – S – Transferred

Brice Ramsey – QB/P – Not a Contributor

Tramel Terry – WR – Transferred

Shaq Wiggins – CB – Transferred

Tim Kimbrough – ILB – Transferred

Brandon Kublanow – C – Starting Center

Brendan Langley – CB – Transferred

Leonard Floyd – OLB – NFL

Toby Johnson – DT – Out of Eligibility

Reggie Wilkerson – CB – Plays Limited Role

A.J. Turman – RB – Transferred

Johnny O’Neal – ILB – Not a Contributor

Reggie Carter – ILB – Significant Contributor at Inside Linebacker

Jonathan Rumph – WR – Out of Eligbility

Davin Bellamy – OLB – Starting OLB

John Atkins – DT – Significant Contributor at Defensive Tackle

Reggie Davis – WR – Significant Contributor at Wide Receiver

Ryne Rankin – ILB – Special Teams Player

Shaquille Fluker – S – Transferred

Uriah Lemay – WR – Transferred

Josh Cardiello – OG – Transferred

Aulden Bynum – OT – Not a Contributor

D’Andre Johnson – DT – Transferred

Shaun McGee – OLB – Not a Contribtor

J.J. Green – CB – Transferred

Paris Bostick – S – Transferred

Chris Mayes – DT – Out of Eligibility

Quincy Mauger – S – Starting Safety

Kennar Daniels-Johnson – CB – Transferred

Brendan Douglas – RB – Backup Running Back

Rico Johnson – WR – Medically Disqualified

 Class of 2014

 Lorenzo Carter – OLB – Starting Outside Linebacker

Sony Michel – RB – Significant Contributor at Running Back

Nick Chubb – RB – Starting Running Back

Malkom Parrish – CB – Starting Cornerback

Isaiah Wynn – OG – Starting Left Guard

Jacob Park – QB – Transferred

Jeb Blazevich – TE – Starting Tight End

Lamont Galliard – Starting at Right Guard

Keyon Brown – OLB – Not a Contributor

Dyshon Sims – Significant Contributor at Right Guard

Kendall Baker – Backup at Offensive Tackle

Shakenneth Williams – WR – Not a Contributor

Isaiah McKenzie – WR – Starting Slot Receiver

Shattle Fenteng – CB – Not a Contributor

Detric Bing-Dukes – ILB – Transferred

Jake Edwards – OG – Transferred

Dominick Sanders – FS – Starting Safety

Hunter Atkinson – TE – Transferred

Shaquille Jones – CB – Transferred

Gilbert Johnson – WR – Never Enrolled

Between the Class of 2013 & 2014 the Bulldogs signed a total of 51 players.  24 of those players have either transferred, been dismissed and/or exhausted their eligibility.  That leaves the Dawgs with only 27 upperclassmen on their roster from the Class of 2013 & 2014.  Of those 27 players there are only 3 senior starters and there are 8 junior starters.  There is also a total of 5 total significant contributors from each of those classes for the Dawgs.  The Class of 2013 is the class that has set the Bulldogs back a tremendous amount and a big reason for the current struggles.  Only 1 of the Top 10 ranked players from the Bulldogs Class of 2013 is a contributor (Brandon Kublanow).  Only 3 are still on campus.  You can’t say anything other than terrible.  You cannot compete and win against quality opponents if that is how you recruit.

Contrast that with the gold standard of college football – Alabama.  From the Class of 2013 the Crimson Tide have a group consisting of Reuben Foster, Jonathan Allen, O.J. Howard, Robert Foster, Tim Williams, Ardarius Stewart, Eddie Jackson and Bradley Bozeman.  That is 8 starters from the Class of 2013.  From the Class of 2014 the Tide have Cam Robinson, Da’Shawn Hand, Marlon Humphrey, Ross Pierschbacher, Shaun Hamilton, Bo Scarborough and JK Scott who start.  That is 7 starters.  The Tide also have 6 significant contributors from the Class of 2014.  That is 15 starters and 6 significant contributors (total of 21) from the Class of 2013 and 2014 for the Crimson Tide.   

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