Georgia Football: Day 10 Spring Practice Defense Report

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Georgia Football: Day 10 Spring Practice Defense Report

Kirby Smart directs the defense on day 10 of spring practice.
Kirby Smart directs the defense on day 10 of spring practice.

Georgia continued its spring camp on Tuesday with day 10 of 15. It was a gorgeous day outside, and the team kept the intensity high. The Bulldog’s defense focused on fundamentals and had some old and new faces emerge. WIth scrimmage two coming up on Saturday, the defense fine-tuned its skills in preparation for it.

Scott Continues Fundamental Teaching with his D-Line

Defensive line coach, Tray Scott made Tuesday a learning day. Every drill, he took the time to explain its importance and had the guys go through it until he felt it was perfect. The group started out with its usual footwork and various fundamental drills where he told his group, “Don’t rush that footwork.”

Scott had them work on facing a double team. The drill included them straightening their arms and then moving the sled to the right or left. Every drill appeared to be a teaching moment for Scott and those guys zoned in on him. I would too, Scott can be pretty intimidating

Three guys who either looked impressive or lackluster for me today were Tyler Clark, Julian Rochester, and DaQuan Hawkins Muckle. Clark and Rochester looked impressive while Hawkins Muckle just looked soft. Hawkins Muckle appeared slower than the other defensive linemen. I’m not sure if he just had a bad day or what, but he seemed fluffy and slow. As for Clark, he looks toned, and like he worked all offseason on his technique. His movements were much improved, and you heard everytime he hit a bag during a drill. Rochester who used to look really sloppy and fat has trimmed up. He looked lean and stronger during the drills. I remember watching him last season and just wanted more out of him. Didn’t get that feeling today, he looked impressive.

A new face to the defensive line was Chris Barnes who wore number 97 in practice. Today marked the first day he practiced at that position. Justin Young who had a knee injury earlier in spring camp returned to practice today.

Lanning Keeping the Linebackers Lean

Dan Lanning has a style of his own and I dig it. Its electric, upbeat and intense.
He had them doing various drills that worked on their speed, precision and staying off the blockers. Brenton Cox continued work with the OLB and man he’s a grown man stuck in an 18-year-olds body. Lanning praised him a few times during the drill and tweaked some technical stuff along the way.

Kolby Wyatt, a walk-on redshirt freshman worked with the linebackers today instead of the defensive line.

As for the inside linebackers, they worked with the sled on a reaction drill. A player would mimic a running back and then the ILB would have to follow him with his eyes and then decide on the move. The group worked on some fundamental drills at the beginning of the media period too.

Secondary Continues to Mix and Mingle

The secondary seemed to keep the pieces moving around. One minute they worked on block coverages, then speed drills and then some passing drills. Tucker rotated guys in and out of positions as well. It appears that Richard LeCounte and J.R. Reed are the two top safeties while Deandre Baker and Tyrique McGhee were the two top corners.

However, Latavious Brini, Jarvis Wilson, and walk-on Jordan McKinney took respectable reps behind LeCounte and Reed too. As for the corners, I saw Eric Stokes, Ameer Speed and William Poole each get some good reps. Head coach Kirby Smart says they need to get better because they’re not where he wants them to be. This might be why there was so much rotation at the position, trying to find the right guys for the right spots.

Bits and Pieces:

It was Law Enforcement appreciation day at practice and there were about 100 or so cops in attendance. I didn’t see any recruits out at practice either. However Georgia continues its spring camp like they were playing in the national championship on April 21. Intensity is key and self work is the idea. Everything else just seems to fall into place.


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